[Free Collection] 21 Best Green Haired Anime Characters Male and Female

Green is my favourite colour in the world, so when I found out that there are a lot of anime characters with green hair, I was thrilled!

There’s no surprise if you discover any fat anime characters or Asian anime characters since they come in every shape, size, and colour.

In this article, we have ranked the most popular green haired anime characters from various anime series.

These characters are all extremely talented, and each character has a different story to tell. If you’re a fan of anime, then I’m sure you will love this collection!

I searched for hours on end to find the best. And here they are. Enjoy!

Quick Question: What does green hair mean in anime?

Answer: Green hair in anime means that they can either control plants or manipulate people with mind-control techniques.

Quick Question: What is the rarest hair colour in anime?

Answer: Sky blue is the rarest hair colour in anime. Other colours of hair are more common in anime than sky blue.

 Top 10 Green Haired Anime Characters Female

  1.  Minami Iwasaki
  2. Suu
  3. Tatsumaki
  4. Tsubomi
  5. Erin
  6. Michiru Kaiou
  7. Alpha
  8. Yotsugi Ononoki
  9.  Ranka Lee
  10.  Alice Carroll

14 Best Female Anime Characters with Green Haired

Minami Iwasaki From Lucky Star

green haired Minami Iwasaki From Lucky Star

Minami Iwasaki is a main character in the anime and manga Lucky Star. She is known for her easily excitable personality, green hair, and her love of brand names.

She is a childhood friend of Konata Izumi.

This little kid has a kind and delicate nature. This green-haired girl has a wealthy family. But, due to this green hair anime, fans love her.

Minami’s short and green hair with her lean body structure looks significant than other anime characters. Her hair is gleaming and bright.

We usually watch Minami playing with her dog charry.

Suu From Monster Musume

green haired Suu From Monster Musume

Suu is a main character in the anime and manga Monster Musume.

She is an orphaned Slime, which is considered among the lower class citizens of the Other World. Suu has green hair, which she inherited from her deceased mother.

Suu’s green hair colour suits her, that’s why it’s hard to see someone like her.

She has an innocent nature which is why she is often considered a kid.

Monster Musume’s green-haired anime character will never get old because of her beauty and cuteness.

Tatsumaki From One Punch Man

green haired Tatsumaki From One Punch Man

Tatsumaki is an S-Class Rank 2 professional hero of the Hero Association who got her license at 13. She is also known as Tornado of Terror (戦慄のトルネード, Senritsu no Torunēdo).

Tatsumaki possesses psychic abilities, most notably her telekinesis.

Tatsumaki is a compelling anime character with green hair.

Fans often call her the Tornado of Terror because she might be able to destroy half of the city with her telekinetic powers.

We all saw many times how she fights against the monsters and easily crushes them.

She can control anyone by using her psychic abilities.

We cannot forget about one punch man’s green-haired female anime character Tatsumaki, also known as Tornado Of Terror.

That is pretty much enough for us to like this character more than any other character.

That is why she got a higher rank in our best green haired anime characters list.

Tsubomi Kido From HeartCatch PreCure!

Tsubomi Kido From HeartCatch PreCure!

Tsubomi Kido is the main character in the anime and manga series HeartCatch PreCure! She is also known as the Cures Blossom.

Tsubomi has green hair, which she inherited from her deceased mother. Her parents are Kaoruko Kido, and their unknown father, who has no relatives, is still unknown.

Her green hair is very cool; that’s why many people love to watch her on-screen.

She doesn’t show any sign of fear; even if someone tries to hurt her or kidnap her, then there would be no one to save her, but Tsubomi kids got a power that can help her to protect herself, even though she doesn’t like fighting with anyone especially girls.

We all love Tsubomi because she is very kind and calm, but she changes into the Cures Blossom, which has green hair when she feels any danger.

Tsubomi Kido is one of the best anime characters with green hair that you can watch right now on screen.

Alice Carroll From Kuroshitsuji II Black Butler 2

Alice Carroll From Kuroshitsuji II Black Butler 2

Alice Carroll is a girl who works as Grell Sutcliff’s assistant in the Shinigami realm. She is also known as Necromancer & Grim Reaper.

Alice has long, wavy pale-green hair, purple eyes and wears red lipstick. Her look makes her stand out among other anime characters.

Her eyebrows are thin and curve upwards, often making her look mischievous.

Alice belongs to Kuroshitsuji II Black Butler 2; she is a green-haired girl who works for Grell, helps him in his mission, and helps him fight against demons and monsters.

Every time we see her on-screen, we only remember Grell because they work together, making them stronger.

I think it is the right time for you guys to watch this anime series with the green-haired character Alice Carroll.

Erin From Sword Art Online II

green haired Erin From Sword Art Online II

Erin is a player from the guild Fuurinkazan in Sword Art Online. She has long green hair, which she ties into a ponytail with a yellow ribbon, red eyes, and an athletic body.

Her ears are pointy, but her face resembles that of a cat-like species.

Her weapon is a two-handed spear around 5 feet tall; she could kill a high-level monster with this weapon.

We all know how powerful she can be.

That’s why we placed her in 3rd position in our anime characters list for those who have green hair because many characters deserve to be on top, but you cannot ignore this character as well.

Erin was one of the best characters in Sword Art Online by far.

 Michiru Kaiou from Sailor Moon

No girl on this planet doesn’t know about Sailor Moon.

Michiru Kaiou is a sailor soldier from planet Neptune and possesses powers related to the sea, and she can control water, ice, snow and so on.

She is also known as the Soldier of Water & Embrace.

She has long green hair, which she ties into a ponytail with a blue scrunchie, white skin tone, red eyes, and wears earrings shaped like flames.

She is considered one of the fiercest soldiers in the universe by far because she never showed any sign of weakness, even when Galaxia’s attack killed her daughter. Still, after a few episodes, everyone loves Michiru again because she doesn’t like to be alone.

She is very kind and brave; she never lets her feelings control her decisions which can cost a girl’s life if she doesn’t think before acting.

Michiru Kaiou is a character from Sailor Moon who has green hair.

We all love her because she is so kind and brave; even though she lost her daughter, but still didn’t let the tears come out of her eyes.

She became more assertive after that day.

Alpha Hatsuseno From Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō

Alpha Hatsuseno is a girl with green hair who works as a waitress in Yokohama, Japan. She has no memories of her past because she was born after the third world war between humans and robots.

She lives in an abandoned Japanese house, no one knows how old she is, but it seems like she is around 25 years old.

Her weapon is a katana blade that can cut through anything without making even a tiny sound or ripple on the water’s surface.  

This character deserves to be on this list because of her strength and noble personality, which made everyone love her even more than Tsubomi kido (i know I mentioned Tsubomi twice for some reason).

Interesting fact: this character is so prevalent in real life that people with green hair call themselves ‘Alpha’ with a different surname because she influenced them.

Yotsugi Ononoki Nisemonogatari

Yotsugi Ononoki is a cute looking green-haired character from the Nisemonogatari series who works as Koyomi Araragi’s assistant.

She has beautiful green hair, which she ties into a ponytail with red ribbon, yellow eyes and wears a monocle over her right eye.

If you have watched the anime, you must know that this girl never speaks because she promised someone, but whenever she needs to say something, she uses other people’s words or even transforms those sentences into ‘pantomime’.

 It seems like this girl knows lots of information about supernatural forces, so no one can take any action if they don’t want to be cursed by god itself.

This character deserves to be placed in the top 10 anime characters list because of her power, cuteness, and just because she doesn’t speak much, everyone loves to hear what she has to say when she speaks.

I think that everyone should watch this anime if they haven’t watched it yet, by any chance.

Ranka Lee from Macross

Ranka Lee is a female protagonist from Macross Frontier who has green hair.

She is an adorable looking girl with long green hair, red eyes and a beautiful skin tone.

Ranka Lee’s personality is charming and innocent by nature, but she can become a real warrior in her way.

I feel that everyone should watch this anime because it has lots of great characters, which you will never forget even after watching hundreds of anime in your lifetime.

In my opinion, this character deserved to be on the list because she was given much importance throughout the story, not only for the main character but also for other people, even though she was just a side role character.

This anime holds one of the best soundtracks ever recorded for an anime series.

I’m sure that you have watched the Fate/Stay Night franchise by now, so I don’t need to tell everyone about Saber’s beauty but have you ever noticed how she changes her looks throughout the anime?

That’s right, and she has three different appearances in this anime: Artoria Pendragon (Original Saber), Nero Claudius, and Altera.

All of them are beautiful with exceptional hairstyles, but if we stick with the same short green hair, I would have to go with Altera because of her red eyes, which makes her look much more attractive than other characters on the list.

This character deserves to be mentioned here because she is powerful, brave, and influential. She carries a great personality even though she has lost her memory and can’t remember her past, making her life even more complicated.

Asa Shigure From Shuffle

Asa Shigure is a cute looking anime character with red eyes, long green hair that comes down to the ground, and a white skin tone.

This girl might look like any other ordinary school girl but believe me when I say that she carries some dangerous weapons in her bag made up of ninja stars, poisons or bombs etc.

Even though Asa looks innocent, if you get on her wrong side, then you will know what kind of punishment she can give you without breaking a sweat.

This character deserves to be mentioned here because this anime proves that even innocent-looking girls can be one of the deadliest characters ever created for an anime series.

 Nelliel Tu Odershvank from Bleach

One of Ichigo’s childhood friends also has gorgeous green hair, which she ties into a ponytail with a blue ribbon. Nelliel has a pair of red eyes and a white skin tone and carries some unique clothes.

This girl doesn’t have much screen time in the anime apart from the flashback scenes where we can see how this character was in her full glory, but I feel that everyone should watch this anime if they haven’t watched it yet by any chance.

This character deserves to be mentioned here because most people don’t even know about her existence, and they skip all her scenes without knowing what kind of trouble is going on behind the scenes.

Mion Sonozak From Higurashi

Mion is another green-haired beauty who has red eyes and a white skin tone. She wears her green hair in a ponytail but still manages to look cute even after doing so.

This girl also wears long black socks with brown shoes, making her look even cuter than other characters on the list.

This anime has loads of great characters, but Mion Sonozak stands out from the rest because she is one of the main characters throughout the story, which makes us want to watch more episodes just for this character alone.

Every Anime fan should watch this anime if they haven’t watched it already because there are many great characters, especially female protagonists, who have unique storylines throughout this series.

I know that there are a lot of beautiful green-haired girls out there who deserve to be on this list, but this article aimed to increase your anime list by introducing you to characters which you might have never heard about before.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article because I worked hard on it and managed to write all those fantastic anime characters that most people don’t even know about.

If you want me to make any changes, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a link in the comment section below because I will read all your comments and reply if possible.

San From Mononoke Hime

San has a white skin tone, long green hair, with red eyes, which makes her look like some ghost because she is always surrounded by darkness which turns out to be some curse put on her.

I don’t know why this girl never got more screen time, but I feel that she deserves to be on this list because she was the one who looked after all the spirits living in the forest and protected them from getting killed by humans.

One thing which made me fall for this anime character was the music score they used throughout the movie, where San’s voice can be heard many times once you start watching it again.

This anime deserves to be watched because it has everything in it, from romance to mystery, drama, and horror.

Quick List: 5 Green Haired Anime characters Male

  • Shintarō Midorima
  • Roronoa Zoro
  • Midoriya
  • Freed Justine
  • Lubbock

12 Best Male Anime Characters with Green Haired

Spike Spiegel

Spike has green hair and yellow eyes, making him look cool when he is wearing his suit. This character was the one who always wore suits and used to carry a gun with him just in case things went wrong.

This anime is about bounty hunters, and Spike Spiegel was the best bounty hunter on all planets and in space because he had green hair.

This anime has everything you need to make an excellent anime list starting from comedy, science fiction, and action all rolled into one, which makes this character pretty unique for many people.

Lubbock From Akame Ga Kill

Lubbock is a green-haired assassin from the anime series called Akame ga kill, about killers who finally managed to take their revenge on those responsible for killing their parents.

In this anime, all characters have their own story, and Lubbock also has green hair like most characters on this list, but the only difference between him and other green haired boys was that he used to wear his hair in a quiff way instead of wearing it down.

This character is compelling and manages to fight against everyone alone no matter how many people come after him, which makes us like him even more than Spike Spiegel.

Freed Justine From Fairy Tail

Freed is an Ex-member of Oracion Seis, a dark guild where they used to do all kinds of sacrifices to strengthen their magic.

Freed has green hair and looks smart because he manages to fight against many opponents simultaneously. Still, his strongest opponent is always Lucy Heartfilia, who manages to beat him every time without even using her full power.

Every time you watch this anime, you will notice that Freed Justine is not just another character with green hair, which makes him unique for everyone who cares about this anime series.

Izuku Midoriya From My hero academia

Izuku is a regular middle school kid with green hair and never wants to go to Yuuei because he doesn’t want to be the best. Still, after All, Might saves him, Izuku manages to use his power to become one of the students at Yuuei.

This anime series is fascinating, and it’s not just about heroes. Still, Izuku Midoriya also has green hair, which makes him very special because I don’t see many male characters with this kind of colour on their hair.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article, and if you did, please leave your comments below because it will motivate me even more than before.

Roronoa Zoro From One piece

Roronoa Zoro is the first mate of the Pirate King, and everyone on this anime knows that Zoro is always number one when it comes to fighting an opponent who has a higher number than him.

This character is solid and managed to become one of the most recognized people in all seven seas, making his green hair even more special because he managed to make his dream come true against all odds.

Shintarō Midorima From Kuroko no basketball

In this anime, Midorima is a member of the Generation of Miracles, a group of the best and strongest players in all time and space.

Midorima has green hair like other characters on this list, and he also manages to make his dream come true by playing professional basketball for one of the best teams in Japan.

This character looks cool because he also manages to make things better for everyone who lives in Japan while wearing his lucky item (a green wristband).

Makishima Shūkurō From Psycho pass

This anime series is about a world where you can judge everyone based on their crime coefficient, which makes it almost impossible for anyone to escape from this judgement. Shukuro has green hair, just like other characters on this list, but his power was way more substantial than all of them because he could control people’s minds to make them do anything he wanted, even if that meant killing themselves or someone else.

  I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this article about the 21 most potent green haired anime characters who manage to make things better for themselves in every situation they are facing in their lives.

Final Thought

Most of these green-haired characters are different from each other, and they also managed to make the best of what they had, even if that meant using their power to make things better for everyone living on the same planet as them.

I hope that you guys liked this article, but before you leave, don’t forget to leave your feedback below because it will motivate me even more than before.

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