15 Best Game Grumps Series 2021 | Ultimate Guide

Game Grams is a let us play series created by Hanson and Jon Jafari (wiki) as co-hosts.  It revolves around the two hosts who play the game together as they add some comedic comments.

In 2013, Jafari left the show to focus on his own YouTube web series. Later, Avidan replaces him, and the channel expands, thus adding more hosts.

This series is popular for its best Game Grumps series 2021

. It has more than 5.23 million subscribers from across the world. It also has more than 5 billion video views over the past few years. 

The series boosts its fame after publishing its first two video titles Soviet Jump and Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. I bet you know the young adult novel Ghost Hunters Adventure Club as well as The Secret of the Grande Cheteau. 

Its episodes has two hosts playing the video game alongside commentary, related and unrelated discussions, skill with a specific title, and mailing in the episodes.

There is a lot to enjoy if only you can identify your best title and start playing today.  The channel used to upload three 10-minutes episodes daily.  Later on, a trend came where they upload a more extended 30-minutes episode each day. 

What attracts most fanatics is the two hosts will join and compete in multiplayer sports as part of the Game Grumps VS series.  Most of these episodes have two or more people;

you might come across some special episodes with Avidan and Hanson alone.

Top 10 best game for google featured snippet

  1. The Zelda: A link to the past
  2. Pokémon Fired Version 
  3. Super Mario Sunshine
  4. Super Mario 64
  5. Shovel Knight 
  6. Bloodborne
  7. Trauma Center: Second Opinion 
  8. Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s cut
  9. Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril
  10. Super Mario 3D world

Why would you play the Game Grumps series?

This is a special series with lots of new and good features.  It also has special episodes with only Hanson and Avidan as the only characters. The series is rich in content and a compelling storyline.  

The player has an open world to explore, and there are many titles that you would like to play. Amongst them are Sonic Boom, Super Mario, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.  Also, shovel knight to mention but a few. Let us look at the 15 best Game Grumps series 2020:

The Zelda: A link to the past

Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform  Super NESWii New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch
Release date November 21, 1992

After Jon and Arian playing this series, Arin and Danny played it again.  The Zelda A link to the past focuses on a player who embarks on a journey to save Hyrule. You have to defeat Gonon and rescue the seven descendants of the Sages.  The series introduces new concepts such as an alternate as well as a parallel world, new weapons as well as Master sword. 


  • Accomplished audio direction
  • Packed with charm and charisma
  • Perfect dungeon design


  • Perform issues on Nintendo Switch
  • Managing items is not easy

Key Features

Features Explanation 
Combat Simple combat controlsUse other techniques to improve skill and defeat enemies
Item drops Hearts RupeesGreen jarArrows Bombs 
Weapons ALttP is the main weaponDefeat your enemies using a sword. Avoid magic, arrows, or bombs 

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Pokémon Fired Version 

Developer (s)Game Freak
Publisher (s)Nintendo
Platform (s)Gameboy Advance 
Release dateJapan: January 2004North America: September

Pokémon FiredRed Version is the 26th entertainment that Danny and Arin enjoyed playing.  It is the longest and the best game grumps playthrough.  It boasts pride of positive reviews as it has new features that maintain the traditional design.  It was a success, and it has simple graphics and sound.


  • Encourages physical activity
  • An open world to explore
  • Interact with new people


  • Increased screen time
  • Loitering
  • Spending money
  • Sharing account information

Key Features 

Features Explanation 
Towns There are many towns and cities to explore
Freedom You are free to move around, gather information, heal Pokémon, buy items, and fight Gym leaders.
Pokémon CenterHeal your PokémonPersonal computer functionsTrade and battle your friends
Pokemart This is a store where you can buy items. 

Super Mario Sunshine

Developer Nintendo Entertainment Analysis
Publisher Nintendo Entertainment Analysis
Platform  GameCube
Release date Japan: July 2002North America: August 2002

Super Mario Sunshine takes place at the tropical isle Delfino where Mario and five others are taking a vacation.  Shadow invades and ruins the island with graffiti. People blame Mario, and they order him to clean the place. Mario uses FLUDD to clean the island. Play it today and share your experience.


  • Hop and jump feels great
  • Tons of secrets and objectives 
  • Water cannon adds a new layer


  • Delfino’s is not a good environment
  • Bowser’s is controlling the camera 
  • Lots of falls to your death

Key Features

Features Explanation 
Camera Adjust the camera to your liking
Levels Corona MountainPianta VillageNoki Bay
Combat Simple combat for easy control

Super Mario 64

Developer EAD
Publisher Nintendo 
Platform  Nintendo  64
Release date Japan: 1991North America: 1992

Mario explores Princess Peach’s castle to rescue her from Bowser.  Super Mario 64 offers open-world playability, large areas, and degrees of freedom.  It offers exciting dint on 3D design, and you will enjoy the dynamic camera system; this is one of the greatest and new video titles of all time. 


  • It is more accessible
  • Handles secret goals perfectly
  • Does not complicate the formula
  • Excellent music


  • Lots of falls to your death 

Key Features

Features Explanation 
Camera Adjust the camera to your liking
Levels Corona MountainPianta VillageNoki Bay
Combat Simple combat for easy control

Shovel Knight 

Developer Yatch Club Games 
Publisher SNES
Platform  3DSPCWii U
Release date 2013

Shovel Knight is an interesting series of all time. The player enjoys every step of the play.  You will enjoy playing one episode, a full playthrough as well as a co-op playthrough. It is rich in good stories with diverse missions. 


  • Satisfying, well-crafted design
  • Excellent design
  • 8-bit-faithful graphics


  • Planned features beyond the main campaign not present at the launch 

Key Features 

Features Explanation 
Superlative shoveling Superlative platform experience to enjoy 
Soundtrack The excellent soundtrack for good reasoning Evokes the upbeat
Future plans We will include a gender-swapping mode and additional challenges. 


Developer FromSoftware
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment 
Platform  PS4
Release date JP: March 26, 2015NA: March 24, 2015EU: March 25, 2015

Bloodborne features role-playing action elements. It allows players to return to a safe zone, Hunters Dream.  This activity allows you to regain your health and repopulates the monsters in the land.  You have to launch an offensive approach to get combat and defend yourself against enemies.  The player has an agile character and can sweep dashes around the enemy when locked. 


  • The thick, moody atmosphere
  • Smart level design
  • Satisfying mechanics 


  • Obscure style annoys
  • Frustrates 

Key Features 

Features Explanation 
Chalice Dungeons They are optional and provide additional content to a player. Multiple bosses that you have to defeat to progress to the next level
Multiplayer Limited summons by proximity. You can only summon other players who are around you. The NPCs serve as an AI companion
Combat Fast-paced and requires an offensive approachYou are agile; hence you can dodge attacksThere is a new plus modeYou can only wield two melee weapons and two secondary weapons.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion 

Developer SNES
Publisher Nintendo
Platform  Wii
Release date 2014

The second Option has new controls, good graphics, and more content. The player uses a Wii remote to use all the tools. This series also features a new set of “Z-missions” which the player unlocks as they proceed with the play. 

You can play as a doctor, Nozomi, who restores a patient’s vitals with successful action. 


  • Creative story
  • Unique controller use


  • Erratic difficulty

Key Features

Features Explanation 
Levels Difficulty levels are available with different degrees of challenge. 
Story Story progression has a menu that allows you to go back and visit previous characters. 
Skip functionSkip function is also present in all operations
Miss limit The developer replaces this with the Chain system. 

Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s cut

Developer GameCube
Publisher GameCube
Platform  Nintendo 
Release date July 2015

Sonic Adventure allows a player to control six different characters.  They include Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles, Amy Rose, Big the Cat, and gamma.  Each character has a different goal. 

This is a one-player entertainment with two areas.  Enjoy your play and share your experience with us.


  • Enjoyable design
  • Excellent music


  • Short levels
  • Evil camera and collision 
  • Dated graphics 

Key Features

Features Explanation 
Metal sonic Get all the emblems to unlock him
Cream rabbit Does not speak or interact with you
Unlockable levels Features multiple unlockable levels 

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril

Developer Sivak Games
Publisher Retrozone
Platform  NintendoEntertainment system
Release date February 2010

Battle Kid is similar to “I want to be the guy” in terms of the design of the main character and how they sue their weapons.  You can only hit the main character, Timmy, once before the play ends.

You can save your match and start from where you last saved.  Make use of the keys to unlock different areas of the fortress. Use the cards to enjoy additional abilities and overcome obstacles.

There are 500 rooms, 30 different types of enemies, and different difficulty settings. 


  • Good soundtrack
  • Fast and fantastic design


  • Everything is simple 
  • You need a turbo fire controller to play this 

Key Features 

Features Explanation 
Story Describes the story of the two mysterious shadowy figures
Graphics It is colorful, and everything is easy 
Audio Gives a fantastic feeling

Super Mario 3D world

Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform  Wii
Release date Japan: November 21, 2013North  America: November 29, 2013

Super Mario 3D world is almost similar to Super Mario 3D Land.  Players can switch characters before entering the next stage.  Each character has a different ability. You can enter a bubble at any time, pick each up and throw each other. 

You can share lives when playing in multiplayer mode. There is more to enjoy and explore, play, and share your experience. 


  • Pure platform fun
  • Uses HD visuals 
  • Pure platform fun


  • Lackluster boss flights 

Key Features

Features Explanation 
Play-offs Freeze enemies and reveal ible objects
Characters Play as Mario 
Cat Mario Climb high to find secrets and claw enemies.

The Dog Island

Developer Yukes
Publisher Ubisoft
Platform  WiiPlayStation 2
Release date April 26, 2007

In the Dog Island, Arin and Danny make their character as white female Pomeranian.  This is the most special and the funniest game grumps series with long episodes.

Players control a dog as they embark on a journey to search for a special flower. The flower will aid their sick sibling.   They can only find the flower after achieving their goal of becoming a “sniff master.” 

You will interact with other animals to get hint and info to aid in the quest. 


  • Keep kids busy
  • Leveling up by sniffing
  • Cute and harmless


  • Primitive sound
  • Basic graphics
  • Not good for adults 

Key Features

Features Explanation 
Adventures sniff out hidden treasure trusting sense smella sweet story of a dog trying to save his sibling 
Cute puppies 48 breeds
Diverse quest Diverse environment to visit

Best Game Grumps: Punch-Out

Series Game Grumps
Developer Next Level 
Publisher Nintendo
Platform  Wii
Release date New York City: May 16, 2009North America: May 18, 2009Europe: July 23, 2009

Danny uses his experience with the NES Punch-Out to beat his opponents. He manages to come through and defeats everyone in Contender Mode.  He also beats Mr. Sandman.  This is necessary to consider series in the Game Grumps series list this year. 


  • Deep as you like
  • Colorful 


  • No leaderboards 
  • Replaying the same guy 20 times

Key Features 

Features Explanation 
Bonus B2B integration
Maintenance No maintenance 
E-commerce Enjoy shopping experience 

Dead or Alive Extreme 2

Developer Team Ninja
Publisher Tecmo
Platform  Xbox 360
Release date July 2014

In Dead or Alive Extreme 2, the player races against a girl as he hops across different colored floating pads. Zack resurrects “Zack Island” from the depths of the sea. The volcanic eruption buried the island many years ago. 

He names it as “New Zack Island.” Find out more about the girls by playing it today and share your experience. 


  • Good visuals 
  • Fun atmosphere


  • Too simple
  • Poor soundtrack

Key Features

Features Explanation 
Story The background story is “Zack has resurrected 
Gameplay Players indulge in a variety of activities
Partnership and friendshipEmphasizes on friendship
Volleyball Beach volleyball is present

Dream Daddy: A dating a simulator

Publisher (s)Game Grumps 
Platform (s)MicrosoftWindowsMacOSLinuxPlayStation 4Nintendo Switch 
Release dateMicrosoft Windows, macOS: July 20, 2017PlayStation 4: October 30, 2018Nintendo Switch: July 2, 2019

Dream Daddy is an exciting visual novel that allows the player to choose from seven fathers to date. It includes mini-games for you to complete, voice acting by members of the Grumps as well as multiple endings.

The player can customize the appearance of their playing character. 


  • Great graphics and audio
  • Explored themes of fatherhood
  • Silly and good-humored
  • Bright art style


  • Glitches and bugs
  • More depth needed

Key Features 

Features Explanation 
Dads The Player has 7 datable dads
Dap punsSo many dad puns
Dad character creatorYou can create and customize dadsona

Soviet Jump

Developer (s)Fantastic Passion
Publisher (s)Game Grumps 
Platform (s)Microsoft WindowsMacintosh Operating System 
Release dateJanuary 9, 2020

This is a sweet and one of the best game grumps moments to remember. Soviet Jump is the second title in this franchise. It is simple and very relaxing entertainment.

It is good for all ages. It consumes time that makes it the best title to play during leisure time. Remember that it is very addictive.


  • Simple interface
  • Easy to play
  • Interesting design 


  • The design is boring

Key Features

Features Explanations 
Combat 2D combat
CharactersA player customizes the characters.You can make secret police jealous with your new skin
Hidden goalsFind power-ups to give yourself an upper edge over your enemies
Gameplay Jump on your enemies and show them your political mighty.

What is the best Game Grumps series?

The Best Game Grumps is a let us play series on a TV show that revolves around two hosts who play different video gaming titles while commenting.

Several titles will attract your attention, but most people love Shovel Knight, The Zelda, and Pokémon, among others.

The secret behind the successful play of this series is concentration and point out the best title based on your preference. 


Here is a compilation of the best game grumps series list.  Now you can play from the top-ranked titles that are full of fun, adventures, an open world to explore, and different levels to tackle.  You can also invite your friends and compete together or play online.

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