12 Awesome Fat Anime Characters | Explain with Comparison.

In general, as humans, we all come in a variety and different sizes and shapes, likewise, so do anime characters, most commonly, anime characters consist of beautiful and skinny people.

In all seriousness, it’s actually good, they sometimes turn the tide by introducing these cute fat anime characters.

These characters can be funny, cheerful, engaging, and just truly well-developed anime personalities with a lot of depth. 

 Are you interested in knowing the top best fat anime characters? even the fattest anime characters?

You are definitely in the right place, find out what happens when a fat anime character is introduced into an anime movie or series.

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  Quick Answer- 12 Awesome Fat Anime Characters.

  1. Hanako Ohtani in PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION
  2. Milluki Zoldyck in HUNTER X HUNTER
  3. Haruyuki Arita in ACCEL WORLD
  4. Kouta Hirano from HIGHSCHOOL OfTHEDEAD 
  5. Witch of the waste in HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE
  6. Porco Rosso in PORCO ROSSO
  7.  Takeo Gouda from MY LOVE STORY
  8.  Josuke Udono in BASILISK; the Kouga ninja scrolls.
  9.  Chouza and Chouji in NARUTO
  10.  Kosaku Tokita from PAPRIKA
  11. Itaru Hashida in STEINS; GATE
  12. Tamako Inada from SILVER SPOON

Comparison-Top 2 Fat Anime Characters.

Choji Akimichi in NARUTOMr Popo in DRAGON BALL Z
(i) He comes from Konohagakure’s Akimichi clan. (i) He’s the earth’s guardian attendant, also an assistant deity.
(ii) A fat anime character with brown hair and has swirl marks on his cheeks.(ii) A very short fat anime character with a noticeable dark complexion, red lips, and pointy ears.
(iii) He is very kind, also polite and caring. His great weakness is a lack of self-confidence(iii) He nearly wears a smile, his calmness, and upright posture give a compliment to his formal style.
(iv) His motivation is food and gets easily swayed by it, though he never hides his love for food.(iv) He enjoys the simplicity of life without many cravings for food or other things.
(v) He has supernatural strength, can self size enhance, he has butterfly mode and also expatiation ability.(v) He has indeterminate power, making him an extremely powerful being even with the ability to intercept telepathy.

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Hanako ohtani in PERSONA 4 THE ANIMATION

Fat anime character Hanako ohtani

Hanako happens to be the personification and incarnation of a typical fat anime character(girl).

She is a fat anime character in a comedic way, she is practically ballooning and she will beat anyone who stands between her and her food.

Despite her being a cute fat anime character, she is really arrogant and conceited, awesome in a way tho. 

Milluki Zoldyck in HUNTER X HUNTER

Fat anime Character Milluki Zoldyck

Zoldyck is the typical male Asian fat anime character, he is an otaku and a skilled inventor.

He never leaves his home, has a selfish personality, and is really short-tempered. He could and might as well be Ohtani’s brother. 

Haruyuki Arita in ACCEL WORLD

fat anime character Haruyuki Arita in ACCEL WORLD

One of the awesome primary fat anime characters within the anime universe, however, when given the choice, he leaves reality to escape into virtual reality, transforming into an excellent “silver crow”; a lean android-looking avatar.

Though he is the primary person in the anime, he always gets bullied for being fat and he was turned into a social outcast who spends his days on video games.

His sympathetic lifestyle makes him an awesome character. 


Fat anime character Kouta Hirano from HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD

You would assume Kouta is an average fat anime character from the manner he is portrayed.

In fact, he is an awesome fat anime character with glasses. A gun otaku who happens to love girls but he isn’t loved back by any girl, he gets bullied in school for his size. 

He is especially unique among the other fat anime characters because he is primarily based totally on an actual real person with an identical name.

This makes Kouta a more realistic character and earns him great sympathy among other massive Asian fat anime characters

Witch of the waste in HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE

Witch of the waste in HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE

The witch of the waste is not simply mean and wicked, she symbolizes evil.

She is addicted to her appearance, despite being a fat anime character, she uses magic to look young and absolutely stunning.

She is one of the main antagonists within the movie, not because of her size but her compelling need to look beautiful.

Regardless of all her evilness, she is awesome in some ways throughout the series.  

Porco Rosso in PORCO ROSSO

fat anime character Porco Rosso in PORCO ROSSO

Porco Rosso is one of the cute fat anime characters created, full of life.

He is actually fat because he is literally a pig. Although he wasn’t always a pig, still, his new appearance and form suit him way better than when he was human.

He understands and relates to humanity in better ways as a chunky pigman.

Regardless of his appearance, he never gave up on searching for love, making him both an awesome and adorable fat anime character. 

 Takeo Gouda from MY LOVE STORY

fat anime character Takeo Gouda from MY LOVE STORY

Takeo isn’t extremely fat, simply a robust and muscular anime character.

Despite his fatness or muscles, his giant look still throws folks off, people are intimidated by him.

Regardless of being a fat Asian anime character, he is the embodiment of a mild giant with a kind heart and absolutely selflessness, he got lucky, manages to find a woman who sees and knows him for who he truly is, just awesome!. 

Josuke Udono in BASILISK; the Kouga ninja scrolls. 

fat anime character Josuke Udono in BASILISK

Just exactly like Takeo, Josuke is lightly a fat Asian anime character, most of the time, he is misunderstood for his size.

He has a kind heart, having large looks, often scars, and frightens ladies away from him.

Similar to Takeo, Josuke uses his body for combat purposes with the extra ability to contract and elasticity like a rubber deflecting weapon used against him, rejections from ladies seems harder to deflect for him. 

 Chouza and Chouji in NARUTO

fat anime character Chouza and Chouji in NARUTO

Father and son duo (Chouza; father,  Chouji; Son) one of the most awesome fat anime characters.

Both father and son love to eat, however, they are also both trained fighters, although chouji faced much ridicule due to his size, father and son learned to own their size and custom-made it into a strong style of fighting.

Their adapted fighting techniques make them large and stronger, creating them to be formidable warriors on the battlefield. 

 Kosaku Tokita from PAPRIKA

Kosaku Tokita from PAPRIKA

Kosaku is also a heartthrob cute fat Asian anime character in the anime universe.

His looks are associated with the acts of an overgrown child, however, beyond the mild and innocent exterior, lying underneath is an excellent brain.

He created a revolutionary technology that permits individuals to leap into different individual dreams. 

He is an expert and really good at computers, he encompasses an immense appetite.

Unlike Josuke, despite being a massive fat anime character, he manages to urge the eye of an exquisite woman and is loved by her. 

Itaru Hashida in STEINS; GATE

fat anime character Itaru Hashida in STEINS GATE

On the surface, Itaru is a typical fat anime character to cosplay.

Just like Kosaku, he is skilled in computer knowledge, he is a computer programmer.

Hashida is much interested digital ladies and over a touch perverted.

Itaru is an awesome fat anime character just because he isn’t any of the things owing to his weight unlike most other overweight characters, he is a simple daily guy in love with computers and digital girls. 

Tamako Inada from SILVER SPOON

Tamako Inada from SILVER SPOON

It is no doubt that Tamako is a cute and fat anime character, she undoubtedly enjoys a really good meal, the anime storyline doesn’t much focus on her size.

She has a good personality and an awesome character in the animeverse who is accepted with ease by her friends, accepting her just as she is without judgment and frankly, exactly how it should be. 

Top 10 Best Fat Anime Characters


  •  Buu can appear in lots of forms, with each form having different personalities and goals, essentially making them separate individuals. All forms are referred to as “Majin Buu”.
  •  A very powerful being with the ability of super strength. 
  •  He is the final antagonist in the Dragon Ball anime. 

Black beard – ONE PIECE

  •   He is one of the main two villains in one piece. 
  • He can conjure darkness out of nothing, also the ability to create shock wave and gravitational pull to pull his enemies closer giving him an advantage. 
  •  He is the admiral of the black beard pirates. 


  •  The second youngest son of the homunculus. 
  • He is capable of eating anything, he has acidic saliva which gives him the edge over his enemies. He can also regenerate and has enhanced strength and sense of smell.
  • Just as the name implies, he is a really fat anime character, and possibly the fattest, he has uncontrollable hunger. 


  •   A fat anime character with glasses, he is short and He is timid but cares free with a good heart. 
  • His skills as an excellent marksman have kept the members of his group alive many times. He specializes in using guns, preferably the AR-10 rifle style in a model of 

Knight’s SR- 25 sniper rifle. 


  •   The considered leader of the trimens, an absolute womanizer just as the rest of the group, he is short and really funny and witty.  
  • He possesses lots of abilities, including magic perfume, he can’t engage in fights without it, he also has magics for enhanced speed, strength, durability, pain relief perfume which usually is useful, he also has magic for poison perfume. 

Ghost Kaiba – YU-GI-OH

  •  An imitator of death and mimic of doom in the anime series, also he is an ugly fat anime character, definitely looks like a clown. 
  •  He has the power to impersonate anyone’s form, his ability also includes negative attack spells, and could trap his enemies using defense paralysis. 

Marechiyo Omaeda – BLEACH 

  • In the anime series bleach, marechiyo is the lieutenant of the 2nd division taking commands from Captain Sui-Feng.
  • He has flight ability granting him a permit to fly and levitate, he is an excellent swordsman and a shunpo expert. He performs kido spells and has high spiritual energy. 


  • The main villain in the anime, a sycophantic crime lord, is obsessed with taking control and maintaining control of Tokyo. 
  •   His ability includes supernatural strength, he has vast authority and much wealth. 

Lucky Roo- ONE PIECE

  •  In one piece of anime series, Roo is An officer and combatant for the red hair pirates. 
  •  An Asian fat anime character using glasses always and always eating a rack of meat, he never takes anything too serious, he is always seen smiling and being happy. 
  •  He has one of the rare abilities, life return ability, giving him control over his body, converting fat to energy or muscle, it is really useful when he faces off with other pirates. 

Lady Alvida – ONE PIECE.

  •  The former captain of the alvida pirates, one of the villains in the anime series.
  •  She possesses more than normal human strength, with her deadly club, killing any man with a single blow. 

What is the best fat anime character? 

Snorlax is a pokemon species, very large and fat creature, bluish in complexion and has shut slit eyes with a closed mouth having two protruding upward canine teeth from its lower jaw, also noseless.

Snorlax has noticeable short arms complimenting its size.

It has a compelling appetite and will absolutely eat almost any food either moldy or rotten.  

 Its strong digestive juices enable his stomach to render any kind of poison powerless, this is one of his abilities; Immunity. Snorlax has been a fat anime character who has a hidden ability.

A potential to unleash tremendous power when holding the snorlium Z item. 


Once again, it is wonderful these characters are introduced into the anime universe.

Most of them seem likable even more than the skinny, beautiful characters, as long as the character fits the storyline, no one will mind the introduction of a fat anime character in animes.

Most of these characters are fun to cosplay.

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