13 Most Famous Dragon Quest XI Female Characters (Explained in Details)

Dragon Quest XI is the eleventh installation of the Dragon Quest game series. Dragon Quest game series is a Japanese role-playing game.

The first Dragon quest released was in 1986. The game series was formerly called Dragon Warrior in some American regions until the name changed in 2005.

Dragon Quest XI was released in 2017 on PlayStation 4.

It is a role-playing and single-player game available on different platforms, including Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo.

Dragon Quest XI is the best dragon quest game because of its upgrades and gameplay.

This article will give insight into;

  • Popular Dragon Quest eleven female characters.
  • profound observations on the top two female characters in Dragon Quest XI.
  • different costumes of the female characters in Dragon Quest XI.
  • the best female character in dragon quest XI.

Quick Question- What Are Some Popular Female Characters in Dragon Quest XI?

Answer: Some of the famous dragon quest XI female characters include; Veronica, Serena, Jade, Amber, Eleanor.

Comparison Table of Features Between Top Two Female Characters in Dragon Quest XI.

Jade: Dragon Quest 11Veronica: Dragon Quest 11
1. Jade is fierce but cares a lot about other people’s feelings.1. Veronica is sharp and doesn’t really care about other people’s feelings.
2. She has really long hair and a well-fitted body. 2. She has lengthy hair, although not as long as Jade’s.
3. Most of her costume color contains Jade green3. Veronica’s costume consists of different colors.  
4. She has a high level of strength, and she is skilled in martial arts.4. She is a mage with magical powers.  

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13 Most Loved Dragon Quest XI Female Characters

1. Veronica

dragon quest 11 veronica

Veronica is a heroine character who features in Dragon Quest XI. Veronica is sporting the look of a little girl. She has violet eyes. Veronica locks her blonde hair into two braids. She is portrayed as a powerful prodigy but dislikes when she is given a child’s treatment.

  • Veronica’s costume includes a Blue colored bracelet, which is complemented by a red-colored hood. She puts on a white turtleneck and red jumpsuit with leather shoes and orange-colored socks.
  • Veronica is 165cm tall in height.
  • She sometimes acts like a tomboy and doesn’t mind voicing her own opinions.
  • She is easy to critique and, most times, criticize other people around her.
  • Veronica is a typical Mage among the dragon quest XI party members. She has fascinating powers, including a wide range of violet spells like bang row, the Frizz, and Crack.
  • One of the specific skills she can master is Rings of Ruin to improve her spell vital rate.
  • Veronica is one of the characters with a good build among Dragon Quest XI characters build.

2. Serena

dragon quest 11  serena

Serena is one of the main female characters in Dragon Quest XI. She is the younger twin sister of Veronica. Serena is a Sixteen-year-old girl with purple eyes. Serena’s costume includes a green jersey over her white robe and an orange-colored skirt with a silver belt across her waist.

  • She has the same hair color as her sister, blonde hair straightened to the back with a green hair-ring.
  • She wears violet-colored shoes with a pair of orange socks. She even holds around her neck blue pearls and blue earrings.
  • Serena is a smooth and elegant girl.
  • She is quiet, relaxed, and merciful.
  • Serena is also a mage. She has the capability of using her magic for recovery, wind, and protection.
  • She can also use her magic for wielding a spear and wand in battle.

3. Jade

dragon quest 11 jade

Jade is one of the most charming characters among Dragon Quest XI female characters. Jade is about 165cm in height and in her early 20s. She is a physically fit lady. Jade possesses purple eyes. She wears green bracers across her waists. On her hands, she wears black colored gloves that are fingerless.

  • Jade’s hair is lengthy, and it is blackish-purple. She styles her hair as a ponytail, which hangs from her back and down to her knees.
  • She parted her fringe to the right side of her forehead. Jade uses a red hair ring to pack her hair to the back.
  • Her costume includes the Jade green halter top attached to a chocker with the help of a metal ring.
  • She wears a pair of black shorts underneath a green colored leather skirt.
  • Jade possesses a pair of high-heel-laced Jade green boots. The boots run under her knees.
  • Jade is very receptive to and able to consider people and their desires. Jade is open to the environment.
  • Jade has the best costume among Dragon Quest XI female character costumes.
  • She is very courageous and dignified.
  • Jade is equipped with a high physical strength level, particularly her legs, since she often uses kicks.
  • She is a skilled martial artist who loves to fight with spears, fisticuffs, and claws.
  • She is also good at enticing enemies with sex appeals.

4. Eleanor

dragon quest 11 eleanor

Eleanor is the mother of the main character, Luminary, in Dragon Quest XI. She was a princess before marrying Irwin, a soldier. Eleanor is a young, long, green-eyed woman with brown hair. She is a gentle lady who is interested in her family.

  • Eleanor’s dress includes a long, light green-colored robe, and around the shoulders, a green-colored cape is attached to it.
  • She’s got a tiara and a collar with the Dundrasil symbol on her.
  • She acts friendly to Jade and often acts as a mother to her.
  • Eleanor firmly opposes King Robert’s love for the Ogler Digest Journal and throws away any problem she can encounter.

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5. Grand Master Pang

dragon quest 11 Grand Master Pang

Grandmaster Pang is Angri-head La’s priestess, former teacher to Rab, and a Dragon Quest XI’s boss character. Grandmaster Pang is a lovely lady with fine, silvery-white hair styled in an elegant, upswept look. Grandmaster Pang is a powerful, charismatic woman who is mean at the beginning

  • Pang has blue eyes.
  • Her appearance also includes wearing an orange-colored robe with a blue-colored prayer bead.
  • Pang also wears a magatama-bead necklace which is slightly blue.
  • She compliments her dress with an ornate bead tassel hairpiece.
  • She can cast three powerful spells, including; a boom spell, zombie spell, and dazzle spell.

6. Krystalinda

dragon quest 11 Krystalinda

Krystalinda is the witch who has fully frozen Sniflheim and a boss in Dragon Quest XI. Krystalinda is a stunning and curvy woman. She has long blonde-white hair, which she styles in a big and tight ponytail. Krystalinda has frost-bitten purple skin; she uses dark purple eye-shadow and lipstick.

  • She wears a gem’s ruby circle, a gold-shaped diamond, and uses a ruby hair-clip for her frontal hair.
  • Krystalinda wears a silver-colored jumpsuit, a quadruple neck chain, a pointed collar, and a purple-colored cape.
  • She uses orange attachments, and for each thigh, there is a split pattern with matching braces and high-heeled boots.
  • She always carries a maroon staff with an egg-covered tip.
  • Krystalinda is a wicked witch with a nasty personality and can cast a Crackle spell.
  • Her main ability is chilly breath.

7. Michelle

dragon Quest 11 Michelle

Michelle is a minor female character among the Dragon Quest XI female characters. She is a mermaid waiting for kai, her true love. Michelle is a stunning mermaid. Her hair is pink-colored.

  • Michelle has a pink-colored scaly tail.
  • At full extension of her tail, She is 190cm in height. When she is in human form, she is 158cm in height.
  • Michelle weighs 60kg.
  • She loves eating grapes and sea scallops.
  • Michelle prefers men as rugged as the seawater, calming as the ocean waves, and soft as the breeze.

8. Queen Frysabel

dragon quest 11 Queen Frysabel

Frysabel is the crowned queen of Sniflheim after the death of her father, King Gustaf. Queen Frysabel is a gorgeous, slim, and attractive young lady with an average height. Frysabel has a medium face, soft, dyed blond hair worn on her right breast in a twisted ponytail.

  • She is in her early to mid-20s.
  • She possesses deep horizon blue eyes with heavy eyelids.
  • She wears a straight gold crown and a pair of typical Harry Potter lenses on top of her head.
  • Her dress style includes a white dress with a goblet, a gold belt, and an orange shawl.
  • Frysabel also wears a white fur lining with a Sniflheim crest at its back.
  • Her choice of footwear is a pair of flat slippers.

9. Queen Marina

dragon quest 11 Queen Marina

Queen Marina is a mermaid and the queen of the kingdom of Nautica. She is a strong ally to Luminary. She has the upper body of a lovely woman and a white fish’s lower body. Queen Marina has refined characteristics with liliaceous eyes.

  • Marina has lengthy blonde hair, which she rocks with a tiara adorned with pearls.
  • She wears a salmon-colored and white top which is wrapped across her upper body. The top is clipped with gold beads and a red gemstone brooch.
  • Queen Marina scepter is a rogue staff with a purple handle and a large white pearl made of blue coral.
  • She loves to speak in rhymes and wants a lasting relationship between humans and mermaids.

10. Miko

dragon quest 11 Miko

Miko is the mother of Ryu and also the High Priestess of Hotto. She is a lady with long dark hair. She ties her long hair at the back of her head and leaves a long bang on her forehead. Miko dresses in a purple-colored dress with yellow highlights.

  • She wears silver-colored armbands, a pair of crossed bands on both forearms and her right leg. On her left leg, she wears a bandage.
  • Her appearance includes a gold medallion and a wand. Her wand is made of pine trees with a tassel of paper-shaped zig zag.
  • She is polite and speaks calmly.
  • She loves her son, Ryu, more than anyone else.

11. Sinderella

dragon quest 11 Sinderella

She is a minor female character in Dragon Quest XI. She is 156cm in height and weighs 55kg. Cinderella has long dark brown hair. She uses a rabbit hair headband as part of her hair accessories.

  • She wears a pink-colored short gown.
  • Cinderella wears a pair of pink-colored ankle boots.
  • She is an MMA contestant who distracts her competing rivals with her suggestive presence before spell-saving.
  • She is capable of casting spells like; sizz, mid heel, sizzle, and frizzle.

12. Whumbelina

dragon quest 11 whumbelina

She is also a minor female character in Dragon Quest XI. Thumbelina is an average height lady. She is 152cm tall. She weighs between 50kg to 55kg. She wears a red glove and a red belt with a black lining on her waist.

  • She is also an MMA contestant and fighting partner of Sinderella.
  • Her hair color is dark brown, and her eye color is blue.
  • Her costume includes a red and black colored helmet.
  • Thumbelina wears a red top with a black lining. The top covers only her chest.
  • She wields a sword and a black shield. She wears a pair of long boots that runs up to her thighs.
  • She is feisty and very loyal.

13. Gemma

dragon quest 11 Gemma

Gemma is a female character in DQXI, born in Cobblestone village. Gemma was born the same day with Luminary. They are both childhood friends. Gemma is a beautiful lady with blue eyes.

  • She has blonde hair; it is long and often concealed by a red bandana.
  • Gemma is adorned in a white blouse, layered by a blue jumpsuit and an apron (red-colored).
  • Gemma loves wearing a pair of brown shoes.
  • She is incredibly friendly and pretty straightforward.
  • Gemma politely respects her peers. Sometimes, she can be emotional.

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Who is the best Dragon Quest XI female character?

Jade is the best female character in Dragon Quest XI.

She is a playable character and a skilled martial artist. She is charismatic and has various skills.

She is also a princess. She cares about other members of the party deeply. She also feels obligated to protect them.

Jade has a top-notch costume among female characters in Dragon Quest XI.


Dragon Quest XI female characters are fascinating characters with different personalities and abilities.

Some of the female characters are warriors and fighters, while some are just normal and charismatic.

The female characters of this game are more upgraded than other Dragon Quest games.


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