17 Awesome Sims 4 Teeth CC Collection [Free Download-2021]

The Sims 4 is a game like no other, but it lacks in the teeth department. 

There are only about 5-6 different types of non-default teeth custom content in the sims community, and they all seem to be too perfect and shiny to look like natural teeth. 

Well, if you’re looking for more realistic replacements, then this post has you covered with 17 awesome ones!

Talented creators have made these teeth in the community who took their time to make something we could use in our games.

Most players will need those for creating custom content, and this post has a list of 17 Awesome Sims 4 teeth cc that I’ve found through my research. 

I hope you enjoy the free downloads! They’re easy to install and perfect for your phone or PC.

Quick Question- How to Change Sims 4 Teeth?

Answer: For creating custom content for your sims, you must first create a new Sim with the “Sims 4 Create/Edit” tool. Afterward, you can choose the “tweaks” tab and select your new Sim’s head. Finally, you can adjust your Sim’s teeth by simply clicking and holding the “#” button on your keyboard.

List of 17 Awesome Sims 4 teeth cc -2021 with Download Link

SMYT Teeth cc for Adults

sims 4 SMYT for Adults teeth cc

SMYT teeth are the perfect way to get your character a beautiful smile.

With 8 variations, no other tooth set covers as many ages and genders with high-quality accuracy as SMYT.

The set comes in teens through adults.

Life is good with a set of the perfect pearly whites Tooth.

It’s time toThe SMYTH teeth set is the perfect way to keep your character smiling.

All their LODs are included from teens to adults, and they come with a white teeth diffuse map for that extra bit of sparkle in their smile!

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

SMYT teeth are the perfect way to get your character a beautiful smile.

It’s time to get a beautiful white smile!

Key Details:

  • File size: 245 KB
  • Downloads: 50,328+
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio
  • Variants: 8

Download Link

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Realistic Teeth


You’ll have a gummed-up mouth full of real teeth. 

You’re going to want these beauties available for all ages, designed for males and females in both textures of default teeth (slight gap). 

Perfect teeth with straight edges or sharp, chic chompers. Pearly white? These aren’t the ones you’re looking for.

 DIY your brand new smile, equip it before heading out into the social media sphere!

Put down the dental floss and download these now from creative crafters -natural teeth set for your character.

The slightly gappy teeth are especially realistic, with the slight overlap of the gum line on the teeth. 

I can’t wait to try them out! accept the new reality The sharp and chic chompers look great too. Also available in both genders as perfect white teeth.

Get that perfect natural smile with a Realistic tooth for the Sims 4! You can easily replace these teeth.

They come in different qualities and genders, so you can make whoever you want look great.

Key Details:

  • File size: 40KB
  • Downloads: 21,456
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio

Download Link

Vampire teeth cc

Sims 4 Teeth CC- Vampire Teeth

I also expect that more simmers will use these tooth sets in their game characters.

For example, vampire’s teeth are unique and scary. 

They are located under the skin, and all ages can use these teeth to make their character look like a vampire.

Both gender characters can use this tooth set. However, it will make your Sims 4 characters look evil.

Simmers to make your sims 4 characters look truly scary and unique. In addition, I have included an exclusive skin texture for vampire’s teeth!

Key Details:

  • File size: 97KB
  • Downloads: 62,060
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio

Download Link

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Monster Teeth Lips cc

Sims 4 Teeth CC - Monster Teeth Lips

It’s time to be a vampire, with Monster Teeth Lips cc! There are 3 different colors to choose from and can be used on any lipstick.

To deal: simply download the zip file which contains 6 packages – one of each color- and delete whichever CC you want, leaving only those that you need in order to make them work for your game.

Ever wanted a bit of werewolf to be in your mortal mouth? A little extra sharpness? Instantly go from not-so-cute sleepy lips to scary pointy teeth! 

Monster Teeth Lips is the perfect addition for any vampire or other odd creature.

These can be used by all ages and genders so that you can get your perfect monster! It’s compatible with HQ mods as well (shown in preview).

Be the scariest Sim you know with these Teeth!

Key Details:

  • File size: 148KB
  • Downloads: 26,329
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio

Download Link

Golden Teeth cc

Sims 4 Teeth cc - Golden Teeth

Golden teeth will make your Sims look like they have the most sparkling smile in all of Samland.

It was created for both male and female Sims with two different options – First tooth or second Choose from 3 skin tones: Light, medium, and dark.

Your Golden Teeth will never tarnish, chip, or crack and also it can be fix very easily .

These beauties will light up the room and make jaws drop, and double-takes abound.

Key Details:

  • File size: 3KB
  • Downloads:5,271
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio
  • Variants: 2

Download Link

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Bobur Teeth 01 cc

Sims 4 Teeth CC - Bobur Teeth 01

The Bobur Teeth 01 is a high-quality set of teeth for your Sims Four game. 

Bobur Tooth 01 are teeth for your sims that will make them look awesome and glossy.

The set comes in 6 different colors, including HQ. Apply it to all of your favorite sims, and they’ll start looking as great as ever!

We have everything you want to make your sims experience memorable and full of awesome and easy to access . From bleaching teeth makeup for any occasion, we’ve got it all.

Bobur Teeth 01 is the next big thing in Sims 4 for kids, teens, and adults alike. Nine different colors to match your favorite style.

Key Details:

  • File size: 193KB
  • Downloads: 42,534
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio
  • Variants: 6

Download Link

Lower teeth v02 cc

Sims 4 Lower Teeth v02  CC

This tooth for sims 4; looks fantastic, makes your character awesome.

These teeth are for all kids, teens, and adults alike and all genders.

I hope you like it, and it makes your character more attractive. It comes in 6 colors.

When you want to make your sims 4 characters look more attractive, Lower teeth v02 is the way!

This gives you six different colors for a slight variation. I hope that this works on all of your desires.

These are jaw-dropping. It looks super realistic, and when I used this on my sims, they looked different!

This tooth would do the trick for anyone who wants to change their game or add some class in their sims!

I just found the best tooth ever, and I feel super confident now! They are so easy to put on, and they look lovely for every Sim. I Love it.

Key Details:

  • File size: 227KB
  • Downloads: 5,918
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio
  • Variants: 5

Download Link

Monster Teeth 5 cc

Sims 4  Monster Teeth 5 CC

The monster teeth 5 is the best to add a little pizazz to your game.

You can use it with any EA textures or download the slightly more expensive HQ compatible for better and easier choices for color, glow, and give your character a creature look etc.

There are nine colors, so you are sure to find one that will suit what you want! They look great on all ages and genders of sims, according to many reviews.

Get your pack today because teeth never go out of style. Well, Monster Teeth 5 is your favorite tooth right here.

If you want to make your character’s teeth more realistic and attractive, You can’t go wrong with Monster Teeth 5!

Key Details:

  • File size: 347KB
  • Downloads: 53,773
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio

Download Link

Burnt Teeth cc

Sims 4 Burnt Teeth cc

Burnt Teeth is a great way to add variety and realism to your sim’s four games.

This tooth has been created with high-quality textures and normal maps, making it look amazing.

It also adds the perfect amount of detail without being too much. You can easily replace these teeth.

The teeth are available for all ages and genders to use on any sim in your game.

Key Details:

  • File size: 97KB
  • Downloads:815
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio

Download Link

Vampire Teeth Toddlers v1 cc [Child version]

Sims 4 Vampire Teeth Toddlers v1 CC

Every little child wishes they were a vampire, or at the very least dressed like one.

Why choose between just being a bat? Now your toddler can finally have the dreaded dirty teeth they’ve been waiting for with this set of pointy fangs that are designed to fit perfectly in any baby’s or small child’s mouth.

Creatively equipped with plenty of weird, these little vampire teeth toddlers v1 sims 4 teeth for boys and girls are the perfect way to show your family heritage.

With this set, you can give your toddler that extra spark of vampirism to finally bring out their dark side.

There’s a version for both boys and girls, which can easily fit any sim’s face thanks to some frightening custom icons that look like something out of a horror film.

Download them and scare your sims!

Key Details:

  • File size: 91KB 
  • Downloads: 31,563
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio

Download Link

S-Club WM thesims4 Teeth 01 CC

Sims 4 S-Club WM thesims4 Teeth 01 CC

Finally, you can change your character’s teeth to match your clothing and leave them with a 

real-looking symmetry!

Never have a crooked tooth ever again with the S-Club WM thesims4 Teeth 01!

This product is a mod for The Sims 4 game that features four different types of tooth makeup for you to choose from.

All these options are easy to fit onto any sim’s face, and they can be placed with or without lipstick–so make sure not to pick out just one type that may clash with their outfit! 

What kind of “tooth” will suit your Sim? These deliciously colored cosmetics come in four different versions so that you can find a perfect match no matter their age.

Key Details:

  • File size: 121 KB
  • Downloads: 50,289
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio

Download Link

 Teeth N1 CC

Sims 4 Teeth N1 cc - Teeth N1

Teeth N1 is the perfect solution for players who want to change their character’s appearance with a cosmetic.

The Sims 4 tooth makeup can be applied and removed at any time, allowing you to dress up your lovely avatars without taking off other clothes.

You can also create beautiful characters by selecting one of the multitudes of variations available with Teoth N1.

It only takes a few moments doodling on cosmetics different from what came with the game! These versions range from baby toddler to elder.

There are even extras available explicitly designed for both females and males.

The Tooth N1 package includes an unlimited number of great selections for each phase of your characters’ life cycle, spanning many categories, including genders.

This will save you lots of time when creating a character!

You won’t need to search around for the right set of sprites anymore because they’re all conveniently located in male.”

Key Details:

  • File size: 47KB
  • Downloads:1.09,837
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio
  • Variants: 5

Download Link

Teeth v01 cc

Sims 4 Teeth V01 CC

There’s never been a better time to get your teeth v01’d. Sim life is much more satisfying when you’re showing off those pearly whites!

With our all-inclusive options, there are no limits on what you can do with your Teeth v01.

Removable and renewable, they come in five colors so that every Sim can have the luxurious smile they deserve.

All ages included? Yes, please! Be as serious or playful as you like without ever spoiling your perfect smile again.

This will allow your sims v01 to have the tooth they deserve.

No more orange blah tooth comes with the default game; now, there are five beautiful colors to choose from, easy to fit for all ages and gender.

Key Details:

  • File size: 216KB
  • Downloads:68,029
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio
  • Variants: 5

Download Link

Teeth N4 cc

Sims 4  Teeth N4 CC

You’ll find four different tooth styles for elders and twelve for adults.

The mods are even more variedTooth N4 is for all ages, so there’s no need to worry about which version you should get. I personally suggest using this.

Can use it on sims 4 games, so your character will have a great look worth sporting everywhere they go and also it’s very easy to access.

With six different variations and easy-to-make adjustments that fit any face shape or size, this will seriously change the way people think of ugly teeth.

Better yet? Tooth N4 only has one requirement: that you open your Sims 3 options menu.

Key Details:

  • File size: 40KB
  • Downloads:44,697
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio

Download Link

Teeth N3 cc

Sims 4 Teeth N3 CC

Choose a character and style with teeth N3. This product comes in 6 different colors, has 4 different sets of teeth to choose from, and can be used for all ages.

A professional-quality, Tooth N3 gives your character a fantastic look without changing their skin tone or outfit choices.

Are you tired of having a mouth full of rotten teeth and all those dirt stains decorating your dentures? Sick of people staring at you when your fake tooth falls out?!

Why not try the best newest invention in town: Tooth N3!

And if your avatar doesn’t want their tooth to flash a smile, they can choose an option to disable the mouth’s movement.

Key Details:

  • File size: 77KB
  • Downloads:20,929
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio

Download Link

Teeth Overlay NB01 cc

Sims 4  Teeth Overlay NB01 CC

Teeth Overlay NB01 is a way for you to get an instant makeover with an excellent tooth.

There are 4 different sets, each set having five different colors to choose from. Make your Sims the fairest of them all and adorable in your eyes.

This tooth overlay requires the Showtime expansion pack and will not work without it. However, you can download this awesome expansion pack for free.

This tooth overlay works for all ages.

It’s simple: add this to any of your Characters in The Sims 4, and be prepared to soak up admiration like never before!

Key Details:

  • File size: 42KB
  • Downloads:29,449
  • Creating tools used: sims4studio

Download Link

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Gap Teeth 

Sims 4 Gap Teeth CC

The gap teeth are the perfect set of teeth for when you want to look natural! 

Since they’re custom content, these teeth will fit flawlessly on your character’s mouth, no matter what shape or color. 

With so many options in one color, customization has never been easier!

A sharp smile starts with a clean, uniform set of teeth. 

Get the perfect gapped teeth for your character with this mod. It comes in one color and looks sharp.

Key Details:

  • File size: 674KB
  • Downloads: 3,043
  • Creating tools used:  GIMP 2.0 and Sims 4 Studio

Download Link 


The Sims 4 is an incredible game, and it deserves the love of every Simmer out there.

People are increasingly looking for ways to modify their favorite games.

We have covered the 17 best results for sims 4 teeth mods that will change your gaming experience completely.

Also, share this post if you liked it. It will be able to help those who want some Best Sims 4 custom teeth CC! Have fun! Enjoy playing

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