The 10 Deadliest Knives In Hitman 2 [With Pictures]

Knives are one of the deadliest weapons in Hitman 2, but not all knives are created equal

Hitman 2 has a variety of knives for you to use on your missions. Among them, I am going to show you the 10 deadliest knives in Hitman 2.

Some knives can be picked up from the ground and used right away, while others need to be stolen from enemies or found in specific locations.

The knives in the hitman games are not just for show. They’re an essential tool that you can use to take out your targets with stealth and speed.

The knives in hitman 2 are a great way to take out your target silently. They’re not as good as guns, but they do the job and can be throw at your victim for a bonus.

These weapons have ranked by their kill count per minute, which will help give you an idea of what is best for your playstyle.

A knife typically causes more stab wounds than a gun, so it’s essential to know how to use one properly!

The blades on this list are all different shapes and sizes, so there is no single best choice for every scenario.

The most important thing is to find the right weapon for your needs and learn how to use it effectively.

Quick Question: Which are the deadliest knives in hitman II?

Answer: knives are one of the essential weapons in hitman II. But all deadliest blades do not have the same quality and power. I have covered the 10 most lethal knives in hitman 2, but among them, the deadliest one is the Black Almonds Dagger because this is very powerful and dangerous among all of them, and also, you can kill people by giving poison. You can use it like lethal pills and emetic pills. These are the specialty that makes this Knife deadliest.

Top 10 Knives That Are Most Deadly To Use In Hitman 2.

  • The Black Almond’s Dagger
  • Kukri Knife
  • Concealable Knife
  • Burial Dagger
  • Amputation Knife
  • Hobby Knife
  • Sacrificial Knife
  • Antique Curved Knife
  • Janbiya
  • Scalpel
SLNameTypeClassUnlock AtBase On
1The Black Almond DaggerMeleeBasicLevel 15Kris
2Kukri KnifeMeleeN/ALevel 13Kukri
3Concealable KnifeMeleeCustomLevel 20Pocketknife
4Burial Dagger MeleeBasicN/ADagger
5Amputation KnifeMeleeN/AN/AN/A
6Hobby KnifeMeleeBasicN/AUtility Knife
7Sacrificial KnifeMeleeMaster CraftedSecret Tunnel challengeAthame
8Antique Curved KnifeMeleeN/AThe Culinary TripN/A
9JanbiyaMeleeCustomMission MasteryJanbiya
10ScalpelMeleeBasicSeveral MissionScalpel

The Stronger Kukri Knife

Kukri: Knives in hitman 2

The kukri knife is a melee weapon by default in the hitman II game. It is very famous in the hitman 2 game.

The kukri knife is a Nepalese side-sword consisting of a curved blade with a single cutting edge.

“In the 2016 action game “Hitman 2,” the Kukri knife is one of the lethal weapons that players may carry.”

It is typically more substantial than a standard-sized blade.

It was designed for the Nepals military personnel. It is a staple weapon in the Hitman 2 game.

It was released on the market in 2010; it became pretty controversial for its unbelievable realism that many thought they should remove the Kukri knife from the game for this reason.

The Hidden Concealable Knife

Concealable: Knives in hitman 2

It is one of the sharpest knives in hitman 2. It will Unlock by reaching mastery level20.

A concealable Knife is the most defining feature in the game. You can use this weapon in either stealth or a lethal manner.

It is the most crucial weapon that gamers are equipped with, It can be found in many different locations, and it will unlock by completing a specific set of quests.

These knives are tiny, coming in at 3 inches, and capable of being easily concealed. It is one of the deadliest knives in hitman II.

Hidden in the gloved hand of Agent 47, the Concealable Knife in the hitman II game features an all-new blade for a stealthy approach.

Concealable knives are hidden weapons found in the Hitman 2 game.


The Pugio Burial Dagger

Burial Dagger: Knives in hitman 2

The burial dagger is Like a greek ceremonial knife. It’s used in sacrifices. In the Hitman 2 game, players use the Burial Dagger to perform assassinations.

A burial dagger, also known as a pugio, was a Roman dagger used for sacrificing animals or humans.

It was fashionable with a blade that projected from a socketed handle.

It’s a melee weapon with a max combo of 5 and no cooldown, making it perfect for taking down enemies quickly.

You will find it in a box near the warehouse. It will be open by a crowbar. In this game, you will find it in two places, such as 

  • One in the Vault
  • One in a deposit box

The Burial Dagger is an old Egyptian dagger featured in the second installment of the Hitman series.

Players can use it to carry out lethal melee attacks against their targets.

The Black Almond’s Dagger

Black Almond's Dagger: Knives in hitman 2

The black almonds dagger is one of the unique and vicious weapons in the game. It is fierce because of its single dose of lethal poison. 

You can use this Knife in two ways, one is to stab people, and another is to poison their food.

Because it’s a mixture of a knife and a lethal poison vial, it can stab people or poison their food or drink.

You can poison the food and drink is to find the plate of food or the glass of water or juice. You should have the option to select it to poison.

It is one of the dangerous knives in hitman 2. And also, you can use it like lethal pills.

The Sharp Edge Hobby Knife

hobby: Knives in hitman 2

In the hitman 2 game, players can use a hobby knife to assist them in taking out their victim.

Hobby Knives are one of the most popular and deadliest knives in Hitman II.

They can be found almost anywhere on the map and come in all shapes and sizes. The most common type is a small foldable blade with a razor-sharp edge.

The hobby knife is one of the more stealthy tools in an assassin’s arsenal; the hobby knife is typically used to slice ropes or tap wires without any noticeable sound quietly.

Hobby Knife is an excellent addition to the Hitman 2 game. it is the only knives that are legal to carry in disguise.

The Hobby Knife can come in handy for all the cutting that needs to be done. They are available from the start of gameplay.

The Samurai Amputation Knife

Amputation:  Knives in hitman 2

An amputation knife is a weapon in the hitman 2 game. Players of “Hitman 2” get a chance to use a samurai-styled blade called the “amputation knife.

It can cut off limbs and a player from the rest of the game if it takes them by surprise. The Amputation Knife in the hitman 2 game has compelling features.

The Knife can be seen on the map before it is picked up to make it easier to find in dark rooms.

In hitman, you will find it in two Places

  • Found in observatory 
  • And also Exhibition 

And in hitman II you will find it in two places, such as 

  • Inside the emergency bay
  • And inside the wagon in the train yard.

You can use the weapon in different ways, such as stealthy and aggressive attacks. You can even throw at an enemy.

The amputation knife requires direct hits to take out a target. However, it can one-shot a target if you’re close enough.

Damage King Sacrificial Knife

Secrifice: Knives in hitman 2

The Sacrificial Knife becomes available early on in the game.

This one-hit-kill weapon is a great asset when it comes to dealing with both targets and enemies.

The Sacrificial Knife is a unique weapon in the Hitman 2 game. It can only be found or obtained during specific missions and will not show up randomly.

The Knife has the second-highest damage output of all weapons in the game, with only the Golden Gun being more assertive.

You may find it useful for stealthy assassinations as its sound effect can alert guards to your presence.

However, if you use it to kill a guard that isn’t alerted to your presence, they won’t know what happened, and there are no repercussions either way.

To use the Knife, you need to hold the alt button as you toggle to it with your mouse wheel.

Quick Reload Antique Curved Knife

Antique curved: Knives in hitman 2

The curved Knife is a weapon that can be found in the game hitman 2. It will unlock by completing the culinary trip.

It has an attack damage of 5 and a range of 6. It takes 3 seconds to reload.

The Knife does not have any other properties or abilities which are worth mentioning.

In the game, the curved blade is a starting weapon in the mission of Frantic.

You acquire it from your target’s dead body after you have killed her.It has an attack damage of 5 and allows 47 to move  when equipped (you will not trigger any footsteps).

The best thing about this weapon is that you do not have to reload after every shot like most other weapons in the game, making it easier to use in close-quarters combat situations.

The Classic Jambiya

Janbiya: Knives in hitman 2

The most commonly used Knife in Hitman 2 is the Janbiya, a curved classic oriental-style fighting knife from the middle east region.

The word “Janbiyas” literally translates to “dagger” or “knife” in Arabic, and there are two primary forms of Janbiyas:

one with a short blade having only two edges and another variant with a longer blade and 4 edge points makes it a dangerous knife.

The Janbiya is the traditional, curved Persian knife. Please find it in the best game for the assassination of all time.

The Hunter Scalpel

Scalpel: Knives in hitman 2

The Scalpel Knife is one of many different kinds of knives available in the hitman 2 game that help the player perform special missions.

The scalpel knife is a mighty weapon, unlike other blades that were seen in previous games.

The Scalpel Knife is a hunting knife that players can find early on and use. The most exciting fact about this Knife is 

  • It has a fast attack rate 
  • It doesn’t need any upgrades to reach its full potential.

The scalpel knife in this video game may be small, but it’s also surgical.

It can’t be used to attack anyone head-on but is perfect when sneaking around in a hospital or psychiatric ward without raising any suspicion. 


The most important thing about all of these deadliest assassins is. First, you have to know how to use these knives and the Knife’s ability.

These all knives give you the best experience for this game, choose one of them and enjoy the game.

I have covered the 10 deadliest knives in hitman 2, and I think these tips help you get them through easier.

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