How to Throw Grenades in Fallout 4 | The Ultimate Guide

Fallout 4 is one of the games developed and released by Bethesda Game Studios.

On November 10TH, 2015, Fallout 4 was introduced to the world as the fifth game of the best fallout game

 There are various modifications to the Fallout 4 weapons inventory. Powerful and valuable items like grenades come with an upgrade.

Most of the grenades in Fallout 4 are obtainable from boxes or ammunition crates. This article will guide you on which grenade to use in Fallout 4 and how to use it. How to throw grenades in fallout 4? there is an answer to it. 

These grenades work as a long-distance weapon to attack multiple enemies. To throw a Molotov in fallout 4, make sure you have the target in your sight.

With the target in sight, press down on your melee knob to throw the Molotov. In Fallout 76, to throw things at the enemy, you must arm your character with items.

To throw at enemies, press the RB or R1 button on your gamepad. If you are using your pc keyboard to play, press the ALT key. 

Names of Top 10 Frenades Used in Fallout 4

Top Fallout 4 grenades include

  1. Fallout 4; Plasma grenade.
  2. Fallout 4; Nuka grenade.
  3. Fallout 4; Molotov cocktail.
  4. Fallout 4; Hallucigen gas grenade.
  5. Fallout 4; Cryogenic grenade.
  6. Fallout 4; Fragmentation grenade.
  7. Fallout 4; Pulse grenade.
  8. Fallout 4; Baseball grenade.
  9.  Fallout 4; Synth Relay grenade.
  10. Fallout 4; Institute EM pulse grenade.

There are different powerful grenades in fallout 4. Baseball and Nuka grenades are two of the best grenades available in the game.

Baseball grenades
Nuka grenades
1. Baseball grenades in fallout 4 are baseballs with no inner contents, except oil mixed with fertilizer.1. Nuka grenades in fallout 4 are grenades rigged up with nuclear contents.
2. Baseball grenades are rigged up a volatile item for emergencies2. Nuka grenades are a limited item to find in the game due to their nuclear power.
3. Setting up a baseball grenade requires little to no technology. It is an easy item to generate. 3. Building a nuclear grenade will require technology and the assistance of a nuclear physicist.
4. Baseball grenades are productive on nearby enemies within the character’s proximity.4. Nuka grenades have a powerful explosion. It works better for a wide range of attacks on enemies.
5. Baseball grenades are operative for silent kills. The grenade calls no attention to itself.5. Nuka grenades are not operative for silent kills. It requires the right timing before throwing it.

Fragmentation Grenade: Simple and Effective Weapon

They are easy to make. They can be bought off traders in the marketplace. Their core stats are; damage is 151, the range of the grenade is 93m. 

Fragmentation grenades are an uncomplicated item with a productive effect. Preparation of fragmentation grenades will require; Adhesive, fertilizer, spring, aluminum, and oil.

After getting the essential materials, take the materials to the chemistry station. You will need a 2ND rank demolition expert for creating the grenade. 

Mutants and raiders, including gunners, use fragmentation grenades. Finding this type of grenades gets easy when you are in level 10 and above. 

Fury Grenade: The Frenzy Weapon

Fury grenade has a good explosion range of 93m. The grenade has a reasonable price of 35 caps.

When a fury grenade is tossed into the midst of mutated animals and creatures, the grenade causes violent mental excitement. Violent mental excitement makes the animals attack other creatures, including their kind.

To craft a fury grenade, you need the chemistry station and fury grenade recipe. Fury grenade recipe includes Fever blossom, adhesive, spring, aluminum, dirty water, and a bottle of antifreeze. 

Persuasion Grenade; A Weapon for Intimidation

Persuasion grenade is a weapon of persuasion. Persuasion grenades are not for killing or attacking enemies.

Persuasion grenades give you the chance to make colonists listen to your suggestions. Persuasion grenade is most effective when playing the quests for commonwealth take over. 

For effective results, throw the persuasion grenade at the colonist’s leader’s feet.  

The grenade has a good range. You will need the chemistry station and persuasion grenade recipe to develop a persuasion grenade. Materials required are; spring, adhesive, fever blossom, and aluminum. 

Predator Grenade; Attention and Trap Grenade

Predator grenade is a funny looking grenade with the ability to control predators. Predator grenade doesn’t necessarily kill; it is better used when trapping a creature.

 If you can trap multiple enemies in a place, toss a predator grenade into the area.

A few seconds later, predators within the range of the grenade will kill your trapped enemies. The predator grenade explosion does not range above 93m. 

Keep a safe distance when using a predator grenade. Predator grenades also affect the thrower. 

To make a predator grenade, all you need is the chemistry station and the grenade’s recipe. In the predator grenade recipe, the materials listed there are; cave cricket, fever blossom, spring, gland, adhesive, red rat meat, cloth, and aluminum. 

Pulse Grenade; The Nuclear Grenade

  • A pulse grenade is an energy grenade. The grenade is one of the powerful grenades among Fallout 4 grenades. Pulse grenade is sound in taking out multiple enemies at once.
  • The detonation of a pulse grenade gives out an energy surge worth 150 damage. This kind of damage is enough to kill some enemies in just one second. Pulse grenade damage does not support boosting. 
  • For easy pickup, two pulse grenades are in Fort Hagen. One pulse grenade in a flagship called the Prydwen.  
  • Crafting a pulse grenade requires three things; chemistry station, Science perk in rank 2, and Demolition expert in 3RD Rank. The required materials include circuitry, nuclear material, spring, aluminum, and adhesive. 

Molotov Cocktail; Simple and Emergency Weapon

  • Molotov cocktail is a simple grenade. It is a frequent grenade in the commonwealth. Various characters like Mutants use the molotov cocktail. 
  • Molotov cocktail is a bottle of vodka with combustible contents like petrol. At the top-end of the vodka bottle, a cloth soaked with alcohol is set in place by the bottle’s cover. For the damaging effect, the clothing at the bottle’s top is to be on fire.
  • Molotov cocktails have to be thrown at targets. The vodka bottle breaks on impact, igniting a fireball. Molotov cocktails are very effective against enemies that cloak themselves. 
  • The grenade’s damage can be boost by bloody mess, demolition expert, and SCAV. Locating the molotov cocktail is not hard. The members of the forge also utilize the molotov cocktail. 

Fragmentation Grenade MIRV; The Grenade of Grenades

Fragmentation grenade MIRV is the second variant of fragmentation grande. This grenade is a catastrophic grenade with unique characteristics.

 Fragmentation grenade MIRV is a single grande that houses other grenades.

When you throw this grenade at mutants and other creatures, the fragmentation grenade MIRV splits into various other grenades.

 Each newly formed grenade also detonates; this makes the fragmentation grenade MIRV an effective destructive grenade. The grenade’s damage can be upgraded using boosters.

You cannot craft fragmentation grenade MIRV in fallout 4. You can only find them with the gang leaders of the Nuka world.

HallucinoGen Gas Grenade; The Green Gas Grenade

 HallucinoGen gas grenades cause hallucinations by dispensing green gas. 

The green grass is dispense when the grenade detonates. The green gas from the grenade affects the vision of the creatures within the HallucinoGen’s range.

The mutated creatures go into a frenzy mode and attack themselves. 

HallucinoGen gas grenade saves you from the stress of fighting against multiple creatures.

You can upgrade HallucinoGen gas grenade damage by using a demolition expert. 

You require a chemistry station to generate your HallucinoGen gas grenade.

Materials needed are; spring, aluminum, adhesive, and HalluciGen gas canister. 

Looting of HallucinoGen is easy in different places. It is easier to loot the grenade than to build one. Finding a HallucinoGen gas canister is rare and limited.

Smart Fragmentation Grenade; Safe and Effective Weapon

A smart fragmentation grenade is a variant of a Fragmentation grenade. When detonated, the grenade effect is 216 damage on enemies. 

Brilliant fragmentation grenade damage is boost by demolition experts, SCAV- cautionary crafts, and bloody mess.

When you use this grenade, it doesn’t matter if you run to safety or not. The grenade can protect the thrower from damage effects. 

Smart fragmentation grenade is a very rare grenade. The grenade cannot be craft. You can only buy the grenade from a single location; Shelbie chase at the town market in Nuka.

Plasma Grenade; The Double Energy Grenade

Plasma grenade gives out two different energies when detonated. Plasma grenades are best effective during a fight with powerful mutants. 

When a plasma grenade gets thrown, its explosion causes both energy damage and ballistic damage to the targets.

These energies carry 150 damage each. This damage is capable of wiping out some NPCs with ease.

 Building a plasma grenade needs a certain amount of skill and distinctive components.

Materials required to generate a plasma grenade include a spring, adhesive, nuclear material, circuitry, and aluminum.

You will also need the chemistry station, science perk rank 3, and a demolition expert 4TH Rank. 

You can buy plasma grenades from traders in the town market.

Which Grenade is The Best in Fallout 4?

The best grenade in Fallout 4 is the Homecoming beacon. It is one of a kind grenade. When the grenade is activated, the nuclear missile will put in motion from the Yangtze.

The launched missile will land at the location of the homecoming beacon. 

It is advisable not to use the beacon in closed places. It is better to use the homecoming beacon in an open space far from buildings and trees.

There are only three homecoming beacons in Fallout 4. 

The enemies can also use the homecoming beacon. The beacon’s damage can be boost by the Demolition expert.


How to use mines in fallout 4? Mines are essential items in fallout 4. The powerful explosives and underused by players. There are different kinds of mines.

 Some mines require planting. For this type of mine, dig a hole and set your mine. Once your enemy steps on the buried mine, the mine will detonate.

The planted mine can also affect you.

 Other mines can be throw. You can activate your mines and grenades with the same button on your gamepad.

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