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Dragon Age is a game series that Bioware has designed and created. The game series is a role-playing game.

Dragon Age series released on different platforms, including PlayStations 3 and 4, XBOX 3 and One, Microsoft Windows.

Dragon Age: Origin, released at the end of 2009, is the first game in the series that follows the adventures of a recent trainee to a revered order called the Grey Wardens.

Dragon Age: Origins is a single-player video game that requires the protagonist to travel from one place to another, saving the world from the fifth blight.

In this article, you will know about dragon age origins where to go first;

  • the first place to go in Dragon age Origins
  • the perfect guide for the Map of Dragon age Origins
  • the best place in Dragon Age Origins
  • the order of play for Dragon age Origins

The game has various locations, including Redcliffe, Mage tower, Haven forest, Orzammar, and many more. Dragon Age Origins is the Best Dragon Age Game.

The game has won Game of the Year awards from Giant Bomb, IGN, PC Gamer, and scores of other magazines in various categories.

Quick Answer; Where is the first place I should go in Dragon age Origins?

The first place to explore in Dragon age Origins is the Mage Tower. In this place, can complete many quests.

In the Dragon Age: origin, you can use the Map to traverse inside and then around Ferelden. The Map is also called the World Map in Dragon Age Origins.

Locations on the MapDetails of the Locations
1. Party Campresting spot for the main protagonist of the game.
the Warden coordinates upcoming exploits at this location.
The party camp is a nightlife.
2. CaravanThe caravan is on the world map linked to the caravan downside quest.
It is inhabited by dark spawn.
A notable item in the location is Deathroot.
3. Dalish CampDalish camp is a forest camp located on the World map.
Dalish camp is the home residence of the elves, Dalish elves.
It is a temporary location for its inhabitants.
4. DenerimThe capital of Ferelden is Denerim.
Denerim is Ferelden’s arling.
Denerim is the location for Ferelden’s yearly landsmeet.
5. LotheringLothering is one of the villages in Ferelden.
One of the South Reach Arling is Lothering.
Lothering is a village with 500 occupants, including dragons.
6. Flemeth’s HutFlemeth’s Hut is a Hut locwilds deep in the Korcari wilds.
The hut is very tall, with a single floor from the inside.
The hut’s terrain is Forest.

Dragon Age Origins Where To Go First;

There are various locations in Dragon Age: Originals but there specific places a player can go before going to other sites. Places to go includes:

Circle Tower; The Mage Tower

Circle Tower is the geographic headquarters for the Circle of the Magi. Circle Tower is officially referred to as Kinloch Keep.

Circle Tower stands on Lake Calenhad, which is only accessible via its ports.

  • The Tower is inhabited by three different species, humans, dwarves, and elves.
  • Circle Tower has seven sections and floors, including storage caves, a great hall, and Templar Quarters.
  • The first floor of the Tower is occupied by apprentices and much of the great library of the Circle.
  • The good mages remain on the second floor and are equipped with stocks, labs for enchantment, catering, and other libraries.
  • Circle Tower third floor mainly comprises conference rooms and meeting places and some private rooms, probably for the senior charms.
  • On the fourth floor, the templars reside and train.
  • Each floor of the Tower is tens of feet tall.
  • Circle tower has a protected basement that holds the dock, a hazardous object vault.
  • The Avvars built and founded the Circle tower with little support from the dwarves.
  • Mages character in the Circle tower includes; Finn, Godwin, Petra, Nail, and The Warden (the game’s lead character).
  • Notable items a player can find in the Tower are; Archon Robes, Apprentice’s amulet, and many more.
  • There are no enemies to be encountered in the Circle Tower.
  • Dragon Age: Origins, where to go first, is the Circle tower.

Redcliffe; Ferelden’s Stronghold

Redcliffe is a castle located in Hinterlands, Ferelden. Redcliffe castle is inhabited by only one species, Humans.

Redcliffe Castle seems to be the first line of protection and the last line of protection for the single land road to Ferelden.

  • The castle has up to four sections. These sections are; Redcliffe castle’s main floor, Redcliffe castle’s upper floor, and Redcliffe castle dungeons.
  • The Castle of Redcliffe is the headquarters of the Guerin dynasty.
  • The castle serves as military personnel for the whole Redcliffe area.
  • The castle’s coat of arms is a castle overlooking a red hill on a white backdrop.
  • Redcliffe castle is widely characterized as unchallengeable.
  • Expected enemies to be encountered in Redcliffe castle include; Demons. The demons are three in number.
  • The demons’ leader is called Desire, the lieutenant to the boss is called Greater Shade, while Lesser Shade is just a normal demon.
  • Another enemy in Redcliffe castle is the Undead. The Undead has a lieutenant called Devouring corpse. However, Suit of amour is the champion of the Undead.
  • Players will also encounter an animal called Mabari, an intelligent dog ready to kill the player.
  • Some Humans are also part of the enemies in Redcliffe Castle. Bann Teagan is the leader.
  • There are several items you can find in the castle. On the main floor, players can acquire Heavy maul, Redcliffe shield, and Redcliffe vault key.
  • On the upper floor, players can acquire Eamon’s Shield.

Lothering; The Strategic Village

Lothering is one of the villages in Ferelden, on the southern frontier of the Hinterlands. It is located in Central Ferelden.

Lothering has a population of 500 inhabitants.

  •  Lothering is inhabited by two species, humans and elves.
  • The North Road location gives Lothering strategic importance. 
  • Notable pales in Lothering village include Lothering chantry and Dane’s Refuge. 

  • Enemies in Lothering includes;
    •  a giant spider
    • 4 bandits with a leader
    • black bear
    • wolf
  • Players will encounter darkspawn species like;
    • Genlock
    • Hurlock 
    • An Alpha Hurlock
  • Items that can be found in Lothering village includes Knight’s locket and note and Oathkeeper. 

Denerim; The Capital City

The capital city of Ferelden is Denerim. Denerim is situated around a mountain’s base. It is an urban city located in the eastern fielder.

Denerim is a sacred city for Andraste worshipers since it is the place where it was founded.

  • The city is populated with three species, Humans, elves, and dwarves.
  • The capital city has a population of 70,000 inhabitants.
  • Denerim is a city full of adventures. It has magic shops and market squares. It is also full of thieves.
  • The Royal Palace, prestigious estates, large gardens, splendid chantries, and commercial princes’ residences can be found near the city.
  • Denerim’s bustling business is central to Market Square.
  • The community circle of the Mages used to be housed in a building in Denerim.
  • Popular locations in Denerim are Arl of Redcliffe’s estate, Arl of Denerim’s estate, and the Royal Palace.
  • Contrary to other places, there is no exit spot in Denerim.
  • Tap on the text “Wide Open World” to exit Denerim at the base of the Map.

Haven; The Outstanding Village

Haven is a village in Ferelden located in frost back mountains in western fielder. Haven is generally uncommon, and it is not labeled on many maps.

Privacy is of paramount importance for Haven’s villagers, and foreigners are not kindly received.

  • Haven is populated with only humans.
  • The village practices old traditions that other places in Ferelden have abandoned.
  • There are three notable places in Haven village, Villager House, Haven chantry, and Village store.
  • The only enemy, a player, can encounter at Haven village is cultists.
  • Some resources can find in Haven. Elfroot and Deathroot are available in Haven village.
  • Notable items you can acquire in the village are Mage’s eye, Locket, and a Small silver bar.
  • In what order should I play dragon age: Origins?

  • For a good narrative context, it is ideal for playing dragon age origins in this order;
    • start with the mage tower
    • the Redcliffe castle should be the next stop
    • bothering village is also a fascinating play in Dragon Age: Origins
    • Dragon Age: Origins, where to go after lothering, is Denerim.

Is Dragon Age Origins worth it in 2020?

Yes, Dragon Age: Origins is worth playing in 2020. All are very nice, including the gameplay, plot, and character.

The gameplay may be a little hit or miss. The game’s setting is amazing, making it worthwhile.

Should I play Dragon Age Origins or Awakening?

Dragon Age Origins is the better choice. Dragon Age Origins is the best dragon age game.

The first hour of the game consists of six different background stories. Each storyline changes how everyone in the world sees you, but all the storylines turn you into a Gray Warden.


Dragon Age: Origins is features a large scale of locations that makes the game very interesting.

The game also features a resting location for the lead character. In the resting location, the Warden can heal up and regain used strength.

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