11 Pro Tips About Fable Anniversary Skorm’s Bow(DETAIL)

Lionhead Studios’ Fable Anniversary is a remastered edition of the Fable series’s first installment for Xbox and PC.

Fable Anniversary is a high-definition, remastered edition of Fable: The Lost Pages, released about ten years ago. Fable Anniversary Skorm’s Bow is one of the major fable legendary weapons.

You will learn more about its acquisition, features, and usage as you go down or continue reading this article.

Quick answer: How do you get a skorm’s Bow in fable anniversary?

You can get the skorm Bow by sacrificing a trader in the escort quest once you reach the witch wood trader camp.

Once you are there, wait till about just a little bit before Midnight, then sacrifice him, you will get your skorm’s Bow.

Below are listed the specific features of the skorm’s Bow found in the fable anniversary game.

      Skorm’s Bow In Fable AnniversaryFeatures
1. TypeLongbow
2. Damage Rate264
3. AugmentationsLighting and sharpening
4. Base Value54,740 gold

Key Details for Fable Anniversary Skorm’s Bow

  • It can charge up indefinitely
  • It is made up of a distinctive red plate that covers the hand of the wielder
  • It carries a deep secret that propels the arrow with a distinctive power
  • Has gold plating at the curved tips of the bow
  • A longbow with a powerful range

11 Tips About The Skorm’s Bow In Fable Anniversary.

Tips 1: On a Saturday night before Sunday morning, you can always sacrifice around midnight to get the fable legendary weapon. Sunday, which is Your first day at Albion, is Day zero, Therefore begin the sacrifice a 

  • just a few minutes before midnight 
  • And the sacrifice should be on Days six, thirteen, twenty, and twenty-seven.

Tips 2:To get this Bow, you will need to sacrifice enough followers to gain enough evil points, which is the criteria for obtaining the fable legendary weapons. 

  •   Hire and sacrifice the Henchmen who currently hold Oakvale/Bowerstone South/Temple of Avo/Camp Twinblade’s at the Skorm’s chapel. 
  • Before you begin this whole process, remember to save your game.

Tips 3: You stand a chance of getting the weapon if you pass the threshold of 1000 evil. 

  • Without leaving the field, you must reach 1000 points. Everything will reset to zero if you quit getting more people. Or assistance.  
  •  A moment before the sunrise is the perfect time for max suitable player matches. 
  • Just before the dial hits, sunset is the perfect time for optimum evil matches.

Tips 4: Many evil points can be earned from a well-timed sacrifice to make the best out of your gift. 

  • It would be best if you examined your alignment bar before the time of sacrifice.
  • An utterly evil character must perform the sacrifice shortly before sunset or when the time bar is in the dead of night.
  • An outstanding character must perform the sacrifice shortly before sunrise.

Tips 5: There is a clock at the top right corner of your screen, and it will help you keep track of time. 

  • On the other hand, using henchmen is the most reliable way to assess the correct time for the sacrifice. 
  • The Henchmen will collect their payment on the hour precisely, so you’ll know when the perfect hour has arrived.

Tips 6: A major fable anniversary skorm’s bow walkthrough to obtaining Skorm’s Bow has to do with your alignment. It appears that;

  • The more intense your alignment is, whether completely good or completely bad, the greater are your chances of obtaining good evil points to receive the Bow.

Tips 7: A little before the required sacrifice time, save your game, at least maybe an hour or two before midnight. 

  • Reload the game and keep trying if you do not successfully get the Bow at your first trial. 
  • You can keep the steel hammer, resurrection vial, and silver key you collected along the way by Hero saving your game.  

Tips 8: Making sure you have any of the following is an excellent way to acquiring the fable anniversary legendary weapons:

  • A hundred good alignments. 
  • No clothes should be worn due to the alignment adjustments to be on the safer side. 
  • There are bodyguards found in Twinblade’s Camp, and you should use them.

Tips 9: On days six, thirteen, twenty, twenty-seven, thirty-four, forty-one, and so on, sleep in the marked location until nightfall, then fast transport to the chapel once you have awoken and then sacrifice your bodyguard.  

  • If the first attempt does not get you enough points, wait a bit longer for midnight to be close by, then try again. 
  • To be on the safer side, ensure to save your game progress before attempting to start the sacrifice. You wouldn’t want to screw up and have to waste precious time to set things up all over again. 
  • Using the sundial in the Picnic Area is a pretty simple way to identify the optimum time to collect the fable legendary weapon. To get a perfect time, recall teleport to the Skorm’s chapel.
  • Without perpetrating any evil acts, the Hero will not be able to obtain this weapon. Without any enhancements, this Bow is capable of causing more damage per hit than any other weapon found in the fable game.

Tips 10: The Skorm’s Bow single hit will cause more damage when being compared to the game’s other weapons.

  • Skorm’s Bow is beneficial for killing Jack of Blades for perhaps the first time the Bow allows you to take him out with just four to five shots from this weapon. Despite the fact he uses many other counter-attacks, he will be trounced.
  • For opponents like trolls characterized by attacking their enemies from within a specific range allows you to energize your weapon or Bow, reaching the optimum level for as long as you desire. Skorm’s Bow also makes it very easy for you when you want to kill a succubus nymph. 

Tips 11: After you eat a Moonfish, you recharge your energy and restore some of your health, and the time will automatically shift from day to night instantly. 

  •  It is not a good idea to use a moonfish to go straight to midnight, but it is not that bad to change the time to just before midnight on some occasions. 
  • When wanting to perform a sacrifice, a genuinely evil hero should use the “follow expression” on all of the bandits in Twinblade’s Camp before sacrificing them all.

Easiest Way To Get The Skorm Bow?

  The simplest way to acquire the skorm Bow is to sacrifice strong bounty hunters and mercenaries.

These hunters of mercenaries can be found at Avo’s Temple and Twinblade’s Camp.

A moment before Midnight, carry one of these people to the Temple. 

 While standing outside the Temple, Wait patiently for the bandit to scream, “Lights out, you awful bunch!”

. It will be exactly Midnight when he calls this, which would be the right time to sacrifice your follower.

It’s not a given that you will get the Bow the first time you try, but it is one of the easiest ways to collect the Bow, so keep trying; you will work it out eventually.

 I have outlined the three tips to show you how to get the many Evil Points from the Chapel of Skorm so you can get Skorm’s Bow as efficiently as possible.


  The stronger or the more “strong” your Hero’s actual moral alignment is (scars, tattoos, hairdos, and armors are not applicable in this context; honest, moral alignment is critical), the better.

The key is that the more opposite the Temple where you perform your sacrifice or donate is to your alignment.

The more will the alignment points you earn will be because that’s the whole aim of your travels to the Chapel of Skorm and the Temple of Light.


  When your sacrifice is big, healthy, and muscular, the Skorm disciples will be happy, and this will make you earn a big reward.

That is, you will gain more evil points.

The Skorm prefers enormous, healthy sacrifices, which is why the Mercenaries from Twinblade’s Bandit Camp and the Temple of Avo fit in well for the sacrificial purpose, though they are not compulsory.

It makes no difference what your sacrificed character’s moral alignment is.


 The exact timing of the sacrifice is essential and should be perfect.

The more perfect your sacrifice timing is, the more will your gain (evil points) be.

The best way to do this is to sacrifice at the very peak of every hour, preferably in the night time or right at a small-time before Midnight.

When the Mercenary you hired collects his pay when you hear the *clink* and you notice that the Mercenary has taken the red of the gold as his pay.

That signifies the correct hour, and that is when you should sacrifice him.

How to get Skorm Bow early?

  How to get Skorm’s Bow if you are evil is entirely dependent upon the number of evil points you earn from a single sacrifice.

The opening eligible evil points (that is, the least number of evil points you need to collect from a gift before you are even considered qualified to manage the Bow) is between 300 and 600.

Even with 500 evil points, you will still not get the Bow, but from 600 to 1,000 evil points, you are now eligible to receive the Bow.

Therefore finding a way to increase the number of evil points you earn from a single sacrifice is vital.

  When you perform the Trader Escort quest, travel to the skorm’s Chapel immediately after they have their break at the Camp, and then you should sacrifice the trader with a black hat just before daylight.

Immediately after performing the sacrifice, you will be given the Bow. Always remember to save before performing the gift in case you miscalculate your sacrificing time.

It will not be suitable for you to be stuck up will all the earned evil points.

Is the skorm Bow real?

  Skorm’s Bow, the Best Fable Game weapon, is a legendary longbow in Fable Anniversary.

The skorm god was once believed to be its owner, but the argument was discredited by the oracle when the oracle said the skorm god and avo have never existed.


  Getting the skorm’s Bow will indeed significantly make playing the fable anniversary game an easy thing for you to do.

From the bows’ unique features highlighted above, you can see the proper procedures and tips to collect the evil point.

which serves as the main criteria for collecting the Bow. Enjoy playing!

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