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Lego TMNT games are action and adventure video games, assumed from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

The video game was generated by Lego, TT Games, Warner Bros gaming, Konami, and many others.

The video game’s story focuses on the departure of the turtles from home, with their combat against enemies in the new city.

Lego TMNT game online modes offer a chance to connect with friends, to play either in free play or free roam.

One of the Lego games created is the Lego TMNT shell shocked game online. The shell shock game is an opportunity to join and fight alongside the Lego teenage mutant ninja turtles in their battles.

From different sources, Nickelodeon canceled the rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

In this article, the best thing about video games will be revealed.

Watch out for excellent tips and features seen in the game.

Quick Answer- 10 Tips About Lego TMNT Games.

  1. Teenage mutant ninja turtles: turtles in time
  2. Teenage mutant ninja turtles II: the arcade game
  3. Teenage mutant ninja turtles: the hyper store heist
  4. TMNT2: Battle nexus
  5. Teenage mutant ninja turtles: 2007
  6. TMNT III: Radical Rescue
  7. Teenage mutant ninja turtles III: The Manhattan project
  8. TMNT tournament fight
  9. TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan
  10. Teenage mutant ninja turtles: Mutant flee

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Below is a comparison table of features between the TMNT game by lego and Rise of Incarnate games.

        TMNT games   Rise of Incarnates
1) Lego TMNT video games can be played in various modes. It includes; single-player, free play, free roam. The turtles’ video game can also be played in multiplayer mode.1) This game only has one playing mode; multiplayer.
2) The game is available on different platforms like PC, PS 3 and 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3Ds.2) Rise of incarnate is available only on the Windows PC platform.
3) TMNT games online can be explored with friends and strangers.3) It is a free game to play without online features, limiting the game exploration. This game also requires two people to play.
4) All the TMNT video games are action-packed and adventure-filled games with four main characters.4) Rise of Incarnate is a fighting game with access to control only one character
5) Lego teenage mutant ninja turtles have special abilities.  It includes; intelligence, super agility, super strength, and many more.5) The incarnate character needs to transform into unique beings.  Transformation is the only way they can access their special abilities.

The Lego Ninja Turtles video games are exciting and addictive. Below are 10 tips that will help when playing the action-packed video game

Learn to use Defensive Moves and Counter Moves;

When defending yourself from bad guys, it is essential you know how to counter-attack the enemies. White flashes indicate that a foe wants to attack you.

Once you see the moments, press the counter control. Pressing the counter control will save you from getting flooded.

There are some cases when the enemy’s attack can’t be blocked.

Yellow flashes are the indicator for such an attack, initiating an evade technique to prepare for a counter-attack.

Accomplish Various Winnings and Quests;

In this ninja turtle video game, you will be given various quests to complete while playing the game.

It is essential to complete the quests; they improve your reflexes and make you a better player.

Participating in the daily quest also gives your Lego teenage mutant ninja turtles a chance to win some rewards.

Attain high rankings to get privileges;

Winning each battle matters in this adventurous action video game; it is a competitive game.

Finish each chapter to level up. A new level attracts privileges and rewards; completing the levels also places you in the leaderboards.

Being one of the top-ranking players certainly has its advantages.

Use Gift Boxes to Upgrade Various Characters;

By completing each battle and achievement on the game, you will have the opportunity of acquiring some boxes.

Through the boxes, you will be able to have access to new characters.

  It is essential to upgrade to various characters; there are some modes in the game that will require a specific name to complete it. Upgrading to different characters also guarantees to have new equipment in the arsenal.

Be Sure to Unlock and Upgrade Some Specific Characters;

Characters are essential in the Lego TMNT video games. Each character has their special abilities that could help the team.

There is some specific character in the game that will require an upgrade; increasing the characters’ ability rate will make killing enemies easier.

Leonardo is seen as the turtle’s leader. He has a smooth style of disciplined martial arts; he has various combos in the game.

He knocks enemies down quickly with his kicks. He uses two katana swords as a weapon. Every upgrade attached to this character is worth it.

Donatello; In the video game, Donatello is not considered the strongest fighter on the team.

However, he is calculative with his moves when fighting the bad guys. He uses a staff as a choice of weapon.

 He makes use of his staff to slow down the attack of enemies. Unlocking all his abilities will serve the team and you well. He is the brain of the group.

Michelangelo is the party guy among the brothers; he is the fastest warrior on the team.

He takes care of the enemies planning to attack through aerial attacks.

His weapon choice is a whirling nunchaku, it does take a little time to set up his combos, but his swiftness allows him to catch up to his team during fights.

Raphael; the coolest team member. He is the best hand-to-hand fighter among the brothers, his kicks, slams, and strikes are devastating to enemies.

He doesn’t use a specific weapon. He prefers using roundhouse kicks on bad guys.

Upgrading his abilities in the game is a precious asset for completing chapters.

Learn Teamwork for The Team Survival

The game, in some way, promotes brotherhood. It doesn’t matter if you are in a single-player mode or multiplayer; never leave one of your Lego teenage mutant turtles behind.

When you have a wounded ninja turtle in battle, search for them in the area and resurrect them. You need the whole team to win.

Battle Every Enemy Till You Encounter a Better Enemy;

Keep winning battles; it will boost your self-confidence into facing new enemies.

Encountering a better enemy will test your abilities on how far you’ve come in the game.

However, you can use all the boxes you have acquired in the past battles to upgrade your team to the new enemy rating.

Upgrading Specific Rooms in The Game to Ensure a Comfortable Victory;

In TMNT; Mutant madness, when upgrading rooms in the game, there is a specific order to boost the rooms.

It is advisable to upgrade the ooze refinery before other rooms. After the ooze refinery, other important rooms include; research laboratory, dojo, and workshop.

Be Observant of The Indicators When Fighting The Bosses in The Game.

Get extra weapons and items to defeat enemies with ease;

When playing the game, consider getting extra weapons (items) when fighting the enemies.

The guns can be yours by getting and opening boxes found. You can also find them randomly.

Below are some items that will really help in your battle against enemies.

  • Byakko
  By far, this item is the most destructive weapon in video games. When you acquire byakko, it gives you the chance of detaching three magnanimous sets of claws. These claws will surface in casual locations. When enemies come in contact with the feet, it depletes their healthy life.

   This item is best used in an enclosed range; the enemies will have a tough time avoiding the claws in a small space. You should know when to detach the nails; the nails can only be used once with a limited window time (five-second to ten seconds).
  • Mines
 Unlike byakko, mine has to be explicitly set and strategically for the enemies to contact it. In Lego games, it is easier to avoid mines. 

Mines can only work when they are triggered. Whoever triggers the mine will lose the right amount of healthy life. It is not only dangerous to the enemies; it is also dangerous to you setting it up.

  • Bomb
  The bomb is a must-have weapon when playing the game. When battling many enemies at once, it is easier to throw a bomb at them, eradicating them at once. 

Remember to take cover when throwing the bomb. It can be devastating to your health if you are caught in an explosion. It is used best in long-range battles.

  • Fire
  This weapon can be damaging when used correctly. It has a daze effect on the enemies. When you throw fire at bad guys, it will affect their healthy lives and knock them out for some time. 

Make sure you timed the usage of the fire. Using the fire at the wrong time will leave your ninja turtles defenseless for a short time. Fire is best used during close-up battles.

  • Earthquake
  For a newbie to the games, using earthquake for defensive strategy will come in handy. When playing against a more experienced player, strategize before using this weapon. 

It is useful when you are encircled by enemies. It will knock out any bad guys within a close range to you. This weapon is best used when you are fighting off many enemies.

What is the Best Thing About TMNT Games Online?

  The best thing about this game is that it can be played on almost all playable platforms like; X-box(s),  PlayStations, Wii. As of 2020, The video game has also been made available on both Androids and iOS. 

  The game is an addictive game with a good storyline; numerous characters with DLC characters guarantee the game won't be boring. 
The vehicles in the game have their own unique abilities.


Lego TMNT games are worth playing. For someone wanting the taste of action and adventure, the TMNT game is the right option. You don’t have to enjoy it alone.

You can explore the game with friends and even connect with strangers online.

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