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13 best fable game | Tremendous Game to Play in 2020

Fable is a popular role-playing video game that focuses on a fictional land, Albion. Here, a player takes the role of a hero who should complete a range of missions. Develop traits of the character that will contribute to your win. 

Fable has three main titles in the series. We are going to compile a list of the 13 best fable games, which will include additional fun titles. They include Fable Anniversary, Fable Heroes, and Fable Fortune, among others. 

The expansions give you other fable experience, but they are not different from this franchise’s plot. 

Quick Answer- 10 Best Fable Game to play

  1. Fable
  2. Fable Anniversary
  3. Fable II
  4. Fable III
  5. Fable Heroes
  6. Fable: The Journey
  7. Fable legends
  8. Lost Chapter
  9. Fable: Fortune
  10. Fable: Coin Golf

We are going to rank of Fable series titles starting from the best and finishing the list with the worst.  I hope you will find this compilation useful and guide you to the best Fable titles. 

Would you like to know the best fable titles? Well, I will walk you through this with further explanations. 


Developer(s)Big Blue Box Studios 
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios 
Platform(s)XboxMicrosoft WindowsMac OS XXbox 360
Release dateSeptember 14, 2004 

Fable is the best fable rated fable game in this franchise. It allows you to control the characters from a third-person perspective.  The hero interacts with people, battle foes, and objects. 

The player completes different quests that you will acquire at a central place.  Some quests will allow you to pick side missions.

Apart from fighting with melee weapons, you can also learn to cast some spells to improve your abilities. 


  • Interesting gameplay
  • Good characters 
  • Relationships 


  • Too expensive

Key Features

Features Explanations
Combat Activities in the town do not involve combat 
Tents Buy, furnish and lease tents 
Spells AttackSurround Physical 
Alignment There is good as well as evil alignment 

Fable Anniversary 

Developer(s)Big Blue Box Studios 
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios 
Platform(s)XboxMicrosoft WindowsMac OS XXbox 360
Release dateSeptember 12, 

Anniversary is a role-playing title where you control the characters from a third perspective. You will take the role of the main character, the hero.  You will complete different missions. 

There are also additional quests that allow you to pursue a range of actions.  You will acquire your quests at a central location, Heroes Guild


  • Good visuals
  • Good controls
  • Fantasy romp 


  • Gameworld split
  • Dated cinematics and animation
  • Weird bugs and glitches

Key Features 

Features Explanations 
Legendary weaponsFind ten of the 17 legendry weapons to unlock the Horde 
Hero dolls Collect 7 hero dolls
Blue Mushrooms Talk to the girl following you. Follow her to her mother and find out more information 
Books Donate books. Always return when you find more books. 

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Fable II

Developer(s)Lionhead Studios 
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios 
Platform(s)Xbox 360
Release dateNA: October 21, 2008AU: October 23, 2008EU: October 24, 2008

Fable II includes both interactive as well as non-interactive cutscenes.  In the interactive, you can use expressions during a dialogue.  You can also run away from the scene and later return and continue.

If you run away from a cutscene that has vital information, then the character awaits until you return. 

This title exposes you to an open world to explore, and you will many activities to do, such as housing, relationships, and jobs.  The world becomes bigger as you perform different activities. 


  • Good adventure 
  • You can be who you want
  • Packed with cheery joy


  • Long load times
  • Bulky inventory screens 

Key Features 

Features Explanation 
Demon doorLaughFartBlood lust roarGrowl Worship Dance Blow a kiss
Family and relationships Get married even to same-sex 
Character morphing Morph a character based on their action Enable a pleasant-looking hero 
Jobs Acquire money through doing jobs 

Fable III

Developer(s)Lionhead Studios 
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios 
Platform(s)Xbox 360Microsoft WindowsMac OS XXbox 360
Release dateXbox 360NA : October 26, 2010AU: October 26, 2010JP: October 28, 2010EU: October 29, 2010Microsoft Windows NA: May 17, 2010AU: May 19, 2011

You will control the royal hero.  You will make vital decisions that influence their subjects. You will address all the consequences in the future.

 A morality system divides emotions as good or bad.  There are frequent combat encounters. Customize each attack and enjoy your play.


– Funny and clever

– It is big

– The best writing and acting


  • Rushed story climax
  • Less combat driven quests 

Key Features 

Features Explanations 
Choice and consequences Players have infinite choices that affect the world around them
Blockbuster action Combine system allows you to use a range of style in the arsenal
Hero Be the hero and forge your own destiny 

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Fable Heroes

Developer(s)Lionhead Studios 
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios 
Platform(s)Xbox 360
Release dateWW: May 2, 2012 

Heroes are a hack and slash adventure where a player plays as one of the 12 characters from across the Four Fable titles.  You will journey through local multiplayer.

You will journey through Albion and fight against familiar foes. Play today, and share your experience with us. 


  • cute puppets 
  • fable reference 


  • simplicity 
  • repetitious 

Key Features

Key features Explanations 
Mode up to  4 player co-op
Enemies chestyHobbesbeetles hollow men 

Fable: The Journey  

Developer(s)Lionhead Studios  
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios 
Platform(s)Xbox 360
Release date
The Journey allows players to use NA: October 9, 2012AU: October 9, 2012EU: October 12, 2012

The journey uses Kinect to control magic and defeat enemies.  Use your hands to cast a spell.  You can also use their skills to upgrade health as well as spell.  You will play as you ride on a horse.

This requires you to hold the reins as you guide the horse along a path. Take care of the horse by brushing it and treating it when it is hurt. 


  • Caring for the horse
  • Best fable experience
  • Fun


  • Uneven controls
  • Ugly cutscenes

Key Features

Features Explanation 
Combat Does not have a complex combat systemYou can only use Will attacks 
Character Horse is the main character
Gameplay Interesting gameplay with a rich storyline

Fable legends 

Developer(s)Lionhead Studios  
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios 
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows Xbox One
Release date

Legends focus on the four heroes as well as villains. A player fills each role through online multiplayer.  Play all the quests as well as stories via single player using artificial intelligence heroes as enemies. 

The four hero characters use teamwork during quests. This enables them to achieve their objectives.  The villain opposes the heroes using an army of creatures.


  • Rich storyline
  • Excellent graphics 


  • A lot of lags 

Key Features

Features Explanation 
Cross-platform playPlay on PC or Xbox One Play together through cross-platform multiplayer
Become a villain Play as a threatening villain Use creatures, tactics as well as traps to block the heroes from reaching their goal
Cosmetics Customize characters using a range of face variations as well as outfits
Developer(s)Lionhead Studios  Feral Interactive 
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios Feral InteractiveIngram Entertainment
Platform(s)PC, Xbox, Macintosh 
Release dateSeptember 20, 2005

In the Lost Chapters, the hero wakes up from his daydreams.  He learns from his father that it is his sister’s birthday.  He wants to hear reports of his son’s good behavior and rewards him in return.

H speaks to the trader, the person with the handlebar mustache. The man notices that he has a green aura high, indicates that he is willing to do business with them. 


  • Rich
  • Being evil is fun
  • A beautiful world to explore


  • It is short
  • Die easily

Key Features 

Features Explanations
Good deeds Do not accept the bribe Do not break the barrels
The guild Find the first tattoo
Training Punch the training dummy 7 timesSword training Bow trainingWill training 

Fable: Fortune

Developer(s)Flaming Fowl Studios Mediatonic 
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows Xbox One
Release date
February 22, 2018 

Fortune is a digital collectible card that focuses on the Fable franchise fantasy world of the Albion. Go head on head with your opponent on a digital platform board where one battles until one hero’s health drops to zero. 

Use your hero as you walk onto a battlefield. 


  • Co-op mode
  • Polished art style 
  • Morality system


  • Yet another digital CCG

Key Features 

Features Explanation 
Molarity systemChoose between good and evilYour decision affects the heroes as well as cards in each battle
3D graphics It takes a 3D perspective giving a familiar genre a new angle
Part of the Fable world You will enjoy diving into a CCG steeped in the Albion world. 
Events  systemUnique rewards tiers as well gameplay challenges. 

Fable: Coin Golf

Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios 
Platform(s)Windows Phone 7 
Release dateMarch 30, 2011

Coin golf focuses on the wealth of traditional British pub entertainment.  Get your hero, rid the land of evil, and conquer it.  A player can transfer gold earned as well as unlock three exclusive weapons such as melee.

Did you know that fable fanatics believe that melee is the best fable weapon in the game?  It is such an interesting title that you will enjoy playing.


  • Gifts in every chapter you pass
  • Interesting storyline


  • Too expensive
  • It takes too long to load

Key Features

Features Explanations 
Features Uses a puck instead of the ball
Scoring ActionEach turn takenHole-in-one 

Fable II: pub games 

Developer(s)Carbonated Lionhead Studios 
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios 
Platform(s)Xbox 360
Release dateAugust 13, 2008

Pub Games consists of three diverse casino-style titles, which only allows you to play the low-stake versions.  The player can bet on three titles and earn experience points that unlock higher-stakes. You can also unlock the tournaments, which allows you to win the items. 


  • Earn items and money


– You cannot earn money without using the glitching system

– Expensive 

Key Features

Features Explanation
Fortune’s towerPlay in a deck containing different cardsThere are three decks of cards
KeystonePlace arch betsMake inside bets
Spinnerbox A magical  slot machine Unlock new themed spinners

Fable upcoming video game 

Developer(s)Playground Games 
Publisher(s)Xbox Studio 
Platform(s)Xbox Series X/SMicrosoft WindowsXbox 360
Release dateComing soon 

Technically, we can call it Fable but soon after its release, we will have its official name.  It has a different gameplay and core themes. It is going to be interesting as it involves rabbits, swords, fairies, Albion glimmering, legendry heroes, and villains. 


  • All fable ingredients are in order 
  • Open world to explore 
  • Nature and magic live in harmony 


  • None 

Key Features

Features Explanations 
Perspective First and third-person perspective
Guns No guns 
Towns Players will build different towns 
Design Features time travel as well as interplanetary travel. 

Fable Trilogy

Developer(s)LionHead Studios 
Publisher(s)Xbox Studio Microsoft Studios
Platform(s)Microsoft WindowsXbox 360
Release dateFebruary 7, 2014 

The trilogy is a combination of three titles of the action role-playing series by LionHead Studios.  If you are looking for a unique re-experience of this series, then this is your best choice. It combines Fable Anniversary, Fable II as well as Fable III to give you an exciting trilogy experience. 


  • Experience of different combination
  • Wonderful Albion world to explore 


Complicated if you did not play the previous title

Key Features 

Features Explanation 
Side quests Players can pursue side quests apart from the main ones
New features Blood and goreUse of alcoholViolence Language Sexual content

What is the best Fable Title?

This role-playing entertainment not only gives you a fable experience but also exposes you to an open universe to enjoy. 

Other than playing the rage titles, you should try out Lost Chapters as well as Anniversary. These titles are the best fable game in 2020 as they add up to exciting stuff to explore.  They are almost the same but offer a lot to enjoy. 

The only difference between Anniversary and Lost Chapter is that Anniversary is a remastered version. It has good visuals. Lost Chapters has old graphics hence works best for someone who likes the old graphics.  It will also work well on slow machines. 


The above are the fable games to play. The list compiles the greatest titles to play with amazing plot and good gameplay. I would recommend these titles to all my gamer friends. 

This guide will know more about the fable series and help you make a comprehensive decision regarding which title to start playing.  They are cool, touchy, and give you that amazing fable experience that they have been looking for. 

After shedding the light on this series, it is now time to pick one game and start playing. 

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