13 Deadly and Best Pistol in Hitman 2 [Awesome Collection]

Hitman is a video game series created and previously released by Eidos Interactive and Square Enix, a Danish developer IO Interactive.

The series began with Hitman: Codename 47 from 2000 and featured eight great games, the most recent Hitman 3, launched in January 2021.

Hitman 2 is the seventh game released in the Best Hitman Game series. Hitman 2 came to light in November 2018.

The game has two modes of play, single-player and multiplayer.

Hitman is available for Microsoft Windows and other consoles like; PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

This article will give you;

  • Deep overview of the pistols in Hitman 2
  • The top 10 pistols present in Hitman 2 with their features
  • The best gun in Hitman 2
  • The best-silenced pistol to use in Hitman 2

In Hitman 2, many weapons are present in the inventory, including weaponized briefcase.

The most utilized weapons in the game’s inventory are pistols. Hitman 2 guns include; Bartoli 12G.

Quick Answer; What is the Best Pistol in Hitman 2?

The best pistol in Hitman 2 is the .22 Suppressed pistol.

Key Features for The Top 10 Pistols in Hitman 2

Hitman 2 PistolsFeatures
1. ICA19A pistol of tactics.
Slide customized.
Poor fire intensity with major damages.
2. StrikerA pistol with a magnum.
Rounds in body piercing.
Low fire rate and exceptionally serious damages.
3. El MatadorRico Delgado’s original pistol.
Body carving rounds.
The pistol’s fire rate is low but has ultrahigh damages.
4. Kalmer 1- Tranquilizer South African crafted dart shot.
Will sedate all it reaches.
Kalmer 1 has only one round.
5. Rude RubyCustom-made gun and master crafted.
Rude Ruby has seven rounds of bullets.
Rapid-fire rate but poor precision.
6. Bartoli 75R A tactical European light handgun.
Substantiated pistol.
Bartoli 75R has 12 rounds of bullets.
7. DAK X2DAK X2 is a one-handed submachine pistol.
A lightweight weapon that can conceal.
Outstanding fire rate but poor accuracy.
8. HWK 21HWK 21 is a lightweight conventional pistol.
Quick firing with a sufficient magazine size.
The pistol has 12 rounds of bullets.
9. ICA 9 F/A Stealth9.A highly intensive military pistol.
Slide customized and silenced handgun.
ICA 9 F/A mechanism is fully automated.
10. Concept 5A master-crafted handgun with 12 rounds of bullets
Kronstadt created weapons.
Concept 5 has a very low automatic fire and slow recoil.

13 Pistols Available in Hitman 2

Custom 5mm

Custom 5mm is a master-crafted weapon in Hitman 2. A single-handed firearm with five rounds of bullets. Its caliber is 5mm.

  • Custom 5mm cannot be reloaded.
  • Custom 5mm is a concealable weapon.
  • The pistol is Ergonomically built for passing checks and pat-downs.
  • This firearm uses caseless ammo.
  • Custom 5mm was designed based on a real 5mm caliber pistol.

Bartoli 75S

Bartoli 7S is a basic pistol in Hitman 2. The Bartoli 75S is a semi-automatic 9mm pistol. It has a low effect on the NPCs. It is effective if used for a headshot. Bartoli 75s is based on Beretta 8000.

  • The pistol has 12 rounds capacity and magazines.
  • Bartoli 7S is the most popular pistol available in Hitman 2.
  • It is shot very rapidly and has high precision.
  • The Bartoli 75S edition is furnished in metal and wood.
  • The pistol uses a .45ACP caliber.
  • Its length is 17.78cm and weighs 907g.
  • Bartoli 75S is concealable but can be easily detected during checks.

DAK X2 Covert

DAK X2 covert is a master class firearm in Hitman 2. The pistol is a single-handed suppressed semi-machine gun. DAK X2 covert is a lightweight pistol.

  • The pistol has a decent firing rate but poor accuracy.
  • A single-handed pistol with 25 rounds of the magazine.
  • DAK X2 covert uses typical semi-machine gun ammo.
  • During a frisk check, DAK X2 covert can be easily detected.
  • It is a concealable weapon.

Sieker 1

Sieker 1 is a single-handed basic class pistol. A concealable weapon but lacks frisk hidden features. Sieker 1 is crafted based on tranquilizers.

  • Sieker 1 is an illegal item in Hitman 2 and can only be smuggled.
  • Sieker 1 has only one round capacity.
  • It fires non-lethal bullets and, after a short period, poisons whoever it hits with an emetic poison.
  • Sieker 1 has inherent, minimally noisy shots.
  • The pistol is best used in contract mode.

Hackl 9S Covert

Hackl 9S covert is a discreet tactical pistol. It is a basic pistol in Hitman 2. The Hackl 9S Covert is a compressed pistol, smoothbore in 9x19mm Mondragon.

  • Hackl 9S Covert is equipped with a gray disguise pattern and with a rectangle silencer.
  • It is approximately 127mm in length.
  • The pistol magazine capacity is 12 rounds.
  • It has good precision, but its damage is low.
  • Hackl 9S seems to be based on a real Glock 19.

HWK 21 Mk II

HWK 21 Mk II is a basic designed pistol in Hitman 2. The pistol is a modern, new lightweight firearm. HWK 21 Mk II has fast fire with a strong capacity for its magazine. HWK 21 MK II is based on Walther PPQ.

  • The firearm magazine capacity is 12 rounds.
  • The caliber of the gun is 9×19mm parabellum.
  • HWK 21 MK II weighs 695g and has a length of 18cm.
  • It is good for up-close range and has high accuracy.
  • It is concealable and can be defected during a pat-down search.

HWK 21

HWK 21 pistol is the original model of the HWK 21 MK II pistol. HWK 21 is a basic firearm in Hitman 2, also crafted based on Walther PPQ. It is an illegal weapon that can conceal.

  • HWK 21 is an infringement handgun from which can easily kill a range of targets with accurate headshots.
  • It is best to clear space without worsening the battle.
  • The HWK 21 is persistent, quick, and fantastic for close-up battles.
  • The pistol can fire up to 20 rounds of bullets.
  • HWK 21 pistol weighs 695g with a length of 7.1 inches.
  • Precisely, the pistol’s caliber is 9×19mm parabellum.


Striker is a master-crafted firearm in Hitman 2. It is fitted with a muzzle brake instead of a silencer. Striker is one of the most effective weapons among Hitman 2 weapons. Striker pistol is designed based on ICA Silverballer.

  • The striker has magnum rings that maximize damage and penetration of the body.
  • Striker is an enormously effective pistol able to kill with one shot to any person’s body.
  • When properly aligned, the striker can pierce up to two bodies and make for three-shot kills.
  • The striker has its drawbacks, including its lack of silencer shield, relatively high retreat, and delayed fire rate.
  • The pistol’s caliber is .452 Magnum.
  • Striker’s magazine has seven rounds capacity.

ICA19 Chrome

ICA19 Chrome is a custom-made handgun available in Hitman 2. ICA Chrome is an identically distinctive version of the ICA19 with a chrome-finished case, cushion, and slide. ICA 19 Chrome is based on ICA19 and ICA19 Silverballer.

  • The pistol is best utilized for tactics.
  • It has a customized slide.
  • ICA19 Chrome has a poor fire rate but incredible effects on enemies.
  • The pistol has seven rounds in its magazine capacity.
  • ICA19 Chrome uses .45ACP caliber.
  • The pistol is 10.5 inches in length and weighs 1300g.
  • Of all Hitman 2 guns, the ICA19 Chrome is a special and rare gun.

ICA19 Silverballer MK II

ICA19 Silverballer MK II is a master-crafted firearm available for use in Hitman 2. This pistol is crafted based on the ICA19 Silverballer. They are identical both functionally and physically.

  • ICA19 Silverballer MK II and ICA19 Silverballer have the same statistics and visual esthetics.
  • The pistol is an ideal weapon during a tactical battle.
  • ICA19 Silverballer MK II has a custom suppressor slide.
  • The handgun has a low fire rate but can inflict really bad injury.
  • ICA19 Silverballer MK II magazine capacity is seven rounds.
  • It uses a .45ACP caliber of bullets.
  • ICA19 Silverballer MK II weighs 2.8 lbs and is 26.7cm long.

ICA19 Black Lilly

ICA19 Black Lilly is a basic firearm used by Agent 47 in Hitman 2. It has an incredible grip. ICA19 Black Lilly design is all-black. The ICA19 Black Lilly replaces the Silverballer with the Agent 47 cannon rifle.

  • It is a tactics weapon used in silent operations.
  • The pistol is crafted based on the idea of an AMT Hand baller.
  • The gun has a customized slide.
  • ICA19 Black Lilly has a low firing rate.
  • The pistol has amazing high damage.
  • The pistol has seven rounds capacity and .45ACP caliber.
  • It is 26.7cm long and weighs 1300g.

.22 Suppressed

.22 Suppressed is a special handgun in Hitman 2. It is one of the few silent pistols in Hitman 2. The gun uses an installed suppressor, which makes it a very quiet weapon. It is 11 inches long and weighs 0.9kg.

  • Due to minimum damage, it is recommended that Agent 47 should be considered close to the target and shoot the head of the target.
  • It uses long rifle munitions but lacks long-distance precision.
  • While the weapon is made mainly of metal, the metal detectors do not detect its presence.
  • .22 Suppressed magazine capacity is ten rounds.
  • The pistol uses a .22 long rifle caliber.
  • .22 Suppressed is based on Ruger MK II AWC TM-Amphibian S.

Concept 5

The androids used a master-crafted firearm in the facility of Kronstadt in Hitman 2. It is a one-of-a-kind pistol produced by Kronstadt. Concept 5 is a concealable item.

  • It has good recoil, and it is equipped with automatic firing.
  • It can be discovered by metal detectors and during a pat-down search.
  • The pistol’s magazine capacity is 12 rounds.

What pistol does Agent 47 use?

Agent 47-signature weapon is the AMT 1911 hardballer, and it can also be called Silverballer. AMT 1911 Hardballer is made of stainless steel. It has a magazine of seven bullets.

  • The pistol fires .45ACP caliber of bullets.
  • It is a concealable weapon that can handle with two hands.
  • The pistol weighs 1kg and has a length of 21.6cm.
  • It is available in contract mode.
  • It was designed based on AMT Hardballer.

What is the Best-Silenced Pistol in Hitman 2?

In Hitman 2, the most silenced pistol to use is the Krugermeier 2-2. A master-crafted weapon with ten rounds in its magazine.

  • The pistol uses a pistol ammo caliber.
  • It is a small gun with low range.
  • The pistol is inefficient in medium and long distances.
  • It is the top silenced pistol in Hitman 2.


Every pistol present in Hitman 2 is efficient and useful in different scenarios. The important thing is knowing the right pistol to use when playing each mode.


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