The 7 Amazing Things About Ryu Hayabusa Video Game Character

Ryu Hayabusa is the lead mythical character in the Ninja Gaiden game series. In the English language, ninja Gaiden translates to ninja tales or tales of the ninja.

The Ninja Gaiden game series is an action game coupled with adventure.

There are over fifteen versions of the Ninja Gaiden series with Ryu Hyabusa as the main character.

Ryu Hayabusa features in another video game; Dead or alive.

In 1998 Ryu was revealed the same year the first version of Ninja Gaiden was released.

Ryu was born on June 15 in Hayabusa village, located in Japan.

He is a ninja with hobbies; he loves climbing mountains and also prefers to go fishing. Ryu is the head of his clan and is often called dragon ninja.

While reading this article, you will get to know amazing things about Ryu Hayabusa Video Game Character, his physique, his super abilities, even his background story.

Top 10 Specialty-Ryu Hayabusa Video Game Character

  1. Ryu Hayabusa; unstoppable
  2. Ryu Hayabusa; wall run.
  3. Ryu Hayabusa; master of various weapons
  4. Ryu Hayabusa; long-range fighter
  5. Ryu Hayabusa; pile driver master.
  6. Ryu Hayabusa; teleportation
  7. Ryu Hayabusa; powerful ninpo.
  8. Ryu Hayabusa; jump power.
  9. Ryu Hayabusa; charisma and charms
  10. Ryu Hayabusa; water running.

Comparison features between Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden and Joe Musashi from Shinobi.

Ryu HayabusaJoe Musashi
1. Ryu Hayabusa is considered the most dominant ninja. He possesses super abilities and has undoubted martial art skills.1. Joe Musashi, at his young age, has been considered a ninja master. He has impeccable skills in martial arts, coupled with the ability to use shuriken perfectly.
2. Ryu’s choice of weapon is the dragon sword. The dragon sword holds ancient powers. When Ryu Hayabusa wields the dragon sword, it is a weapon of ultimate destruction. Hayabusa is capable of using various weapons.2. Joe Musashi’s choice of weapon is his clan katana sword. His katana sword is referenced and respected as the top weapon in his clan. Joe’s weapon has no powers stored in it, but it is a deadly weapon when Joe wields it. The sword has always been Musashi’s number one weapon; he might be a bit better at wielding a sword than Ryu.
3. Ryu has quite several powers, was born with some of the abilities. He was able to gain some of his powers as he journeys through places. His ability includes replication. He can generate many versions of himself.3. When battling, Joe can invoke magic moves. He can protect himself magically. Transformation into a stone is part of his powers.
4. Ryu’s attacks are a form of tactics and methods. He is calculative when fighting, makes use of his enemy’s vulnerabilities.4. Joe Musashi is a kind of ninja that loves head-on attacks. He possesses skills in acrobats, which gives him a better chance at winning an all-out battle. 

Ryu Hayabusa’s Background, Appearance, and Personality

Jo Hayabusa is the father of Ryu Hayabusa. From childhood, Ryu has been training to be a ninja.

He broke every record ever set in the dragon’s clan history.

In his 21st year, Ryu has acquired both a martial art and combat skills.

Ryu’s style of dressing is legendry, dressing exactly like a ninja in the present times.
His outfits include a black top and black trousers.

His outlook is very similar to the present-time S.W.A.T team.

He dresses in a typical ninja way of suiting up; he always wears his ninja scarf, the ninja tabi boots, ninja face mask.

To complete his ninja outlook, he wears shins guards on his both forearm.

Ryu Hayabusa’s physique includes; 179cm tall in height, weighs 78kg with a muscular body.

He is still at his young age; he is already in his best form.

Ryu Hayabusa covers his face with his ninja scarf. Ryu only reveals his eyes. His eyes are a mixed color of light green and gold.

His choice of dress and his rare eyes gave him the perfect menace appearance. Ryu Hayabusa styles his dark brown colored hair as a ponytail.

After going through many hardships, Ryu has cold feelings towards his enemies. He shows no mercy to whomever he battles.

Hayabusa is a respected warrior and disciplined; he has little to no emotions.

His only focus is to protect the world from evil without any distractions.

When he is not in his ninja mode, he is considered kind, loving, and modest.

He is a logical man with abundant wisdom of how the world works.

His attributes make him be a role model in his clan. Although he is a human, his blood is mix with fiend blood.

Ryu Hayabusa has incredible enhanced agility.

One of the noticeable things about Ryu Hayabusa’s character is his swift movement.

He knocks out his enemies in a heartbeat, moving with speed comparable to lighting speed.

Ryu has no problem dodging bullets fired at him in different directions.

He has exceptional instincts reactions with the speed that will outrun any object moving at Mach 5.

In a fraction of seconds, Ryu can defeat an enemy with teleportation power. He is calculative and reacts fast.

Ryu has faced multiple enemies with fascinating abilities; Alexei is one of Ryu’s nemesis.

Alexei possesses lightning powers; Ryu was able to duck all Alexei’s lightning attacks, which led to her defeat.

He bolts faster than light beams. His agility enables him to run on water. Ryu Hayabusa’s agility power is incomparable to any other ninja.

Ryu Hayabusa possesses superhuman strength.

Ryu Hayabusa’s strength is no ordinary strength. Ryu’s muscles are much better than human power. He can easily take up a heavy weapon.

Ryu’s strengths are undoubted. Slicing impossible thick objects are so easy for him.

Even with the ability to take up heavy weapons, he still maintains a swift speed without the weapon slowing him down.

In delicate situations like fighting a dinosaur, demon beasts, Hayabusa’s strength saves him from getting squashed by the dinosaur.

His strength power gives him the ability to defend himself against attacks from powerful opponents.

With his strength, he can kill most of his enemies with one swing of his dragon sword.

Ryu Hayabusa’s strength ability makes him a worthy opponent against powerful gods and goddesses.

Ryu Hayabusa is perfect in acrobatics.

In a general sense, one of the attributes of ninjas is acrobatics. However, Ryu Hayabusa is well versed in acrobatics skills.

His skill level of acrobatics is well above perfect. He is better at acrobatics than most ninjas. His acrobatic skills are useful for surveying environments and places.

Especially places considered to be unreachable are easy for Ryu because of his acrobatics skills.

When doing acrobatic skills, what matters most is the landing. Ryu Hayabusa has a perfect landing that doesn’t cause any damage to his body.

Ryu can jump unharmed from an over 700 feet building. He also applies acrobatic skills when battling many opponents.

This impeccable skill gives him an edge to counter whatever attacks are coming his way.

Ryu Hayabusa has heightened senses.

For every ninja warrior, senses are essential. Ryu Hayabusa’s training from childhood has helped him to develop unnatural sensitivity.

Hayabusa’s five senses are accurately sensitive and accurate in comparison to human senses.

Ryu’s skin is reactive to a disturbance in the air and can sense components in the air.

Ryu possesses both an eagle’s eye and an owl’s eye.

His eyes are super active and sharp; they can see distant objects.

Surprise attacks don’t work on Ryu Hayabusa because he would have seen it coming.

He has perfect vision during night-time.

His ears can hear everything surrounding him and distant to him, including the sound of water and insects.

Ryu Hayabusa possesses a logical brain that processes things faster than a normal brain.

His brain gives him an edge in battles, makes him calculative.

His brain also helps him stay focused and gives him a strong determination to overcome curses and traps.

Ryu Hayabusa is almost impossible to kill

Apart from having super impressive physical skills, Ryu Hayabusa also has a spiritual side.

Growing up, he has been training on how to connect with his spiritual side.

He has reached a peak in which he has mastered his spiritual side. One of his spiritual powers is the ability to regenerate.

Ryu is not easy to kill, almost impossible to kill.

His wounds heal by themselves regardless of the wound’s location. Ryu can survive an injury to his heart without dying.

However, Ryu Hayabusa’s game character has a limit to his spiritual health. He can die if his spiritual side powers are exhausted.

Elixirs will help in restoring the spiritual side powers.

However, Ryu Hayabusa’s game character has a limit to his spiritual health. He can die if his spiritual side powers are exhausted.

Elixirs will help in restoring the spiritual side powers.

Ryu Hayabusa possesses his own special moves

In the Ninja Gaiden game series, Ryu Hayabusa has various techniques he uses during fights. Some of these techniques include;

  1. Wind run technique; this technique gives him good leverage over his opponents. The wind run technique gives Ryu the ability to perceive the location of his opponent without seeing them. 
  1. Wind path; after knocking his opponents out, he pops off to another building using the opponent’s head as a hassock. In some cases, he can use the wind path technique on a standing opponent.
  1. Thunderclap kick; this technique allows Ryu Hayabusa to land two powerful jump kicks on his opponent, also coupled with a swift zap. 
  1. Flying bird flick; Ryu Hayabusa uses this technique when he is trying to get an advantage over an opponent at his back.  He does a backflip, jumping on top of the opponent. He also uses this technique when he is climbing two linking walls.
  1. Sabaki; It is also known as a counter-attack. Ryu Hayabusa is famous for counter-attacking his opponents. It is part of his calculative moves when fighting an opponent.

What is the Best Thing About Ryu Hayabusa Video Game Character?

The best thing about Ryu Hayabusa’s game character is his durability. Ryu has durability above any ninja and ninja levels. His body can withstand any damages, including magical weapons.

Ryu Hayabusa’s body possesses the ability to detoxify any harmful contents ingested by him. Drugs do not affect him.

Ryu’s rigorous childhood training and his spiritual powers make him almost unstoppable.


Ryu Hayabusa’s video game character is one of the fascinating game characters in the game world. He is considered a legendary hero and ninja.

He has been credit with so many names, including the singular super ninja. Ryu Hayabusa cosplay costume is easy to come by. It is available in various online stores.

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