Which Stalker Game Should I Play First | Explain in Details

STALKER is an acronym for Scavengers Trespassers Adventurers Loners Killers Explorers and Robbers.

This series is a video game based on past events of the Chernobyl incident. The distinct theme of the stalker game is survival.

The first stalker video game advanced to the world on March 20TH, 2007, developed by the GSC game world.

Stalker games have two modes of play; single-player and multiplayer.

If you think about “which stalker game should I play first?“, play the first release of the stalker game series, Shadow of Chernobyl.

However, Call of Pripyat is the best stalker game among the game series.

The game is available on only two platforms. Initially, it was only available on Microsoft Windows.

Few months after the game was released, it was made available on the Xbox series.

In this article, you will get to know the top 2 stalker games. The full details of each stalker game are made available.

Names of Top 4 Stalker Game

Below are the stalker games in order of how good they are;

  1. STALKER; Shadow of Chernobyl.
  2. STALKER; Call of Pripyat.
  3. STALKER; Clear Sky.
  4. STALKER 2.

Here is a comparison table of features between the top 2 stalker games. STALKER; Shadow of Chernobyl and STALKER; call of Pripyat are considered the top 2 games of the stalker series.

STALKER; Call of PripyatStalker; Shadow of Chernobyl
1. Released in 2009, the call of Pripyat location is mainly in the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl.1. Released in 2007, the first release of the stalker games. Shadow of Chernobyl location is set mainly outside the parameters of the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl. It is known as the zone.
2. Stalker’s call of Pripyat uses x-ray 1.6 as a graphics engine.2. Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl features the use of DirectX 8.1 as an x-ray engine.
3. There are over eighty (80) characters in stalker; call of Pripyat. Each character in the game belongs to a faction.3. In stalker Shadow of Chernobyl, there are less than ninety (90) characters in the game, including NPCs.
4. Call of Pripyat contains many items including, perin B3 gas and various documents on missions and different PDAs.4. Shadow of Chernobyl features various items including, food, medical supplies, weapons, and a twisted plot.
5. STALKER; call of Pripyat has a mix of survival, role-playing, and first-person character. Character dialogues are allowed on this version of the stalker game.5. STALKER; Shadow of Chernobyl is the elementary game of the stalker game series. This stalker game has trace elements of economic management. This version of the stalker games also supports conversations between the characters including, NPCs.

STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl; The First Stalker Game

STALKER; Shadow of Chernobyl is the first stalker game generated by the GSC game world. 

The main character of the STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl is known as a junk dealer (scavenger). 

The distinct location of the game is called the zone. The story of the game is from the Chernobyl incident.

 In STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl, the assumption was that the event repeated itself in 2006.

The location of the second Chernobyl event is known as the zone. 

Anomalies in STALKER; Shadow of Chernobyl

The second event of Chernobyl caused a tear in the typical nature of life.

Physics laws were no longer in play. The cracks in the world are known as anomalies in the stalker game.

These anomalies possess certain powers like burning, electric shock, distortions. 

They are not friendly to any characters in the game. These anomalies are noticeable by tossing metal objects into the area of suspicion.

The metal objects work on them because the oddities cause alteration to light and air.

Their ability to generate a magnetic field also makes metal their weakness.

Throwing metals at them doesn’t kill them only makes them visible to be killed. 

There are various kinds of anomalies in STALKER, Shadow of Chernobyl, including; Flame anomalies, chemical anomalies, gravity anomalies, etc. 

STALKER; Shadow of Chernobyl game has a timestamp of 2012. In this time, the zone has become the center capital where people come to for science information. 

This version of stalker games gives a realistic feeling to the players by featuring the version Chernobyl nuclear power plant. 

The Nuclear radiation blast affected some humans and animals.

It caused their cells to be mutated, giving them various powers and abilities. 

The anomalies caused by the tear in nature generate important artifacts valid for players in STALKER, Shadow of Chernobyl. 

The artifacts act as armor against a bullet. The artifacts also have the side effect of exposing players to radiation. 

The game permits you to acquire a vast number of weapons.

However, you can only use two weapons when playing; a handgun and a large gun like shotguns. 

In this stalker game, your armors can get destroyed by hits from the enemy’s attacks.

Your weapons can also lose their accuracy if they get used more often. Weapons cannot be repaired. 

When the player’s health life is degenerating, it is advisable to use supplies from medkits.

Shadow of Chernobyl’s distinct theme is survival. 

Essential amenities needed can be salvaged from various places in the zone.

You can also get these amenities from the marketplace at a high cost. 

The fascinating thing about this version of stalker games is that; there are many ways the game could end, solely depends on the player. 

Getting inside a vehicle could be dangerous players have no control over the Vehicles.

STALKER Clear Sky; the second stalker game created in 2008

STALKER; Clear Sky is available mainly on Microsoft windows with two game modes; single-player and multiplayer.

STALKER; Clear Sky theme is all about survival. This stalker game has a timestamp of 2011, five years following Cheronobyl’s second incident. 

The main playable character is a money-oriented soldier working under one of the zone’s factions, clear sky. 

The mercenary’s name is Scar. This character loves money and his self-interest. 

The purpose stated to him by the clear sky faction is to stop stalkers from breaking through to the zone’s center.

Compared to the first stalker game, there was an improvement to STALKER; Clear Sky.

The second stalker game has more locations than the first stalker game.

 The new places included in STALKER; Clear Sky includes; Limansk hospital and great swamp.

There were various additions also made to the weapons system of the game.

Many weapons from Shadow of Chernobyl are also available in STALKER; Clear Sky. Weapons added to the second stalker game include; hunting shotgun and RP-74. 

Another noticeable development in STALKER; Clear Sky is the mutant.

Compared to Shadow of Chernobyl, the mutants in the second stalker game are more powerful and well built. 

In STALKER Clear Sky, non-playable characters come with an update.

They are allowed to attack with weapons, especially with grenades. 

Artifacts from the previous stalker game are also available in the new game, with an upgrade.

The new artifacts in STALKER Clear Sky have no disadvantage of exposing the character to radiations. 

The same technique of acquiring basic amenities in the shadow of Chernobyl still applies to STALKER; Clear Sky.

To avoid spending, the earnings’ basic amenities have to be salvaged. To gain money, trade what you have with traders or finish missions.

 It is impossible to make repairs on weapons when playing Shadow of Chernobyl, but in the second stalker version released, repairs are available on every piece of equipment used for battle. 

The weapons can be to a tech shop for an upgrade.

However, be careful when picking out an upgrade.

You can only choose one upgrade without getting locked out of the tech shop.

Another noticeable addition made to STALKER, Clear Sky is the faction wars mode.

There are free factions in the zone.

In the faction wars mode, you have the opportunity of picking any faction’s side. 

There is also a choice of not picking a side in the faction wars.

You can decide to stay neutral.

However, it is advisable to pick a side because it comes with many advantages. 

The main difference between the shadow of Chernobyl and STALKER, Clear Sky, is how the game ends.

STALKER; Clear Sky only ends singly, unlike the first stalker game.

STALKER Call of Pripyat is the third game in the stalker series

It is available on the Microsoft Windows platform. STALKER; Call of Pripyat also has two modes of playing; single-player and multiplayer. 

Compared to the first two stalker games, the Call of Pripyat has better graphics. 

This game came with an upgrade of atmosphere and theme combination.

The game’s theme is still based on survival but combined with role-playing. 

The role-playing includes dialogues between characters in the game and the management of inventories. 

The first noticeable modification is the non-playable characters. Their role has improved to more significant roles. 

Unlike the other stalker games, getting artifacts has become easy. Another addition is the ability of a character to sleep. 

Also, GSC Game World decided to add another mode called free-play mode.  

The free-play is only accessible after completing the whole game. 

Few adjustments were made in STALKER; Clear Sky is still available in STALKER; Call of Pripyat except for the faction war mode. 

Various new items are made available to the new game, Items like; SUSAT scope, a new shotgun called eliminator, and PSO-1 scope. 

Amour repairs and weapons repairs are made available on STALKER; Call of Pripyat.

However, fixing some weapons or amours will require extra tools. 

STALKER 2; the next generation Stalker game

This stalker game is the next stalker game developed by GSC Gameworld. STALKER 2 is to be available in 2021. 

This version of the stalker games will be the first stalker game present on other platforms like Xbox series X and Xbox Series S. 

Also, there is another adjustment noticeable for the STALKER game 2021 genre.

The new game will feature adventure and action. 

Which Stalker Game Should I Play First?

The best stalker game, for now, remains STALKER; Call of Pripyat.

This version of the stalker game has captivating modifications that will make you get addicted to the game.

It also gives a realistic feeling to whoever is playing the game. 


Every single stalker game series is a work of engaging arts and designs. To have a good feeling about the game series, start with the shadow of Chernobyl. 

It gives a good insight into the game’s whole story. Stalker game is also available on Android, generated by Qplaze.

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