11 Asian Anime Characters You May Don’t Know | Stunning Examples

Anime is a Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation; it derived its name from the English word “animation” with its origin from Japan.

Asian Anime Characters has spread to other countries, including China and Korea.

China and Korea have added their folklore and culture into anime. Some of the characters have Japanese origin, while some may be from other countries.

According to research carried out by Nippon Research center, Totoro in Ghibli studio is considered the most popular manga in Japan.

Big Totoro is a friendly, cute magical creature that appears to children to help and play with them.

It has two appearances, including My Neighbor Totoro and Mei and the Kittenbus.

In this article, you will get to know the best things about anime.

Watch out for fascinating tips and features possessed by these anime characters.

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Names of the Top 10 Asian Anime Characters

  1. Lelouch Lamperouge-Code Geass.
  2. L Lawliet- Death Note.
  3. Monkey D. Luffy- One Piece.
  4. Levi Ackerman- Attack on Titan.
  5. Edward Elric- Fullmetal Alchemist.
  6. Light Yagami- Death Note.
  7. Rintarou Okabe- Steins; Gate
  8. Roronoa Zoro-One Piece
  9. Naruto Uzamaki- Naruto
  10. Sakata Gintoki- Gintama.

Below is a comparison table with a list of features between the TOP TWO Asian Anime Characters.

Lelouch Lamperouge-Code Geass. L Lawliet- Death Note.
1.  Lelouch Lamperouge is remarkably intelligent and calm. His Aristocratic upbringing made him sophisticated and arrogant.1. L Lawliet is an intelligent but quiet individual. He has a fascinating ability, which his appearance has masked
2. His hobbies are playing chess, gambling, plotting to wipe out Britannia2. His hobbies include eating sweets and solving mysteries
3. He is a powerful individual and can manipulate people, has eternal youth, and the Geass.3. L Lawliet has a high-level intelligence, incredible analysis, and fighting skills.
4. His ultimate goal is to uncover the truth behind his mother’s death and to rescue his Nunnally.4. He is steered by rage to stop the serial murder of criminals with their accomplishes

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The Legend Men: Victor Nikiforov

Here is Quick General Information about Victor Nikiforov

Country Russia
Age32 (current age) 
Birthday December 25 1988
Height180cm tall (5 feet 11 inches
Color of EyesBlue
Color of hairGray
RelationShipEngaged to Yuri
DebutAnime Episode 1
SkillDifficult jumps

Victor Nikiforov is a non-Japanese anime character from Russia. He was born in December 1988. He is a legend in men’s singles figures skating, having won five consecutive World Championships.

He is 180cm tall (5 feet 11 inches). Victor is a good looking man, he styles his hair in a short style, and his front hair hides his left eye. 

The color of his eyes is blue. He has gray hair. Victor is openly gay and engaged to Yuri. Victor loves to dress with elements of female and male.

 He has one of the best personalities; he is kind and full of charisma. In skating, Victor generates new skills, captivating the attention of people.

 He lands impossible jumps. Victor is known for his favorite skill, the quadruple flip. As skillful as he is, he lacks endurance.

Ichigo Kurosaki 

Here is Quick General Information about Ichigo Kurosaki 

Country Japan
Age27 (current age) 
Birthday July 15
Color of EyesBrown
Color of SkinLight Orange
DebutAnime Episode 1
SkillUsing Swordsmanship

Ichigo Kurosaki is an Asian anime character born in Japan. He was born in July. He weighs 66kg and has a height of 181cm. Ichigo’s orange hair color makes his mates mock him.

 He is not a muscular man, but well fitted with light orange skin. His eyes are colored brown. His outfit’s choice is well-fitting attire with the number “15” attached to it, representing his name. 

Despite being impatient and hot-headed, he takes protecting his loved ones as his main priority. He has a defect of recollecting faces. Kurosaki has impeccable abilities like; skilled hand to hand fights. 

He has rigorous martial arts training. He is confident in fighting against opponents even without weapons. He also has enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes; it gives him an upper hand in combat.

His choice of weapon is a single long katana sword. He is skilled in swordsmanship and also quick on his feet. 

Haruhi Suzumiya

Here is Quick General Information about Haruhi Suzumiya

Country Japan
Age27 (current age) 
Birthday October 8TH
Color of EyesBrown
Color of SkinPale Skin tone
DebutThe Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
ProfessionHigh School Student

A female Asian anime character featured in the anime series the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

She was born on October 8TH and currently 157cm tall. She is obsessed with discovering espers, time travelers, and even aliens.

She formed a group, the SOS brigade. For the motive of her obsession. She is considered stunning with long brown colored hair. Her eyes are also brown colored. 

She gets bored with ease, making her always want to be in the spotlight. Her physical abilities like; athletic skills and intellect make her disregard natural and typical things. 

She is one of the coolest anime characters with a cool power. She can change reality. She also has the might to generate a new reality.

Light Yagami

Here is Quick General Information about Light Yagami

Country Japan
Date of BirthFebruary 28th, 1989
Date of DeadJanuary 28th, 2013
Color of EyesBrown
Color of HairLight-brown
DebutAnime Episode 1
ProfessionHigh School Student

Light Yagami is a Japanese anime character. He was born on the 28TH day of February in 1989. He is a typical human with blood type A.

 He lost both his parents at a young age. He is averagely 179cm tall and weighs 54kg. Yagami worked in a police agency and task force.

Light Yagami is the leading character in the anime series; death note. He possesses medium length brown colored hair and eyes. He is good looking and prefers dressing casually. 

Yagami believes in injustice. He has a desire to make the world free from bad people. He used his distinct abilities of perspective and genius thinking to pursue his wish to free the world. 

Edward Eric

Here is Quick General Information about Edward Eric

Country Amestrian (Fictional Country)
Date of Birth1899
Color of EyesGolden
Color of HairGolden
RelationShipMarriage ( 2003 anime)
DebutAnime Episode 1
ProfessionState Alchemist

Edward Eric is a non-Japanese anime character, also one of the best in the anime world.

He is the lead character in the Fullmetal Alchemist anime series. Growing up, Eric had a rough childhood his left leg and right arm lost their functions during an experiment.

 He uses automail as a replacement for his arm and leg, also went through the loss of his brother. Eric is short in height. He is 149cm tall.

Edward possesses a golden pair of eyes and long golden hair. His choice of clothing is a big long-sleeved cloak. He has high intelligence and is highly skilled in combat.

He is a major in rank at State alchemy. He uses Lance, staff, and the automail arm as a choice of weapon.

Himura Kenshin

Here is Quick General Information about Himura Kenshin

Color of SkinFair
Color of Hairred
DebutAnime Episode 1

Himura Kenshin is the lead anime character in Rurouni Kenshin. He is widely known as hitokiri.

He was born on June 20TH, 1849. He has grown to a height of 158cm and weighs 48kg.

Himura has a light complexion with soft body features; his blood type is AB. He has distinctive red ponytail hair and a scar across his face. 

For a legendary man, Himura chose a simple lifestyle and dress simply.

Kenshin is humble; he prefers satisfying other people before making himself comfortable. 

Himura Kenshin is one of the best anime characters with fascinating swordsmanship. His choice of weapon is a katana sword.


Here is Quick General Information about Silat

Color of SkinFair
Color of Hairred
DebutAnime Episode 1

Silat is a south Asian anime character with a height of 182cm. He is twenty-five years old and weighs 75kg. Silat is an anime character featured in the tower of conviction. 

He has a long chair colored black, complemented with dark-colored skin and black colored eyes. Silat is self-centered and holds himself in high esteem. 

Despite his somewhat annoying personality, his fighting skills are undoubted, which qualifies him to be among the best anime characters. He has rigorously trained in martial arts, also trained to use almost any weapons.

  Jousuke Udono

Here is Quick General Information about Jousuke Udon

Color of SkinFair
Color of HairBrown
DebutAnime Episode 2
SkillThe body has the consistency of rubber

Jousuke Udono is a fat Asian anime character featured in the anime series, Basilisk. Despite his size, Udono is a ninja. 

He cuts his brown hair short and keeps his beard grown. Jousuke wears a comfortable outfit and shorts. 

He has a noticeable mark on his face. He possesses a good sense of humor. He is not the brightest person in his group. He makes up for it by being an outstanding ninja.

His distinct abilities include having an elastic body. His body acts as the function of a rubber. With the size of his body, Jousuke has enhanced agility. 

Monkey D. Luffy

Here is Quick General Information about Monkey D. Luffy

Age19 (unofficial)
Date of BirthMay 5th
Color of SkinFair
Color of HairBlack
DebutAnime Episode 1

  Monkey D. Luffy is, without doubt, one of the most popular anime characters in the anime world.

Luffy was born May 5th, with blood type F. His height ranges between 172cm and 175cm.

 Luffy has been called many names including, monkey D and straw hat. He is the lead character in one piece anime series. At a young age, he became the captain of a pirate group. Monkey D. Luffy maintains short black hair. 

His eyes are colored black he possesses a tender body build. His choice of clothing is casual with a straw hat. Luffy has many personalities; he is not the best at being knowledgeable. However, he has spot-on instincts. 

In the worst situations, Luffy is always optimistic, and that makes him a better leader. His peculiar abilities include; developed strength, speed coupled with reflexes, endurance. Luffy possesses a devil fruit.


Here is Quick General Information about Vegeta

Date of Birth732 age
Color of SkinFair
Color of HairBlack

 Vegeta is a non-human anime character in the Dragon Ball anime series. Vegeta is the son of King Vegeta, making him Prince Vegeta. He is of the Saiyan race. 

He has an average height of 164cm and weighs 56kg. He was born on the Saiyan planet at age 732. He became a resident of the earth after the destruction of his home planet. 

 Been a Prince and of royal blood, he has distasteful personalities like; ego, arrogance, pride. 

Despite Vegeta’s small size, he is very muscular, has medium length black hair, has clean eyes as most of his race does.

 When going to a battle or fight, he prefers putting on the armor from his home planet. In all the multiverses, Vegeta is one of the best warriors.

 Ryuko Matoi

Here is Quick General Information about Ryuko Matoi

Color of EyesBlue
Color of HairBlack with red
professionHigh school student

Ryuko Matoi is a female Asian anime character in Kill la Kill. She is the lead character in the anime series.

She is 17 years old and non-human. She is an evolved human hybrid with black colored hair and a pair of blue eyes. 

She lost who she thought to be her father when she was still in high school. Throughout the series, she often dressed in her high school uniform. 

She is fearless and direct. She possesses super-speed and power.

What is the best Asian Anime Character?

   Jubei Kibagami is a Japanese anime character featured as the lead character in Ninja Scroll. In the anime series, Jubei Kibagami is a nomad ninja with no plans to fight again. He is a tall man with a muscular build and black hair.

   He carries a stretched katana sword as a weapon. He is an expert swordsman with a trademark technique of his own.


   In the anime world, there are many wonderful characters with fascinating abilities. This article picked the best out of the best. Soon, various other anime characters with exceptional ability will reveal.

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