7 Incredible List of Fake Pokémon Characters That are Better Than Real

Pokémon is a Japanese word that translates to “pocket monsters” in the English language. Pokémon’s first introduction was in 1996.

The very first Pokémon to be designed was Rhydon. In the present day, there are more than eight hundred Pokémon.

Most Pokémon are created based on a natural person, animal, or object. A perfect description is hitmonlee. This Pokémon is designed based on martial artist Bruce Lee.

The general acceptance of Pokémon leads to lovers of Pokémon creating their own Pokémon, a fake Pokémon.

A fake Pokémon can also be called Fakemon. Many talented Pokémon fans come up with fresh fakemon daily. They do it for the passion for the arts.

However, selling fake Pokémon cards is considered illegal and a criminal offense. These fake Pokémon can be monsters, while some are just adorable beings.

A fake Pokémon card is useless and doesn’t worth a dime.

Do you want to know the best fake Pokémon character? This article will answer that question. In this article, you will get to know the incredible list of fake Pokémon characters.

Quick Answer-Names of Top 10 Fake Pokémon characters

  1. Volpan is also known as a red panda.
  2. Fangram is also known as Ice or ghost wolf.
  3. Hexnya called the psychic.
  4. Mislemoth is also known as a freezy bee.
  5. Purple the water Garchomp.
  6. Sharku is also known as water and dark monster.
  7. Tidju
  8. Furpai called the three-tailed fox.
  9. Salean is otherwise known as the turtle monster.
  10. Hadrop

Below is a table of comparison between a Real Pokémon and a Fake Pokémon

Real PokémonFake Pokémon
Real Pokémon is generated based on a real human. Hitmonchan is a skilled fighter Pokémon. Love for Pokémon’s world leads to the creation of fake Pokémon characters.
This character was base on Jackie Chan. A real Pokémon can also be base on animals and objects.A Fake Pokémon character is base on the passion and imagination of the artist. They come from various initiatives.
A real Pokémon character is design for different purposes. A real Pokémon character can be made available in animes and video games. Some Pokémon characters are also in movies. An example is Pikachu. The distinct purpose of creating a fake Pokémon character is to satisfy fans in love with Pokémon. Many fans would love to see a Pokémon character they imagined, designing a self-Pokémon character quench that wants. They can also be made available in games.
Real Pokémon characters are designed based on schedules. They are design when needed. Fake Pokémon character is assumed and generated daily. It is just for the passion for arts and crafts.
After generating a Pokémon character, there is no room to edit the Pokémon. The only way to edit a Pokémon character is by creating a new oneA fakemon character can be edit numerous times. Creating a fake Pokémon character gives you the chance of tailoring the Pokémon to your taste and satisfaction.
In movies, a real Pokémon character is involved in the action and chanced toA fake Pokémon character brings out the beauty of art. Fake Pokémon characters can be better than a real Pokémon
interact with humans. Pokémons can be owned by humans, as a pet.character in; abilities, shapes, and designs.

Seven Incredible Fake Pokémon Characters

As mentioned before in this article, creating a fake Pokémon character is a work of art mixed with passion. Some Pokémon characters are better than a real Pokémon character.

Below are the seven incredible lists of fake Pokémon characters. 

Palisaegon; the most ritz and defensive Pokémon

This Pokémon gets its name from three different words; Palisade, Aegis, and Dragon. Palisaegon is a twofold type of Pokémon.

It is a dragon Pokémon, and it is a steel Pokémon. 

This fake Pokémon character belongs to the status quartet group. 

Palisaegon is neither a male Pokémon nor a female Pokémon.  

This Pokémon has a distinct ability to defend head-on attacks. The entire body of Palisaegon is a total deflecting weapon.

 It is a noble fighter. It only battles injustice and protects. It is the strongest in the list of fake Pokémon characters.

Exsongion; the flash Pokémon

Exsongion is both a normal Pokémon and a dragon Pokémon. Just like Palisaegon, this fakemon character also belongs to the status quartet group. 

Exsongion is a sexless species with a distinctive ability to move at speed rapidly than light.

It is not a strong Pokémon, but Exsongion’s speed gives it the advantage to attack its enemies before they make a move. 

Due to this fake Pokémon character’s ability, it is tag as impatient Pokémon.

Exsongion attacks without much thought. This Pokémon doesn’t have a stable habitat; its speed creates harmful impulses to its body. 

Exsongion needs to run to minimize the effect of impulses generated in its body.

Clothatia the birth fate of Pokémon

  • This fake Pokémon got its name from a Latin word and a Greek word. Natio in the Latin language means to give birth. Clotho was a goddess from the mythology of Greek. 
  • Clothatia belongs to female species. 
  • Clothaia is a rare Pokémon. She can take a psychic form and can also take a ghost form. She is a psychic with a peculiar ability to spin life and grant life to both Pokémon and ordinary humans.
  • Clothatia also can see visions, only past events. She is one of the trio members of the fates trio group. She possesses cunning behaviour. 
  • She posses the ability to see the life cycle of a Pokémon and ordinary humans. The only pokemon and humans she grants favours are; Pokémon and humans filled with knowledge.

Seeny, Fladre, and Blofence; the three grass pokemons

These three fake Pokémon characters are of the same type. Their habitat is on the land, preferably the grass.

These fakemon characters are the cutest Pokémon on this list of fake Pokémon characters. 

Seeny is a seed Pokémon with the abilities of leaf guard and overcoat. When angered, this character can explode. Seeny has a height of 0.3m and also weighs 13kg. 

Fladre belongs to sprout Pokémon. It has the same abilities as seeny. Fladre is 0.9m tall in height and weighs 35kg. The third member of the trio is Blofence. 

Blofence is the sizeable Pokémon in the group with a height of 1.7m and 57kg in weight.

It is a leaf shield Pokémon having the same abilities as the other members of the group.

Skullarva, Muersect, and Thanatis; the dead mantis Fakemon

They belong to the same type of Pokémon. They are a bug and also a dark Pokémon. 

Skullarva was designed based on the original skullarvae Pokémon. Skullarva’s name comes from two words; skull and larvae. 

It weighs 30kg and has a height of 1m. Skullarva is a known fighter with the ability to screech. Its screeches is a powerful tool, can make many Pokémon lose their hearing.

 In most cases, this Pokémon often stay close to a dying being. In addition to Skullarva’s abilities, it can foresee death. 

Muersect is 3.04m tall with 75kg weight. Muersect’s peculiar ability is known as the hyper cutter. 

The blade of Muersect can cut through anything, including metal materials. He also has a way of protecting his head from attacks. 

Thanatis loves a show-off whatever he does; his main plan is to leave an impression on the ladies. 

He is more than 3m tall and weighs 108Kg. thanatis possess a blade that will cut down anything in his way.

His knife blade is better than Skullarva because of its persistence.

Atroxious; The hellbreath monster 

Its name is derived from two words; Atrocious and Noxious.

This fake Pokémon character is a giant Pokémon weighing 260kg and a height of 5m. 

Atroxious has a dual identity; it is a dragon and also can be a poisonous Pokémon. It belongs to the Hellbreath Pokémon species. 

This Pokémon character has the ability of a rock head and generating a stench noxious to its prey.

Atroxious choice of habitat is deep caves. They live in caves fused with toxic fumes. They feed on any creature that comes into the cave.

Saborelic; The fossil fire pokemon

 Saborelic is a Fossil Fake Pokémon; it is a fire Pokémon and a rock Pokémon. 

Saborelic belongs to the sabre tooth species. It has a particular ability called magma surge.

Saborelic has quick agility, which makes them a fast Pokémon. 

This fake Pokémon character possesses physical features like; fire fang, dragon breath, dragon fang, and hyper beam. 

In the body of Saborelic, magma surges generate to trap its prey. Its fangs can dig into anything including, rocks. T

hey are the fastest Pokémon on this list of fake Pokémon characters.

What Is The Best Fake Pokémon Character?

Gangstaurus, despite its intimidating look, this Pokémon character is one of the most incredible Pokémon ever.

It is a dinosaur putting on a leather jacket with horns and bumps all over its face.

This Pokémon character only battles with members of its kind. 

Gangstaurus belongs to the rock and dark type of Pokémon. It is always involved in rivalry battles.

It possesses super strength and commands respect through roaring. 

Gangstaurus is a territorial creature that prefers to be the best. Its choice of habitat is thick forests and jungles.

Gangstaurus is also known as the punk dinosaur.


Most of these fake Pokémon characters possess astonishing abilities that are cooler than a real Pokémon character.  

There are Pokémon characters generate by Pokémon and humans to serve a purpose. These Pokémon generated do not exist before. Examples are; 

Grimmer and Muck, these Pokémon characters are designed from waste products. Their origin makes them belong to poison type Pokémon. They prefer to live in sewers and untidy places.

Porygon; this fake Pokémon got created as a means to travel into cyberspace. Its peculiar ability is to travel through electronic devices like computers, cellphones.

Castform, a character created for the sole purpose of knowing weather conditions.

It is a normal pokemon but can transform into fire Pokémon. Castform transformation depends solely on the weather and season condition.

Magnezone; Magnezone belongs to steel and electric type of pokemon. It got created to power up power plants.

Power plants lose their power, Magnezone hooks onto the plant and release electric energy into the power plant.

Golett, a fake Pokémon created based on the tale of the golem. Golett was a protection design. It is a ghost and ground type of Pokémon. 

Silvally, a typical Pokémon, got created to destroy another deadly Pokémon. It possesses two times the ability of any deadly Pokémon.

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