11 Extraordinary Sims 4 Curly Hair cc Male Idea

Your hairstyle is an indication of who you are. You won’t have a better feeling if you balance the feelings inside yourself. 

You want to style your hair, attract and talk about certain aspirations. Thus men can assist you with this. 

This article is intended to assist you in doing so; here, you may discover where to get Sims 4 curly hair. Later in this article, you will find-

  • You can select from several different male cc hairstyles, each with its distinct look.
  • Where can I find the cc contents once I’ve obtained the downloads?
  • Each cc hair has a detailed description.

Quick Question: How to Get Curly Hair Sims 4 cc Male?

In Sims 4, you will discover many male hairstyles. I’ve been collecting this information for several weeks, and below is what I have found out about male haircuts.

Sims 4 Curly Hair cc Male Mods

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Sims 4 Curly Hair For Male- Exclusive Ideas!

Ryan Hair- Short Hair for All Ages

Ryan’s hair features a shortcut that’s modern and trendy comes with a rocking cap style.

It’s designed for the way you want to look, giving you a bunch of options to keep it all-natural or add in some style as well as detail.

Whatever form your head takes, this style will suit you and make any sims 4 faces look stunning.

Key Features

  • Design with cap.
  • Unique 90+ color codes.
  • Compatible for all ages

Download Ryan Hair- Short Hair for All Ages

Lukas Curly Hair- By Sapoye TSR

When used with Lukas’ curly hair, both side trim may provide your sims 4 with a modern and distinctive appearance.

The best age range for this mod is teenage to elder sims. It’s available in several colors and can be customized. This shirt has a beautiful beach feel, thanks to this mod artist.

Key Features

  • Design with short hair.
  • Unique color scheme/patterns detail.
  • Compatible for all ages.

Download Lukas Curly Hair- By Sapoye TSR

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Rogue Long Curly Hair for Sims 4 male

As the first mod SonyaSimsCC’s Ryan Hair, this one also provides you with a stylish look for your male sims. It comes in a lot of colors to help you pick the style that best suits you.

You will find this item compatible for all ages, from teens to elders.

The stand-up paddleboard (SUP) is a beautiful option for any event or special occasion since it comes in various colors, and by count, there are 90+ options.

Key Features

  • Design with long hair.
  • Unique color scheme/patterns detail.
  • Compatible for all ages (teens to elders).

Download Rogue Long Curly Hair for Sims 4 male

Alex Hair

If you’d seen True Blood and loved Eric Northman – it’s your blessed day!

Alexander Skarsgard’s beautiful hair is all yours, and everything you have to do is follow this connection for a super fast download.

Key features/ Details

  • Compatible with the hat.
  • Compatible with HQ.
  • Ideal for mid-40 males and teens.

Download The Alex Hair

Johnny Depp Long Brunette Hair

However, if you’re into Johnny Depp’s delicious locks, we’ve got them too!

They are the true hallmark of an artist in a hip, brunette accent. Johnny Depp hair is one of Sims 4 long curly hair males.

Key features/ Details

  • Fresh Mesh.
  • Compatible with hats.
  • Mainly for males, and all are LODs.

Download The Johnny Depp Long Brunette Hair

Kurt Cobain Messy Blonde Hair

Give the appearances of Kurt Cobain a revolt!

He isn’t known because of his cleverness but because of his intellect – so, if you make a similar male Sim, then the ultimate hairstyle is necessary, Blond and disorderly.

What is and is not to like?

You can find more information and improvements on birkschessimsblog.wordpress.com, but if you’d like to activate the mod as quickly and efficiently as possible, click on the link.

Key features/ Details

  • 18 hurls and colors.
  • It goes well with hats.
  • Full LoDs and Fresh mesh.

Download The Kurt Cobain Messy Blonde Hair

S-Club Modern Sleek MK TS4 Hair – N4

    A sim 4 curly hair cc which is a sleek and trendy hairstyle that will convince all! With slick style and beautiful personalized colors, S-club has done a great job. 

    That is one of the best hair mods in the whole game and proof is in The Sims Resource’s 640,000 downloads. Check this connection if you’d like to own it. 

Key features/ Details 

  • Complete LODs. 
  • 13 colors. 
  • Customized Shadow Chart. 

Download The S-Club Modern Sleek MK TS4 Hair – N4

S-Club Charmer Eric TS4 Hair – N22

We’re still looking for a charmer’s trim! We were fortunate when we happen to stumble at The Sims Platform because it’s one of our favorite hair mods in a matter of a few seconds.

The Sims 4 culture is famous, and you’re going to be smart about it. And click here to do so.

Key features/ Details

  • Thumbnail personalized.
  • Light skinning.
  • Compatible with a hat.

Download The S-Club Charmer Eric TS4 Hair – N22

Tiny Relaxed Ponytail for Males

Men have yet another classic trim, and this is their shorter pickle!

It’s ideal for the many movie stars, singers, and templates somehow, but now it’s just for your male Sims.

We found it on birkschessimsblog.wordpress.com, but use this connection to download it easily.

Key features/ Details

  • 18 colors.
  • Ideal for older males.
  • Goes well with a hat.

Download The Tiny Relaxed Ponytail for Males

Unk Nowen Powerful Afro

Not that everyone likes a mighty afro, so those of us who enjoy this exotic one.

Many people are not going to find you in the game that shows off their afros.

So if you like individuality, it’s for you! It can be downloaded from here straightforwardly.

Key features/ Details

  • Fresh Mesh.
  • Full LODs.
  • 25 colors.

Download The Unk Nowen Powerful Afro

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Messy Windy Male Hair

Like taking Hollywood straight back! This chaotic hair is a terrific update to your CC set, regardless of the type of Sim users operate.

Key features/ Details

  • Full EA colors.
  • Goes well with a little beard.
  • Ideal for teens and mid 40 men.

Download The Messy Windy Male Hair


The above-listed cc designs for males will make your male characters in the sim game look gorgeous and very cute, pick any one of the designs that best suit your male character and follow the process of how to get them appropriately.

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