Awesome Anno 2070 layouts (Everything) | Beginners Guide 2020

Anno 2070 is a city design and builds a strategy game.

It allows you to design and then create a city then strategize on its economic development to lead to growth.

Real-time strategy is required because decisions are interpreted and implemented in real-time.

The game came out in 2011, and it is the 5th title of the best Anno game series, this series has seven games that include the following games;

  1. Anno 1602: New World Creation (1998)
  2. Anno 1503: The New World (2003)
  3. Anno 1701 (2006)
  4. Anno 1404 (2009)
  5. Anno 2070 (2011)
  6. Anno 2205 (2015)
  7. Anno 1800 (2019)

And five spinoffs of the series, including the following games

  1. Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery (2007)
  2. Anno: Create A New World (2009)
  3. Anno Online (2013–2018)
  4. Anno: Build an Empire (2015)
  5. Anno 2205: Asteroid Miner (2015)

Quick Answer- Top Anno 2070 Layouts

  1. Eco Production Layouts
  2. Tea Layout
  3. Vegetable Production
  4. Vegetables production Layout 2
  5. Vegetables production Layout 3
  6. Health Foods.
  7. Complex Communicators production Plant
  8. Pasta Dishes
  9. Bio Drinks
  10. Service Bots

Today we will concentrate on the Anno 2070, however, and more specifically, we would like to talk about the Anno 2070 layouts for the game. 

Since this is a global strategy game where you have to build cities and actual communities, it requires a learning curve to be effective and succeed. 

In the year 2070, the scenario is that the polar ice caps have melted and flooded the world-destroying numerous cities worldwide, and the world is now a bunch of separate islands.

It is your responsibility to rebuild cities in the islands.

The gameplay includes special missions called world events, which allow players to band together and complete tasks for rewards.

Anno 2070 Building Layouts

 Buildings can be laid out for maximum efficiency, and the layouts can be done in two significant ways: both simple and complex layouts, each having their advantages and disadvantages.

Simple Layouts

The simple method denotes a simple way of doing things.

You can lay them down quickly and micromanage them, but you will probably need more space and more depots if you do it this way.

Similarly, they have higher maintenance requirements and could lead to the production chain breaking down if you run out of resources.

Complex Layouts

This is the opposite of simple, and they are complicated to put together; however, when you have a higher positive eco-balance, then excessive production may lower the overall efficiency.

This scenario’s plus is that the product supply chain will not be disrupted since you have output.

Production Layouts

Production layouts cover the buildings that will be included as part of the production process, including farming and housing.

In this area, we will cover both the production and the housing layouts in this section

1. Eco Production Layouts

These are production units that are eco-friendly and cover how to get as high an efficiency as possible. There are some much-needed goods to satisfy that need.

2. Tea Layout

The tea layout is an Eco-friendly as like Eco-production layouts. The works get great benefits from this layout they drink tea and can increase their energy level.

The Space Efficiency90% Effeciency but requires 14 Farms
The Minimum Area 862
The Utilized Area 24×40 960
More InfoThe left and right sides are symmetrical and use over  90% space efficiency, which can be achieved using and maintaining just half the building.



  • You can achieve maximum efficiency of over 90% 
  • You can use just half of your resources initially.


  • Initial resource investment

Key Features of Tea Layout

Features Explanations 
EfficiencyA 90% efficiency rate is high
Area The size of the used area is small, so you have extra fields
ElementsThe elements and strategy allow you to make a profit with the available resources.

3. Vegetable Production Layout

Having efficient production facilities and space is essential because you will have full vegetables given the available area.

It also means that you will get the products you need faster and in greater quantities and build your society faster.

The Space Efficiency90.2% Efficiency but requires 8 Farms
The Minimum Area 552 Tiles
The Utilized Area 34×18(612) Tiles 
More InfoThis is only an eight farms layout, but the efficiency is very high


  • You can harvest vegetables with this layout, and it only involves eight farms
  • The minimum number of tiles is only 552


  • Fewer options

Key Features of Vegetable Production Layout

Features Explanation 
Efficiency Any efficiency that is over 90% is excellent.
Utilized Area The utilized area is pretty low with this layout.
OptionsYou may have fewer outputs, but vegetables have three functions, which is very economical

4. Vegetable Production Layout 2

The caveat with this second layout is that you will need an upgrade of a Level three  Depot. 

But if you get that, it will be a lot easier and greater yield with an efficiency of almost 96.6%, and you will only require 10 Farms to do it.

In this layout, you can plant up to ten different types of vegetables.

The Space Efficiency96.6% Efficiency buit requires 10 Farms
The Minimum Area 690 Tiles
The Utilized Area 34×21(714) Tiles 
More InfoRequires Level three Depot


  • The efficiency in this layout is almost perfect.


  • Requires Lv3 Depot

Key Features of Vegetable Production Layout 2

Features Explanation 
Efficiency The efficiency of this layout is fantastic
Lv3 DepotThe depot would be a great help to improve the efficiency and storage options

5. Vegetable Production Layout 3 

The third layout offers a plethora of options for the player, and with over 96% efficiency; this could be the default Anno 2070 Vegetable layout.

Production will be high and quick for profits, and you don’t even need upgraded options.

The Space Efficiency96% Efficiency but requires four Farms
The Minimum Area 292 Tiles
The Utilized Area 305 Tiles
More InfoCredits: 1360Building Modules: NineTools: ElevenWood: TwelveMaintenance:  Negative twenty fiveEnergy: Negative fiveEco-balance: Negative fourOne tile is lost in total per layout when expandedOne level depot handles one layout correctly.


  • High efficiency
  • Lots of options
  • No upgrades necessary


  • None.

Key Features of Vegetable Production Layout 3

Features Explanation 
Efficiency At 96%, the layout is very efficient for use.
Options The layout is also very flexible with lots of options
BasicsYou will not need advanced features to run this layout to the maximum

6. Health Foods Layout.

The health food layouts consist of three subsections, the first one has full production rights, and the others are individual foods.

Complex Health Foods production

The health food plantation is very efficient at 91%, and it will require an area of under 500 tiles. It will feed over thirteen hundred and fifty Eco employees and over two thousand eco executives. 

The Space Efficiency91% Efficiency but requires two Rice FarmsTwo Health Food Factories andFour Vegetable Farms.
The Minimum Area 494 Tiles
The Utilized Area 27 x 20 (540) Tiles
More InfoSupplies 1,350 Eco Employees or 1,700 Eco Engineers Or 2,000 Eco Executives.


  • High efficiency
  • A ton of supplies created


  • Utilized tiles are above 500

Key Features of Health Foods Layout

Features Explanation 
Efficiency With over 90% efficiency, this is an excellent layout.
SuppliesIt will provide thousands of supplies to a well-fed eco unit.
BasicsIt does not require any advanced options to run effectively

7. Complex Communicators Plant Layout

The communicators’ plant is an example of the Anno 2070 building layouts and will need some monetary investment.  This includes about €12,750 currency, and it uses 80 powers.

You will also require ten copper mine and some sand extractors. However, the yield is also pretty high, with over 25,000 eco executives supplied.

The Space Efficiency98% Efficiency 
The Minimum Area 616 (28 x 22) Tiles
The Utilized Area 604 Tiles
More InfoRequires Ten Copper Mines and a Sand ExtractorsIt Costs €12,750 and will use 80 power.The payoff is that it Supplies 11,500 Eco-Employees, 16,000 Eco-Engineers, And 25,000 Eco-Executives


  • Very high efficiency 
  • High yield


  • Monetary costs.

Key Features of Complex Communicators Plant Layout

Features Explanation 
FundsYou will need actual funds to advance past this plant production costs
YieldCapital investment will produce a high yield with top efficiency.
SuppliesThe supplies received in this venture will be worth the investment.

8. Pasta Dishes

Pastas are considered healthy foods, and this is the best layout to produce these pasta dishes, and with 93% efficiency, it could also be the best way to make them.

This layout does require a level 3 Depot, however. 

Space Efficiency93% EfficiencyRequires four Pasta FactoriesSix Wheat Farms, Four Vegetable Farms, And two Offsite Flour plants
The Minimum Area 858 Tiles
Utilized Area 46×20(920) tiles 
More InfoRequires a Level three Depot
Yu will need two Depots for both coverage and to speed up the extraction of goods.
The lower layout can be expanded to eight-grain farms or accommodate one extra pasta factory.


  • Expandable to accommodate one extra pasta factory.
  • Top efficiency levels


  • Two depots needed

Key Features of Pasta Dishes 

Features Explanations 
EfficiencyThis layout has the highest level of efficiency
Expansion The layout is expandable to another level
Depots Requires two depots for better efficiency

9. Bio drinks

Bio drink factories require level 3 depots, so beware of this fact before deploying them.  The factories are big and cumbersome, so deploying them without the depot is going to be tough.

You could combine them in a layer of dairy farms and fruit plantations to get the tiles to work.

The Space Efficiency70% EfficiencyRequires four Fruit Plantations,Two Dairy FarmsAnd two Bio Drink Factories
Minimum Area (Tiles)742
Utilized Area (Tiles)38×28(1064)
Additional InformationBio drink factories are cumbersome to deal with and require extra care to unleash them.


  • The payoff is excellent; however, the efficiency takes a hit because of the size.
  • It will provide better supplies


  • The efficiency is much lower at about 70%.

Key Features of Bio drinks

Features Explanation 
EfficiencyEfficiency is sacrificed for increased supplies.
DepotsYou will need level 3 depots to pull this off.

10. Service Bots

Service bots are necessary to automate some of the tedious works that can’t be done manually.

They will help improve the efficiencies and much-needed repair services that can’t be reached manually.

The Space Efficiency94% efficiency  Requires four Corn Farms, Two Biopolymer Factories, One Chip Factory, Two Robot Factories. Two 2 offsite Aquafarms, A half of an offsite Copper Mine, And a half of  an offsite Sand Extractor
Minimum Area Tiles768
Utilized Area Tiles36×24(816)
Additional InformationThe service bots require a time investment, but the payoff is excellent.


  • Service bots bring automation to the processes. 
  • This is an advanced strategy that might require advanced skills


  • Requires a lot of investment. 

Key Features of Service Bots

Features Explanation 
Automation Service bots create automation and remove manual tasks.
Service delivery Service bots will improve delivery and other automated services.

What are the best Anno 2070 layouts?

The best Anno layouts must be those that give you above 96% efficiency and if they can go as high as 98% and require minimal investments.

We have talked about above, like the Complex Communicators production Plant, which has 98% efficiency.


Anno 2070 is not an easy game to learn and needs some strategic skills to succeed.

The layouts presented above can help you go a long way in creating the necessary efficiencies to get going in the game and help you understand and advance in the game.

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