23 Best Dragon Quest Game for beginners (9th is the best)

Dragon Quest game is a series of Japanese role-playing games. It is a franchise that maintains its populous since the early years of video gaming. These series influence the development of console role-playing games. 

The series has remained unchanged through the developers to introduce occasional new graphic rehaul, mechanic, and several new features. You can install this game on your consoles, computers, mobile phones as well as handheld devices. In the past, Dragon Quest games used to be “Dragon Warrior in North America.”

Dragon Quest provides a series of titles to consider. They boast pride in some of the best video games, such as DQ VII, DQ V, and DQ II.

These series give you the real adventure of saving the world. The graphics are perfect, there are advanced features, and the experience is extraordinary.

On the other hand, Dragon Quest also has the worst video games, such as DQ II and X. The games are challenging to play, especially if you are a beginner. 

The main idea of this game is to play a hero whose mission is to save the land from danger. The enemy is powerful, dangerous, and evil. The hero has a company that comprises a group of party members.

This series, as well as its spinoff game, contain recurring monsters, turn-based combat, and random experiences. Many game fanatics are into this game, and they want to find out all the information about Dragon Quest.

We have reviewed the 23 best Dragon Quest games for beginners as follows: 

Quick Answer- Top 10 best Dragon Quest Game

  1. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
  2. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
  3. Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation
  4. Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen
  5. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of the Elusive Age
  6. Dragon Quest Builders: The Minecraft/Zelda Hybrid you still didn’t know you needed
  7. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
  8. Dragon Quest IV:  Chapters of the chosen
  9. Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of a forgotten past
  10. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the starry skies

Which Best Dragon Quest Titles should I play?

There are three main categories of Dragon Quest games.  This guide will concentrate on the English version titles.  Even though quite a number of them come recommended for android, some may not do well in android.

However, we believe that as long as it is available in your Google Play Store then it will work on your device.

let’s get started with the best dragon quest title.

1. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of Cursed King

This is one of the most populous Dragon Quest titles. It is necessary to play the game for any video game fanatics out there. This modernized series comes with stronger plots and excellent graphics.

Did you know that this is the first version to introduce the tension system? This risk, as well as the reward method, easily obliterates the enemies.

The game is available in different versions, such as mobile and 3Ds. According to previous users, 3DS versions are the best. They are easy to play; they have newly playable, turbo speed mode, characters, and extra content.

Ps2 versions are also good as they offer a full orchestral soundtrack that lacks in other versions. It is the best game because of its simplicity, incredible challenges, and exciting adventures that gamer’s experience.

Available on:

  • Nintendo 3DS
  •  PS2,
  • Mobile
  • It ensures a huge adventure.
  • It provides a massive open world as well as exciting characters.
  • perfect art design above the removal of random battles new content.
  • The simplicity in the combat gameplay
  • The storyline is boring.
  • The voiceovers are grating.

2. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly bride

This is the only game in the whole series that has the strongest plot. It is also the first mainline title to introduce monster wrangling as well as party members. It plays well on the generational draw and its emotions are perfect.

Which versions should I opt for?

Both Mobile and Nintendo versions are the same in terms of features and the experience you encounter. It is all upon you to make a decision.

There are also affordable versions in the market, such as DS versions. This is a suitable DQ game for any beginner out there.

Available on:

  • Mobile
  • Nintendo DS
  • The massive journey boy to man
  • Building a part by yourself
  • Entertainment content bonus
  • Going different ways with characters who have learned to love
  • The borderline-offensive conventional accents

3. Dragon quest III: The Seeds of Salvation

Dragon Quest III is the best title from the NE period of this series’ title. If you are into finding out more about how the series started, this is the game to play. It comprises a class system that enables players to choose a team that is more qualified and perfect for your strategies. Moreover, each character has a unique personality that influences stat growth. III also offers more content for an earlier RPG

A Point to Note

Most Dragon Quest games ported to japan, and quite a number of them did not make it to the West.  The best version for III is the mobile port. It works well in mobile ports.

Moreover, it is the only available modern version that comes without any counterfeit. Game Boy Color version is a better version as it is easier to play than the NES version. It comes with an extra class to the bot

Available on:

  • Mobile
  • NES
  • Game Boy Color
  • It holds up well regardless of being an old classic
  • Customizable characters and party
  • More content
  • Handy autosave as well as quick-save.n
  • No direction in the second half
  • Poor dungeon design
  • Unsightly sprites against the attractive pixel art

4. Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of chosen

Many players have come to like and enjoy this game because of its storytelling methods.  You will not be bored, and in the process, you will learn about many things. 

This game explains various missions of different characters in the first four chapters.  The last chapter focuses on the hero who assembles other characters to defeat evil.

The first character, Zenithia trilogy, has a good relationship with the theme, “trilogy.”

A Point to Note

Mobile and Nintendo DS versions run and work equally well.  The only difference is that in the English Nintendo DS version, there is no Party Chat. This feature allows party members to access the current events in the game.

Here you can enjoy an exciting dialogue as well as give out some hints.  The developer removed the Party Chat in the DS version but later reintroduced it in the Mobile version. 

The mobile version of Dragon Quest IV is complete and gives you the best experience.  If party Chat is not your priority, the DS version is still viable.

Available on

  • Mobile
  • NES
  • Nintendo DS
  • Multiple characters with a unique storyline
  • Colorful, charming characters and monsters
  • The characters are too many and confusing

5. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of the Elusive Age

This is a recent title in the Dragon Quest series. You will enjoy a standalone encounter playing this game, unlike the previous games.  That is why it is a perfect game for any beginner.

This game comprises large maps as well as colorful locations that are simply the best to explore. The game requires you to gather a loyal cast of people to give you a hand. A player’s quest is becoming luminary reborn.

Available for:                                        

  • PC
  • PS4
  • Simple battle system but quite challenging
  • Bright, vibrant and lovable collective cast
  • Huge world to explore
  • It is not too serious
  • Complicated localization
  • The formula does not advance
  • Fault convectional

6. The Mines craft/Zelda Hybrid you still didn’t know you needed

Dragon Quest Builders are a form of the traditional turn-based RPG combat of the existing games.  The idea of this game is almost similar to Minecraft as it provides a survival block-based sandbox experience.  This game requires you to defend that world against classic threats.

The default setting of this game is Alefgard, the original Dragon Quest game. The focal point of its plot is a hero who accepts to rule half of the world.  The game is a trap. Instead of your ruling, the monsters are ruling.  Players should, therefore, rebuild the world by assembling all the materials.

Available for:                                        

  • PC
  • PS4
  • There are unique challenges through hand-crafted worlds
  • The building items as well as designing towns is rewarding
  • Introduction of more complex systems through quest lines
  • Combat is basic
  • Controls, as well as camera, are of poor quality

7. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

It is mythic, huge, and epic. The Hand of the heavenly bride is the second Zenithi trilogy that boasts pride of the best story in the series.  This title allows you to recruit Monsters’ mechanics.  Recently, the developers added a film feature based on D5Q.

Available on:

  • Mobile
  • Nintendo DS
  • You build the party on your own
  • The amazing journey from boy to man
  • Entertainment reward content
  • It is not easy to part with characters who you have learned to lovenInsulting accents

8. Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the chosen

The Chapter of the Chosen was the last game in the series to appear on the NES. It was the first game to appear in the “Zenithia” trilogy. The developers mastered the game for the Nintendo DS.

We can compare it with the Final Fantasy VI that characters assigned their roles during the early stages.  They must learn their backstory to be successful.

 You play the role of the main character, and in turn, you build a team of new characters based on the previous chapters. This game offers the best platform for gamers to tell their stories.

  • Lots of time-tested gameplay
  • exciting side quests
  • low keys but perfect graphics
  • Too many dumb puns that comprise of slimes
  • Not innovative
  • Cartoon art style making it look “kiddie.”

9. Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of a Forgotten Past

Fragments of a forgotten past are the lengthiest game in the series.  The game lasts for about 100 hours of gameplay. Here, the gamers tasked to travel around the world, visiting each continent. 

They must free each continent of any evil through time traveling to the forgotten past. The plot takes place in the continents by vignettes as well as NPC interactions.  The best part of this game is traveling around the world and visiting different continents.  It is such a long story.

A point to note:

The remake of the game is impressive as it represents a logical extreme of Japanese role-players. It maintains its appeal regardless of the flaws

Available versions:

  • Mobile
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Multiple quests and challenges
  • A huge story that involves 80-100 hours gameplay
  • Faster intro as there are no random battles
  • Good script and excellent graphics
  • Annoying repeating character models
  • Too long quests
  • The game is too big or any practical player especially the beginners
  • Easy combat and over simplicity

10. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the story skies

DQIX is an extraordinary game that squeezes every power of a processing system. Its perfect title scored amazing results in the Japanese gaming magazine.  Many game fanatics love the experience they encounter in this game. Though it is a bit complicated, when mastered, it is an excellent option to refresh your mind.

Available versions:                                 

  • Nintendo DS
  • PlayStation 2
  • Hundreds of hours of gameplay
  • Availability of traditional RPG
  • The best-looking DS games ever
  • You need a lot of monotonous grinding to unlock job classes
  • Lack of better equipment for the charactersnToo old schooln

11. Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation

This game was a huge breakthrough for the series. We can compare its visuals with its predecessors.  It offers a fantastic story that many gamers will love.  It comes with a redefined class system.

Its realm, as well as dream world setting, will definitely take you back to “The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past” it’s a beautiful game that gives you the kind of experience that you require.

Available for:               

  • Nintendo
  • PS2
  • Polished experiencenThe endearing absorbing job system
  • Classic gameplay
  • An excessive quantity of Slime puns
  • Too little direction
  • Kin of ancient and not old school

12. Torneko: The Last Hope

This is also one of the most enjoyable games in the best dragon quest series.  It involves throwing an excellent loving merchant Torneko into a range of secretive dungeons. He has nothing to defend himself with except a mallet. Many horrors are lurking in the dungeons.

The reward comprises of treasures and fame beyond your expectation. 

You are going to like the maze-like dungeons and the combat system. In the dungeons, the enemies make a move if Torneko moves, thus getting enough time to plan.

  • Interesting dungeon crawler
  • The game is too big

13. Dragon Quest Monsters (2000)

This game sets the gamer in a world of fantasy. This world is full of magic, knights, and monsters.  Here, the gamer does not play any characters provided. The player captures raises and teaches the monsters to fight for them.

This game is more of Pokémon; it is only that it lacks Poke balls. You will love the monster-catching experience offered in this game. It is easy to play, and the merchandise-oriented cutesy designs are perfect.

Available on:

  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Game Playboy
  • It is simple and challenging
  • The game is not fully engaging

14. Dragon Quest I

Did you know that the first Dragon Quest is still an 8-bit classic? It is still Japan’s biggest role-playing series that you need to play.  Who does not like to play the role of the Famed Manga artists Akira? His style is perfect in leading a character design to bring back the followers of Eldrick to life.

The game offers different design mechanics; hence it is quite influential RPG in the series. You will enjoy it more if you are patient.

Available for:

  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo Switch
  • NES
  • PlayStations
  • Microsoft windows
  • The game is remarkably interesting
  • Simple to play but challenging
  • The game is intuitiven
  • It is complicated for first-timers

15. Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line

Visually, the Dragon Quest II looks more of the original title.  Since 1987, it has undergone a lot of redefining, especially on its RPG experience.  

It offers amazing storytelling mechanisms, art direction, and music.  The downtime of this game is the fact that you cannot point to being unfair.  This is one of the least enjoyable series of Dragon Quest games.

Available for:

  • iOS
  • MSX
  • Mobile
  • PlayStation 4
  • The simple and intuitive control scheme
  • There is much to explore and enjoy
  • Simple but interesting story
  • It is one of the most difficult DQ games

16. Dragon Quest X

This is the only game in the best dragon quest series that provides the multiplayer online RPG genre. Players can easily join other players online through series lore as well as a backdrop.  You will love to compete with your friends from other countries.

Many people, though, do not like the multilayer idea. They claim that this entry is not as interesting as a single-player encounter. That is why it did not get a chance in the West.

  • Freely-to-play up to 20 levels
  • Non-human racesn
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Not accessible to English speakers
  • Small zones

17. Dragon Quest (1989)

This is a simple game based on exploring a fantasy world. It also involves assembling clues that help in rescuing the princess from the evil dragon lord. The game is unique and offers a memorable experience.

The game is colorful and comprises of attractive sprites, complex combat system, an expensive overworld, and an exciting story.

The game lacks many areas compared to modern games.

  • It is an exciting game
  • One saves a spot in an entire over the world
  • The game lacks many areas in contrast to modern games

18. The Dragon Quest Swords: The masked queen and the tower of mirrors

Many people do not know about DQ Swords. It is more of a sword-fighting version of the Link’s Crossbow Training.  The only difference that DQ Sword offers a more fleshed out story and everything is ridiculous.  It engages players properly, and it has amazing graphics. It is famous in solid voice acting that gives it a plus.

  • Cute character designsnHackingnSlashing n
  • Unappealing voiceovers
  • Shoddy story mode
  • Throwing the rotator cuff out

19. Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (2006)

This is one of the most amazing DQ titles. It allows you to control iconic mascot slimes as you target protecting your home as well as your loved ones.

The games provide puzzles to solve, the Scheleiman, power-up cut-sized slime-shaped tanks, in addition, other features that you can use to offer yourself some protection against attacks.

This is one of the cutest unique spinoffs, and the game is quite addictive.

  • Engaging tank battles
  • Excellent graphics
  • Simple and fun adventures
  • Quality localization
  • ShortnLimited music
  • Simple AI during tank battles

20. Dragon Quest Heroes II (2017)

If you love the first heroes, you are going to fall in love with this as well.  Here, you can recruit monsters and resume their form during combat. There are many characters to choose from. The protagonist can use any weapon, and the fight gives you an insane experience.

  • Engaging multiplayer
  • Spread-out environments rich in prices
  • Many characters
  • Poor Artificial Intelligence partners
  • Unnecessary class change system

21. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 (2011)

There were many improvements in this game, such as the introduction of real-time online battles. You can download your rival team from the game’s Artificial Intelligence and control them in a battle.

There are increased numbers of monster species in this game. They are about 311 of different creatures to deal with.  The professional version of this game provides 100 more species with more content.

22. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (2007)

Its plot is more detailed than other dragon quest games. There is a charming main character who has weird hair as well as Drago Bal vibes in that place. The graphics are excellent and very appealing. 

You will enjoy the elevated flexibility of the monster battling gameplay.  There are more monster types to deal with, not to mention a bigger roster. 

There are different monster creatures here, such as Demons, Slimes, and Dragons.  Visible monsters are roaming up and down the place that makes your adventure great.

  • It is adventurous
  • Not easy to play for beginners

23. Dragon Quest X (2012 JP)

This was the tenth entry in the best dragon qurst series. The features allow any gamer to create their own characters. This is the most interesting aspect of this game as you explore the world of Dragon Quest.

Even this game is neither available in the West nor across the world; it one of its kinds. That is why I thought that it deserves a spot on this list.

  • Non-human races
  • Accessible on multiple platforms
  • Not easily accessible for Non-English speakers
  • Small zones
  • Monthly subscriptions

Features comparison table: Best DQ Games vs. Worst DQ Games

Available on–         Mobile PcNintendo  –         Mobile PC- Nintendo
Draconian Quest–         Provide additional challenges for professional players such as DQ XIThere are no additional challenges. The games run a shorter period of time
Overhauled Menus and UI–         Offers perfect graphical enhancements as well as additional intuitive navigation–         The graphics are of poor quality thus players are unable to navigate properly
Camera Mode–         Players are able to view beautiful character renders as well as landscapes perfect graphics–         Players are unable to enjoy a clear view making the mission difficult to achieve
Dash function–         Provide a lot of system enhancements such as camera movement–         There are no system enhancements. Players struggle to find their ways
Mission–         Rescue the world from evil monsters –         Many exciting challenges to unlock–         Layers are unable to rescue the world due to unfavorable conditions
Experience–         Excitement lurks all over the game as players explore the major cities of the world. DQ VII Displays a massive beautiful world to explore–         There are limited features hence the players do not enjoy the game like in DQ  heroes II that provide poor AI partners

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Which one is the Best Dragon Quest Series?

After considering all the above-discussed facts, I would go for Dragon Quest VII as the best game. It gives you the real picture of the world that is under the monster’s siege. It gives you all the equipment and helps to rescue the world against the monster invasion.  Dragon Quest II is the worst DQ video game because it is difficult to play and unlock the next levels.


We must attest to the fact that the Dragon Quest game is not only fashionable but an interesting game to consider.  Fanatics enjoy a role-playing game quite a lot. The series is simple, challenging, and engrossing. The developers have employing endearing graphics and added excellent features for the gamers. There are many features to choose from, especially if you want to enjoy competing with others online. After reading our 23 best Dragon Quest games for beginners now, you can have a try!

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