Sims 4 Curly Hair cc Male

11 Extraordinary Sims 4 Curly Hair cc Male Idea

The expression of who you are is your hairstyle. When you balance the emotion inside, you don’t have a better feeling.

You would like to style your hair, attract and talk about specific dreams.

Sims 4 curly hair cc male can help with that. This post is written to help you do this, here; you can find

  • Different male cc hairstyles that you can choose from
  • How to get the cc contents with the download links
  • Details about each cc hair.

Quick Question: How to Get Curly Hair Sims 4 cc Male?

Answer: “Male curly hair on Sims 4 can be acquired through one of the game”

Sims 4 Curly Hair cc Male Mods

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1. Nicholas Hair

A basic sims 4 cc short curly hair male style commonly used by men in the contemporary world, the Nicholas Hair mod creates quite an incredible asset to the game.

Well, particularly if you want to add a theme that fits almost every kind of Sim.

If you play with another form, such as someone who seems to be more bohemian, then keep reading. Everything for you here is even.

Key features/ Details

  • A youngster by Elderly man conversion hairdo.
  • 17 colors and they are LODs.
  • There is a hat feature included.

Download The Nicholas Hair

2. Haunting Hairstyles

A shorter hairstyle needn’t always be as obvious to make it look elegant, and this mode of hair reveals why.

Well-combed hair will undoubtedly draw interest, and it’ll be precisely the addition of the Haunting Hairstyles mod to the game.

Thanks to the mod maker’s hard work, you will even be able to paint different colors.

Key features/ Details

  • Minor openness complications.
  • It is appropriate with a hat.
  • Eighteen colors and all are LODs.
  • Customized Shadow charts.

Download The Haunting Hairstyles

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3. Hair N4

This mod will suit you perfectly by people inspired by sports figures and popular in modern hairstyles.

In the main game, there are no others like it, since most people who come with.

The Sims appear to either have an excessive mohawk or just not so many on foot.

The cut is as equilibrated as it is, and the way your Sim looks with it, you’ll enjoy it.

It also features color choices as most on this list, which will give you a particular bit of variation!

Key features/ Details

  • The hair is 13 colors.
  • It is all LODs.
  • The hair is compatible with hats.
  • Designed shadow charts.

Download The Hair N4

4. Like Lust Hair

Do you try to look different than the others with your Sim?

Are you bored of how some of the game’s simple designs appear but also want to make your masculine Sim’s head look stilly and not so cartoonish?

The latter is like an upgraded version and looks much better, in my viewpoint.

You’ll love to see your Sim crush it, I’m sure. It also has custom shadows, making a landslide more realistic relative to those on this list.

Key features/ Details

  • 18 colors and all LODs
  • Has no transparency problem.
  • The hair is famous from teen to adult.

Download The Lust Hair

5. Wavves

Someone with wavy hair may not feel as well as those with long hair portrayed in the Sims 4 culture. Therefore, with the Wavves Hairstyle mod, it’s now time to quit.

This unique upgrade takes a method distinct from the others, introducing hair to the game of waves.

But remember – to make this one look best, you’ll need a decent screen. However, this again is The Sims, about which we are talking not some GPU hog precisely.

Key features/ Details

  • A tiny transparent issue.
  • 18 colors and all LODs
  • Compatible from teen to elder.

Download The Wavves Hair

6. Hysteria

Smudged to the right side of the head and very long, peeled to the left. Suppose I can tell it myself, a unique look.

This is the traditional hairstyle of recent publicity rocked by the latest fresh style of the day of the photoshoot.

Perhaps we will be able to pull it together.

Everybody should be very comfortable with the hairstyle, in reality, or the country of Sims.

Key features/ Details

  • A little transparency problem.
  • All LODs and are 18 colors.
  • Hysteria is hat compatibility.

Download The Hysteria Hair

7. Electric

Clever, new, and deserving of any entrepreneur. On Sims of all backgrounds, this short hairstyle looks very fine.

Although I have to admit that trying on teenagers or young adults is a pretty fantastic one, but I’m sure that you’re going to enjoy the way it fits on any user. Moreover, it’s open, so what must you lose?

Key features/ Details

  • It is ideal for lads.
  • They are of different colors, including natural colors.
  • Has good compatibility with hats and all LODs.

Download The Electric Hair

8. Darko

The fading sides of the room begin with a different contemporary look. It has more fur, similar to vanilla Sims 4, on the crown of the hair.

If you pay attention, this one is therefore also more informative!

Key features/ Details

  • Side shaved.
  • Wavy top.
  • It has a scalp fix.

Download The Darko Hair

10. Blackout

It feels like a darkened haircut real samurai. This is a lengthy hairstyle than at first sight, you might imagine.

Well-rounded and awkward, this hair add-on certainly does not come similar to anything in vanilla.

Key features/ Details

  • Great bone assignment.
  • 18 colors.
  • Works appropriately with a hat.

Download The Blackout Hair

11. Psycho

I’m not so convinced why most of Sims’ male models look so strange. But anyway, I’m sure there’s a legitimate cause for Maxis.

Here the hairstyle is a shorter choice for guys who like hair rough and stylish enough to flaunt it regardless of circumstances.

The hairstyle is ideal for parties, marriages, corporate events, etc.

What kind of Sim you want to play is not essential; this is also one of the favorite hair for those who are aiming for an all-rounder person.

Key features/ Details

  • Talks customization is found in the hat sections.
  • No questions of accuracy
  • Compatible for both youngsters and elders.
  • 18 colors.

Download The Psycho Hair

12. Alex Hair

If you’d seen True Blood and loved Eric Northman – it’s your blessed day!

Alexander Skarsgard’s beautiful hair is all yours, and everything you have to do is follow this connection for a super fast download.

Key features/ Details

  • Compatible with the hat.
  • Compatible with HQ.
  • Ideal for mid-40 males and teens.

Download The Alex Hair

13. Johnny Depp Long Brunette Hair

However, if you’re into Johnny Depp’s delicious locks, we’ve got them too!

They are the true hallmark of an artist in a hip, brunette accent. Johnny Depp hair is one of Sims 4 long curly hair males.

Key features/ Details

  • Fresh Mesh.
  • Compatible with hats.
  • Mainly for males, and all are LODs.

Download The Johnny Depp Long Brunette Hair

14. Kurt Cobain Messy Blonde Hair

Give the appearances of Kurt Cobain a revolt!

He isn’t known because of his cleverness but because of his intellect – so, if you make a similar male Sim, then the ultimate hairstyle is necessary, Blond and disorderly.

What is and is not to like?

You can find more information and improvements on, but if you’d like to activate the mod as quickly and efficiently as possible, click on the link.

Key features/ Details

  • 18 hurls and colors.
  • It goes well with hats.
  • Full LoDs and Fresh mesh.

Download The Kurt Cobain Messy Blonde Hair

15. S-Club Modern Sleek MK TS4 Hair – N4

    A sim 4 curly hair cc which is a sleek and trendy hairstyle that will convince all! With slick style and beautiful personalized colors, S-club has done a great job. 

    That is one of the best hair mods in the whole game and proof is in The Sims Resource’s 640,000 downloads. Check this connection if you’d like to own it. 

Key features/ Details 

  • Complete LODs. 
  • 13 colors. 
  • Customized Shadow Chart. 

Download The S-Club Modern Sleek MK TS4 Hair – N4

16. S-Club Charmer Eric TS4 Hair – N22

We’re still looking for a charmer’s trim! We were fortunate when we happen to stumble at The Sims Platform because it’s one of our favorite hair mods in a matter of a few seconds.

The Sims 4 culture is famous, and you’re going to be smart about it. And click here to do so.

Key features/ Details

  • Thumbnail personalized.
  • Light skinning.
  • Compatible with a hat.

Download The S-Club Charmer Eric TS4 Hair – N22

17. Tiny Relaxed Ponytail for Males

Men have yet another classic trim, and this is their shorter pickle!

It’s ideal for the many movie stars, singers, and templates somehow, but now it’s just for your male Sims.

We found it on, but use this connection to download it easily.

Key features/ Details

  • 18 colors.
  • Ideal for older males.
  • Goes well with a hat.

Download The Tiny Relaxed Ponytail for Males

18. Unk Nowen Powerful Afro

Not that everyone likes a mighty afro, so those of us who enjoy this exotic one.

Many people are not going to find you in the game that shows off their afros.

So if you like individuality, it’s for you! It can be downloaded from here straightforwardly.

Key features/ Details

  • Fresh Mesh.
  • Full LODs.
  • 25 colors.

Download The Unk Nowen Powerful Afro

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19. Messy Windy Male Hair

Like taking Hollywood straight back! This chaotic hair is a terrific update to your CC set, regardless of the type of Sim users operate.

Key features/ Details

  • Full EA colors.
  • Goes well with a little beard.
  • Ideal for teens and mid 40 men.

Download The Messy Windy Male Hair


The above-listed cc designs for males will make your male characters in the sim game look gorgeous and very cute, pick any one of the designs that best suit your male character and follow the process of how to get them appropriately.

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