13 Free Fallout 4 Horizon Mod List | Key Tactics and Pros Tips

Fallout is a video game with a post-apocalyptic setup. In 1997, during the first released best fallout game, Fallout game was just a role-playing game.

Fast forward to 2004, and fallout game designers switched fallout to the mixture of both role-playing and action.

The game atmosphere focuses on the twenty-second and twenty-third centuries.

All fallout games are available on most platforms including, Microsoft Windows, Xbox and Xbox 360, PlayStations 2-4, iOS even Androids.

One of the fallout games released is fallout 4. Bethesda Soft-works published Fallout 4 on November 10, 2015.

Fallout 4 has a single mode of play; single player. However, the development of horizon mod is to mend that defect.

Having a Fallout mod on an available playing device is cool, but sometimes some mods do lag, messing up the game.

You can acquire as many mods as you like in Fallout 4 without passing the limit of 255 mods.

This article will point to the best Fallout 4 horizon mod list available.

Do you want to know the best fallout 4 mods suitable for you? Keep reading this article.

You will find your favorite upgrade.

Quick Answer- Names of Top 10 Fallout 4 Horizon Mod List

  1. Fallout 4 Script Extender.
  2. Fallout 4 Flicker.
  3. Fallout 4 insignificant object remover.
  4. Fallout 4 better console.
  5. Fallout 4 Armor and weapon keywords community resource
  6. Fallout 4 Laser weapons- First person
  7. Fallout 4 automatically lowered Weapon.
  8. Realistic conversation fallout 4.
  9. Fallout 4 improved map with visible roads
  10. Fallout 4 Vivid Weathers.

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There are several mods for fallout 4, below is the comparison between the top 2 essential mods for Fallout 4 horizon mod.

Fallout 4 mod BSA filesFallout 4 mod Loose files
1. Fallout 4 mod BSA files are responsible for containing the main contents of the game. Their folders are usually tagged; mod name.1. Fallout 4 mod Loose files are also responsible for storing Fallout 4 horizon mod contents. They also keep the game’s meshes, scripts, etc.
2. When using mod BSA files, the game’s loading process is swift.2. When using Mod Loose files, the game loads more slowly than when using BSS files.
3. It requires various plugins before being activated. Mod BSA files do not decompress with ease.3. Fallout 4 Mod Loose files can activate without the use of any plugins. It can also compress easily.
4. The mod BSA files can’t be misused most times. They are incapable of going wrong. Using mod BSA files is a safe route to ensure good performance for the game.4. Mod Loose files also help in maintaining stable performance for the game. However, it takes an expert to ensure that. Mod Loose files are not idiot-proof as Mod BSA files.
5. Conversion of mod BSA files to mod Loose files is an easy process. BSA files can merge with Mod Loose files.5. Merging and converting Loose files to BSA files requires a careful process.

The following are the 13 best Fallout 4 horizon mod lists;

Desolation Mode; the survival phase of the game 

Desolation mode is the best fun part of the Fallout 4 horizon mod.

In the game, the desolation mode makes the survival rate of players deplete. Basic needs are hard to come by in this mode. 

Foods in this mode are not conserved. Eating unpreserved food in desolation mode is a sure way of contracting a disease.

 It is also hard to survive in desolation mode because medical treatments price has hiked, due to low supply of medical supplies. 

Doctor’s services come in varieties;

  • The doctor mod permits a conversation with the doctor. Doctors provide medical equipment, including wheelchairs. 
  • In horizon mod, you can access the services of doctors without the doctor. Although, there is a restriction on the number of times you can use services from doctors. It is advisable to pay for a complete body treatment when using the doctor’s services.

Power Armor; one of the essential items to own in the game

Unlike Fallout 4, power armor is one of the hardest things to find in the Fallout 4 horizon mod.

The defense you have in horizon mod doesn’t include power armor; you can buy parts of the power armor (very rare). 

During the game, you can randomly find power armor pieces. The found power armor is always in bad shape.

You can improve the power armor in the blacksmith’s shop. 

Death doesn’t mean game over in Horizon Mod.

Dying in Fallout 4 horizon mod won’t take you to the last checkpoint as most games would.

If you are dead in Fallout 4 horizon mod, your character will be rendered immobile. 

You will extradite to the closest safe house you possess. In case you don’t have any haven, the game will transport your character to cellar 111 or Vault 111. 

In the safehold or vault, every treatment received will be deducted from your income.

The price for your treatments solely depends on what level you are in the game.

Skills Management is superior;

The skills management in Fallout 4 horizon mod corresponds to skills in Fallout 3 and some other fallout games.

However, skills in Horizon Mod are a bit superior to other fallout games.

 In some fallout games, there is a fixed limit to skills and their price.

Fallout 4 horizon mod exceeds those limits. It sets a higher limit to the value of skills and obtainable skills. 

In Fallout 4 Horizon Mod, you can improve your skills by getting some activities and checking out magazines.  

Perks; efficient and easily attained.

There are several new developments to the perks in Fallout 4 horizon mod. There is slow progress in Fallout 4 horizon mod leveling.  

In horizon mod, the upgrade received in weapons doesn’t necessarily add more damages.

 However, the upgrade improves the weapons in ways like; enhanced limb damage, enhanced reload, and better range.

Perks gained for skills add little effect and bonuses to your skills. 

Health management; most crucial mod to check out

In these Fallout 4 horizon mod lists, health management is considered the most significant modification to the game.

Health management in Fallout 4 is very different from the horizon mod. 

Fallout 4 horizon mod is prompt to test your survival rate.

Healing and treatments are not so easy to come by in horizon mode. 

When you play Fallout 4 horizon mod, remember, you can only heal your character through medical care.

If you get wounded in horizon mod, eating food or sleeping won’t restore your character’s health-life.

 It is advisable to seek medical care after taking a nap. Napping after being treated will undo all treatments received. 

Massive adjustments to Weapons inventory;

  • Many adjustments are on some weapons in the horizon mod. These are some adjustments made to the game weapons system.
  •  In general weapons, automated shots at enemies in battle do not affect the damage done.
  • There is an adjustment to trajectory weapons damage. 
  • Weighty weapons are available per the required strength.
  • Power armor gives you a free permit to use any weapon.
  • Weapons now have different conditions like; degraded, typical, and deteriorated.
  • Magazines reload seems a bit slow.

Enemies are stronger in Horizon Mod;

In Fallout 4, most NPCs seem easy to kill. In the Fallout 4 horizon mod, the NPCs are not easy to kill.

The horizon mod corrected the defect from Fallout 4. 

The higher you go in levels, the NPCs also get upgraded.

The NPCs’ vulnerabilities improve on every level. Their defense strategies are also adjusted.  

The raiders also get an upgrade. Raiders now have the chance to use different kinds of weapons.

Leaders for the raiders own grenades and many other weapons in Fallout 4 horizon mod. 

Looting gets more exciting and realistic;

While playing the typical fallout 4, looting seems a bit boring and a waste of time.

Loot in the Horizon Mod has been adjusted and improved. Many features like the addition of containers give the game a realistic feeling.

The loot mode now has NPCs.

Locked containers might contain valuable items you will need.

Inside the container, ammunition boxes can be there. It is advisable to take up looting containers in the game. It gives extra bonuses.

Different lock breachings made available;

  • Locks are picked easily in different fallout games. But in horizon mod, it takes stealth and the right equipment. 
  • The kind of lock used determines the type of equipment to use. Explosive charges are available for breaching a door or locks. However, explosive charges are rarely successful in cracking a safe. 
  • Keep a sizable distance after setting up the explosive charges. Its explosion can have a drastic effect on your healthy life.
  • Another tool used for lock breaching in horizon mod is the locksmith tools. The locksmith tools only work on containers and doors. 
  • The only available equipment for cracking safes is Auto dialers.

Vendors are essential and much needed in Horizon Mod;

Acquiring a vendor is a bit difficult in Horizon Mod. However, after building or obtaining a vendor, income becomes easy. 

The vendor upgrades as you upgrade to a new level. Vendors are useless when the progress is at zero.

No earnings are plight at this level.

Improving the vendor will require your trading level to adjust to a certain point.

When the vendors start working, they generate vendor credits.

Your vendor credits can change to the needed currency through the marketing trading terminal. 

Crafting feels authentic and fun; 

Crafting makes Fallout 4 horizon mod one of the games in the world with a realistic feeling.

You have the opportunity of producing new devices and weapons in the horizon mod. 

Crafting often happens in the weapons and tech lab.

If you lack the skill to make an object by yourself, there is a category in the game you could contract the work to another person; this gives a real-life experience.

In the weapons lab of Fallout 4 Horizon Mod, you are free to disassemble weapons down to their last component.

The weapon component is for building other items. 

What Is The Best Fallout 4 horizon Mod?

Adjustments to the game economy are the best mod to Fallout 4 horizon mod.

The economy of the game seems life-like.

Unlike the typical Fallout 4 game, the currency spent has more value on the horizon mod. 

Many services are expensive in the game, including buying water and other amenities available in the new game.

Searching for an ammunition vendor for weapons has become rare in the game, which makes it interesting. 


Fallout 4 horizon mod is the complete reshape of fallout 4. Many people have issues with Fallout 4 horizon mod compatibility.

You can avoid it by knowing which of the mods requires a compatibility patch.  

Fallout 4 horizon mod guide includes knowing your game character and investing in medical care.

Medical care will increase your survival rate in the game.

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