The 10 Strongest Dragon Quest 11 Sea Monster List

The sea monsters in the game of dragon quest XI are the monsters you’ll meet in your travels, and it’s important to know what they do before taking them on! 

You’ll have a lot of battles with creatures from the deep, so make sure you study up before diving into action!

“What is the best sea monster in Dragon Quest 11? This post will answer that question and tell you everything about the dragon quest 11 sea monster list. 

There are a total of 10 different types of monsters on this list. The thrill of exploring the sea monsters and discovering new things about rare monsters draws people to them. 

Quick Question: What is the best sea monster in Dragon Quest 11?

Answer: After researching all monsters I found that the Tentacular is the most dangerous monster on this list because it can kill you easily underwater. And also the thing which makes him more powerful than other sea monsters is his deadly wave.

And the other thing which makes him more dangerous is his other powerful attack is cold “Tentacle Crush”.

 So It’s easy to say that Tentacular is the most dangerous Dragon Quest 11 monster.

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Our Top Picks Dragon Quest 11 Sea Monster List

  • Tentacular 
  • King Squid
  • Merking
  • Brollygarch
  • Vicious Man o’ War
  • Old Man of the Sea
  • King Crab
  • Lobster Mobster
  • Vicious Shell Slime
  • Vicious Succubat

King Squid  legendary creature

Dragon Quest 11 Sea Monster King Squid

The King Squid is an elusive and dangerous creature in the game Dragon Quest Xi. It is a giant squid with six tentacles, one eye, and a crown on its head.

 The King Squid has been known to attack ships that sail too close to its territory.

The King Squid is a legendary sea creature with an appetite that rivals the size of its body.

Some more information is given below which describes the monster’s background.

  • Type: Nature Family
  • Common Drop: Water Sedge
  • Location: Open Sea – South rainy sea east of insula incognita 

Known to dwell in shallow waters, this gigantic squid has been spotted as far north as the coast of Norway and as south as Antarctica. 

The fearsome nature of this creature is not limited to humans, however, according to legend,

 it’s said that if you face off against one in battle and lose, your boat will be sent careening over a waterfall!

 Nowadays, the only time most people encounter the King Squid is in video games like Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age –

 but take heed, adventurers; don’t think for a moment that just because they’re on screen doesn’t mean they can’t get up close and personal with you!

To defeat this monster, you need to use powerful water spells such as Aqua Blast or Tsunami.

Merking The Bubbles Shooter

Dragon Quest 11 Sea Monster Marking

 In the world of Dragon Quest 11, sea monsters are called “Merkings.”

These creatures typically live in water and can be found in a variety of locations on different islands.

Merkings range from small to huge and have many attacks that vary depending on their size. 

Some may shoot bubbles or even poison gas at you! To beat these beasts, try using your spells against them as well as weapons such as swords or whips.

Know The background of the monster,

  • Type: Nature Family
  • Common Drop: Special Antidot 
  • Location: Inland Sea, Sea Around Nautica/zwaardust. 

The bigger they are, the more damage they’ll take from my blade! But don’t get cocky because markings aren’t just lizards in disguise –

they’re formidable reptiles that will give you a run for your money if you let them! Be careful not to get too close to their mouths

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Brollygarch The Storms Lover

Dragon Quest 11 Sea Monster Brollygarch

Meet the Brollygarch, a Monster from Dragon Quest Xito originally referred to as “Sea Monster.” 

It enjoyed parasailing during storms and attacking ships. This monster resides in the most dangerous place we could think of: the Inland Sea. 

For those looking to end their days with a Brollygarch attack, you can find one in the Deck of the Bloody Mary (can be summoned using a Bassanio Plank).

Here is his family background,

  • Type: Material
  • Common Drop: Cherry Blossom Tetal 
  • Location: Inland Sea, Rainy Seas Around Nautical.

After you meet Brollygarch and its many tentacles, remember: it’s always better to stay out of the water!

Tentacular The Wave King

Dragon Quest 11 Sea Monster Tentacular

Special Conditions You must fight it on land before fighting it underwater. It has no attacks while on the ground but does attack with its tentacles if they’re free. 

The Kraken has two primary attacks. The first one is called “Kraken Wave.” It does damage based on how many tentacles it has.

The second one is called “Tentacle Crush,” which deals more damage than the other but only works once per battle. This creature doesn’t move around too often.

There has been given some basic information about Tantacula, 

  • Type: Nature Family
  • Common Drop: Special Medicine 
  • Location: Open sea – North, Sea in between insula Orientalis and insula Borealis.

The Sneaky Vicious Man o’ War

Dragon Quest 11 Sea Monster Vicious Man o' War

The Vicious Man o’ War is a sneaky and dangerous foe. 

These deadly creatures lurk on the seafloor, looking innocent enough until they strike! But it’s not all googly eyes and playtime.

Although their look gives them away as part of the Slime family, these bloaters are pretty special ones canthat different from icky heel slimes or mighty king slimes!

Some more information is given below which describes the monster’s background.

  • Type: Nature
  • Common Drop: Moonwort Bulb 
  • Location: Open Sea – South, Near The Strand Inland Sea Near Gondolia.

 Craftsmen use venomous stingers to create powerful weapons that can be both extremely durable and slippery with Slime.

This jellyfish has an excellent dark blue-green color that’s sure to catch your eye

Old Man of the Sea

Dragon Quest 11 Sea Monster Old Man Of The Sea

The old man of the sea is a large-scale boss that you will encounter in Dragon Quest 11.

 He has 24,000 HP and deals 500-1000 damage each time he attacks.

 To defeat him, you need to lure him under the water with your fishing rod then attack his backside when he surfaces for air. 

If he gets away from you while fighting on land or underwater, use your fishing rod again to pull him closer so that he doesn’t get too far away from you. 

Before returning to attack his backside again.

Here is some additional information about this monster you should know about.

  • Type: Humanoid
  • Common Drop: Thunderball
  • Location: Open Sea – South (Night ) Inland Sea, Near Gondolia.

Eventually, he will surface, and you can fight him until his health has been depleted to 0.

After beating the old man of the sea, you obtain a specific item that unlocks one of the dungeons in-game.

King Crab The Giant Spidy 

Dragon Quest 11 Sea Monster King crab

King Crab is a boss in the first Dragon Quest 11 game on the Nintendo Switch. 

He’s found in The Great Sea of Monsters and needs to be defeated before you can move forward with your quest.

King crab looks like a giant spider underwater. 

It has 12 legs with sharp claws, 4 long feelers on its head, a large shell covering it from head to tail, two bulging eyes, and a mouthful of sharp teeth.

In the classic game called Dragon Quest 11, players explore a fantasy world and go on quests. 

Along the way, they will confront many different types of monsters and creatures to save the kingdom from destruction.

 One such creature is King Crab, who can be found at levels 4-6.

There has been given some basic information about Tantacula, 

  • Type: Nature
  • Common Drop: Yellow Eye
  • Location: Inland Sea City Of Canals, Anyware.

 They are most likely to drop small treasure chests or gold coins when defeated.

 But might also drop pieces of armor that could help you gain an edge against other enemies in battle.

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Lobster Mobster Ruler Of The World

Dragon Quest 11 Sea Monster Lobster Mobster

In the game Dragon Quest 11, a lobster mobster wants to rule over the world.

 He has been causing havoc in your area for some time now, and he doesn’t show any sign of stopping soon. 

It’s up to you, as the player, to take him down before it’s too late! 

He is level 90 and has a whopping HP of 14844. So, it’s no surprise that defeating him will be a bit tricky for you at your current level.

Here is some additional information about this monster you should know about.

  • Type: Nature
  • Common Drop: Red Eye
  • Location: Inland Sea, Anyware.

 He can strike you, and you will need some decent battle skills to defeat him.

The best thing you can do is go for the level boost from your guild master after defeating two bosses while fighting him in a quest.

 After this, the boss fight will become much easier for you as he has only a 25% chance of critical hits.

Vicious Shell Slime

Dragon Quest 11 Sea Monster Vicious Shell Slime

One of the most iconic monsters from Dragon Quest is the Slime.

The official name of the sea monster in Dragon Quest 11 is “Vicious Shell Slime,” which is a type of Slime that has evolved.

 It resembles an octopus, but it is said to have the shell and flesh of a snail. The boss uses long tentacles as weapons and can also attack with poison.

The name may seem funny, but they are vicious creatures that will attack you on sight.

 Though their attacks don’t do much damage, they can spawn other slimes that will keep coming after you until either your party wipes them out or you run away. 

There are a few ways to fight slimes- using weapons like swords and axes, magic spells such as fire and ice, or items called Slime Powders.

One tactic is to use Ice Magic to slow down groups of slimes while your allies whittle down their numbers with physical attack power.

Here is his family background,

  • Type: Slime
  • Common Drop: Sun-Bleached Seashell 
  • Location: Inland Sea, Sunny Sea Area East Of Zwaardrust Dock.

Vicious Succubat

Dragon Quest 11 Sea Monster Vicious Succubat

What is a Succubat? A succubat is an enemy in the game Dragon Quest 11. 

These enemies are found in the Eastern part of the world map and are often seen with other monsters like Goblins or Slimes. 

They have varying levels of strength depending on how far east they’re located – for example,

one might find a Level 9 Succubat at Krosno Odrzańskie, while another might be able to find a Level 14 one just west of Jadwiga Wielka. 

 The Vicious Succubat has a very high defense stat and hits incredibly hard with its attacks. What makes these foes so difficult to defeat? 

The answer depends on where you encounter them; it will likely not pose too much trouble if you come across one early in your game.

Some more information is given below which describes the monster’s background.

  • Type: Bird
  • Common Drop: Wing Of Bat
  • Location: Inland Sea, Sunny Sea East Of Zwaardrust Dock.

 If you have trouble dealing with this enemy, the player can escape by running out of the fight area.


The most important fact about these enemies is that they can’t be knocked out! They must be killed in battle, before retreating.

 (However, you can run away if the fight proves too hard for you).

In this article, I just tried to give you some brief information about the boss fights above. 

These are just a few of many bosses in Dragon Quest 11, and I hope these tips help you get through them easier.

I am sure there are a lot more bosses in this game that need to be researched.

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