11 Best Dragon Quest11 Mods Worth to Play | Exclusive

The Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age game is the eleventh iteration of the RPG game published by game maker Square Enix. This game was considered by many as the best dragon quest game.

Moreover, it was released in 2017 in Japan for both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3DS and worldwide for the PS4 and Microsoft Windows in September 2018.

A more enhanced iteration called Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition was updated and put out in September 2019. This was for one of the most popular consoles, the Nintendo Switch. 

The rest of the consoles, including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows, have an upcoming release in December 2020.

The game on its release was actually considered bare-bones, so some enterprising gamers decided to create some best dragon quest11 mods.

Mods are short for modifications. They are usually done by individuals who have no relations to the game maker but make items and enhancements that help with better gameplay and aesthetics.

This article will talk about the best dragon quest11 PC mods that help you enhance the dragon quest game.

These modifications are supposed to make gameplay more creative because it has been critiqued for its overly traditional settings, storylines, and very non-innovative design.

Down below are some of the excellent mods for the Dragon Quest II game.

11 Best Dragon Quest11 Mods | You Should Know

  1. Komodo’s Lair – Jade – updates and new colors 
  2. DS4 PSX Simple Buttons Replacers 
  3. Dualshock 4 Buttons 
  4. Dragon Quest builders 2 mods
  5. Jade Skin – Sweaty Sweetie 
  6. Hero Outfit – Chainmail Luminary  
  7. Tunic Recolors for Hero  
  8. DQ11 model swap
  9. DQ11 mods – Sacred Sage Veronica
  10. DQ11 mods- Wild Side Erik
  11. Komodo’s Lair – Hero – Knight Costumes and Kenshin Hero Outfit

1. Komodo’s Lair – Jade – updates and new colors 

Upload(s) ByKomodoMods
Release Date(s)30 September 2018

As the name suggests, this is mods for the Jade character. They include the Divine Bustier – No Tights, Xenlon to Alabast, Xenlon to Obsidian, Xenlon to Rose, Base to Alabast, and Base to Ruby.

The mod takes the Jade character and retextures and adds a variety of colors to her outfits.


This mod is easy to install, and all you need is to download it and then extract the file, which can be found in the DRAGON QUEST XI directory.

The mod will require that you install the DQXIhook mod first, or if you can find an earlier Orchestral Overhaul Mod.


  • Great value
  • Enhances the outfit esthetics
  • Jade is now a more in-depth character. 


  • Fewer multi-colored.

Key Features of Komodo’s Lair

Features Explanation 
OutfitsJade’s outfits can be in different colors.
Customization This mod allows for upgrades and customizations
Texture ModsThe texture mods help create a lot of texture on the character’s outfit and equipment

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2. DS4 PSX Simple Buttons Replacers

Upload(s) ByFireHawkX
Release Date(s)24 September 2018
Files21 DDS files 

This mod for the Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a simple way for the gamer to replace the Xbox controller format with the DS4 PSX Simple Buttons. 

Anyone who has ever used both Microsoft’s Xbox and its devices and the Sony PlayStation and its variants knows that the buttons that operate the game are quite totally different.

This mod will simply allow you to use the DS4 PSX system, and this is why. Microsoft owns both Windows and Xbox, so it means that when you install the game on your Windows PC automatically, you will have to play with the Xbox button settings. 

The mod replaces the  X, the O, the Square, the Triangle, the L1, the L2, the R1, and R2. However, it doesn’t include Start, select, analogs, or D-pad because they are similar enough.


  • The button switch makes it easier for those that are used to playing using the DS4 PSX buttons.
  • No need to learn the Xbox settings
  • Simplified buttons.


  • Simplified buttons eliminate the advanced moves

Key Features of DS4 PSX Simple Buttons Replacers

Features Explanations 
Controller iconsController icons prompt in the game from Xbox icons to PlayStation icons
Replacement  X, the O, the Square, the Triangle, the L1, the L2, the R1, and R2
Non ReplacementStart, select, analogs or D-pad

3. Dualshock 4 Buttons 

Upload(s) ByQuve
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Release Date(s)06 October 2018

The Dualshock 4 Buttons mod is as simple as it is powerful; it replaces the usual default Xbox button prompts that come with the game and replaces it with some unique and hand-made Dualshock 4 button prompts. This mod is designed to actually be as close to the PlayStation 4 version of the game as possible.


  • Simple buttons
  • Replaces stock buttons


  • Simplified buttons

Key Features of Dualshock 4 Buttons

Features Explanation 
Replacement This removes the standard buttons with new ones.
Simple Buttons The simple buttons setting makes it easier to play the game. 
Dual Shock The dual shock settings and controller are better liked.
Stock Buttons The windows Xbox buttons are the stock buttons to the game, and they not familiar to everyone.  

4. Dragon quest builders 2 mods

Developer(s)By Rose
Publisher(s)By Rose
Release Date(s)December 31, 2019

The Dragon quest builders 2 mods are essentially a patch that replaces the game’s resolution from regular resolutions to ultra-wide resolutions and allows for extra horizontal FOV.

With this mod, the UI will stretch from standard 16:9 to a higher resolution. Shadowplay and the other tools can be used in this situation, but the increased resolution will make for higher gameplay.


  • The higher resolution makes for better gameplay.
  • The steady supply of new features


  • The higher resolution is not on all gameplay

Key Features of Dragon quest builders 2 mods

Features Explanation 
ResolutionThe increased resolution makes for a higher and better gameplay
Game PlayWith the resolution increased, the gameplay is much crispier and more in focus.
Visuals Beautiful scale and model-styles 

5. Jade Skin – Sweaty Sweetie 

Platform(s)Microsoft Windows 
Release Date(s)03 October 2018

The biggest gripe about this game was the lack of depth on the characters and the fact that they seemed barebones. Which this mod tries to address, now you might think that this mod is trivial, but many who have downloaded it might seem to disagree.  

Actually, all the mod does is add beads of sweat on Jades skin. What could be more realistic than that? Imagine being able to see Jade sweat as she does strenuous activity?  This adds another layer to the realism of the game, don’t you think.


  • Increased realism
  • Better Gameplay


  • Fewer Missions.

Key features of Jade Skin – Sweaty Sweetie 

Features Explanation 
Sweat Sweating may not mean much until you imagine it on a character.
System The added feature adds realism to the system and game.
Customize This is one of the unique customization features in a game.

6. Hero Outfit – Chainmail Luminary  

Platform(s)Windows PC 
Release Date(s)06 October 2018

This mod essentially works with the main character of the story and game. The default outfit is dull and drub, so the mod has changed that and added a chainmail tunic and other super cool brown/tan clothing accessories.

Moreover, it improves the texture and looks as well as the colors of the character’s clothes. This mod requires the Kaldaien’s Special K mod. And obviously, this is for the Dragon Quest XI game.


  • Improved texture
  • Better color on the character


  • You can’t change the color beyond the brown tan look

Key Features of Hero Outfit – Chainmail Luminary 

Features Explanation 
Tunic Brown or tan tunic added to the main character
TextureImproved texture in the game
ColorThe main character hs improved coloring choices

7. Tunic Recolors for Hero 

Platform(s)Microsoft Windows 
Release Date(s)02 October 2018

Just as the name suggests, this mod actually changes the Hero’s Purple Tunic to different colors. The hero needs an extra color tunic to make this game truly unique and customized to your liking.

The mod requires the It requires Kaldien’s Special K mod for it to work correctly. The mod will provide multiple color combinations for that heroes’ tunic.


  • Full customization for the tunic
  • Good visuals and sound
  • Decent graphics


  • Few color alternatives

Key Features of Tunic Recolors for Hero

Features Explanation 
CustomizationA customized tunic will allow you to customize your character fully. 
Hero PlayUse one button in multiple situations for multiple uses in the hero play. 
Improved TextureThe improved texture will allow for better gameplay.

8. Dragon Quest11 Mods Swap

Platform(s)Microsoft Windows 
Release Date(s)27 October 2018

One of the actual best mods for this game is this Dragon quest 11 model swap because it allows the change of all the default costume colors of every character in the game. Yes, every character in the game can change their default costume colors. 

The mod requires that you have the cheat engine installed to work, but it van makes the game’s texture much better by making it more colorful. Just as a reminder, This Cheat Table actually will only change the default costumes.


  • A plethora of colors
  • It has improved texture and gameplay.


  • Only default costume changes

Key Features of Dragon Quest11 Model Swap 

Features Explanations 
CostumesThe mod changes the default color schemes of all costumes
Training Sharpen your skills through comprehensive training. 
Cheat EngineThe cheat engine’s capability to change the colors and improve the gameplay and texture.

9. DQ11 Mods – Sacred Sage Veronica

Platform(s)Microsoft Windows 
Release Date(s)14 October 2018

While most of the mods that we have been talking about above concentrate only on the heroes and main characters. But this mod targets one of the top characters but not the main one.

Sacred Sage Veronica has a bland default outfit, and this mod wants to change all that. The gamer makers gave her Sister Serena’s sacred gear more substance, so our character felt left out. This mod changes that by giving her a better default outfit with more texture.


  • The consistent quality of levels and increased texture and color


  • More in-depth color could have been better.

Key Features of DQ11 – Sacred Sage Veronica

Features Explanation 
Texture The mod concentrates on the texture and color of the sacred sage Veronica character. 

10. DQ11 Mods – Wild Side Erik

Platform(s)Microsoft Windows 
Release Date(s)19 November 2018

If you have played this game, then you know that Sniflheim is a pretty cold place. Similarly, when Erik is wandering around out there, he must get cold right, so his tunic should arguably show that, right?

This is why we have this mod that adds some warm fur on his tunic.  The characters out there in the snow actually have some skimpy outfits to be out there, which is just wrong, isn’t it?


  • I added heavier coats and outfits to match the weather.


  • Fewer alternatives on the texture. 

Key Features of DQ11 – Wild Side Erik

Features Explanation 
Weather Improvements Warm weather clothing on the characters gives the game better texture and gameplay feel.

11. Komodo’s Lair-Hero-Knight Costumes and Kenshin Hero Outfit

Platform(s)Microsoft Windows 
Release Date(s)07 October 2018

This mod by moder extraordinaire Komodo retextures the heroes’ costumes into many more options than their default outings. Do you really want to see your hero as a knight?

Then this dragon quest mod for that some more outfits are pulled from the previous games, and these include Gallopolitan Garb into the following, Common Knight of Dundrasil, of Gallopolis, Heliodor, Sniflheim, Embellished Knight of Dundrasil, of Gallopolis, of Heliodor, of Sniflheim, Drasilian Armour of  Obsidian


  • Many outfit changes for use


  • Only affects the hero

Key Features of Knight Costumes and Kenshin Hero Outfit

Features Explanation 
Improved Texture and CostumesThe custom made costumes help with gameplay as the hero is dressed in different outfits.

What is the Best Dragon Quest 11 Mods?

The game was received to critical acclaim; however, the game’s most prominent critic was the un-fleshed and bland characters, which inevitably led to the mods that improve the characters’ texture.

That also happens to be the biggest reason why there are so many mods to cater to this fact.

Most of the mods are geared towards the main characters and heroes. However, I think the best mods affect all the characters at once, so I chose the Dragon quest11 mods Swap for one reason.

 This mod affects all the default costumes of more than one character, the costumes may not be a part of the main story and am sure you would like the hero mods the best, but I think when a mod goes beyond the hero, then it is better for the full advancement of the game’s texture. 


The Mods are lovely and make the gaming experience better. It is also excellent when the gamers partake it upon themselves to enhance a game and add features that the game maker left out

It is this symbiotic relationship that will push the Dragon Quest II game to higher levels than before.

I think the game makers would be wise to acknowledge some of the top mods and incorporate them into future releases.

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